Zhang Ruoxin And Tang Yixin Wear Bvlgari Bvlgari Wedding Rings And Get Married In Ireland To Write Fairy Love

[June 27, 2019, Ireland] Today, in a dreamy Irish castle estate in summer, Zhang Ruoxuan and Tang Yixin are romantically married. This pair of sweet lovers, who are bound by thousands of blessings, embraced everyone’s eyes and announced that the love story of the two is welcoming the happiest result. The sweetness of love permeates the air, BVLGARI Bulgari witnesses this sweet and fairy-tale love story all the way.

Zhang Ruoxin and Tang Yixin get married in Ireland
   At this moment, make the strongest promise
   In the blessings of the crowd, the bridegroom Zhang Ruoxi and the bride Tang Yixin joined the hall of romantic marriage together. Zhang Ruoxuan wears a classic Bulgari Griffe platinum diamond ring for Tang Yixin. The diamond ring is elegant and elegant, showing the meticulousness and beauty of a single central diamond. Purely pours Bulgari’s sincere blessing: ‘Wear It With Love, please wear it with love!’ The new couple exchanged the ring and promised a lifetime, The Bulgari Bridal series witnessed this moment of vows, set the flames at your fingertips, and accompanied you every minute.

Zhang Ruohuan wears a Bulgari diamond ring for Tang Yixin
   Love is the glory of time
   At the wedding ceremony, Tang Yixin wore a Bvlgari antique collection necklace and earrings, like an elegant princess walking towards her prince. The antique collection necklace was created by Bulgari around 1930. It has never been exhibited and worn since it was bought back at the end of 2018. It shines through time and is uniquely bright. The antique collection earrings show an elegant and gentle temperament. .

Tang Yixin wears Bvlgari antique jewellery at wedding ceremony
   Love blooms like flowers
   On the eve of the wedding, Tang Yixin appeared sweetly at the welcoming dinner. The vivid diamond flowers of the Bulgari Fiorever series were dazzling. Fiorever chants, Fiore translates as ‘flowers’ in Italian, and Forever translates as ‘eternal’ in English. It sets off the delicate flowers that Tang Yixin cares for, and blooms in the sun.

Tang Yixin wears Bvlgari Fiorever jewellery series at wedding reception dinner
   Love is sweet in heart
   During the wedding reception, Tang Yixin wore a Bvlgari Divas’ Dream series earrings and a Serpenti Seduttori series bracelet to get married. Each gemstone is full of sweet colors, reflecting an intoxicating and brilliant streamer, just like the rich and intoxicating colorful candy in the drips of life, full of the taste of sweet love.

Tang Yixin wears Bulgari jewellery at the ceremony
   Love is to celebrate with you every day
   At the wedding banquet, Tang Yixin paired with Bulgari’s high jewelry series necklaces and earrings, and started a happy party time with friends and relatives. He raised his hands and feet to shine and dance, and boundless joy and joy will bloom. The Bulgari high jewelry series brooch shaped by ice cream on Zhang Ruo’s chest witnessed the pure and naive love story between the princess and the prince.

Zhang Ruoxin and Tang Yixin wear Bulgari high-quality jewelry at the wedding dinner

   Bvlgari jewellery witnesses the fairy tale love written by Zhang Ruotang and Tang Yixin, and wishes this irreplaceable timelessness and enthusiasm. May there be years to look back, and to turn their heads together with affection.