Treasure Bremont The Secret Weapon Of The Royal Agents

Treasure Bremont collaborated with director Matthew Vaughn’s new work ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ to launch the Kingsman series. A total of three latest models will be released in the movie Debut. The film was released by 20th Century Fox and will be released worldwide in February 2015. The cast includes Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine, and hot star Taron Egerton. All agents from the film’s super-secret British spy organization, including Nick English, one of BREMONT’s founders who made a guest appearance in the film, wear BREMONT’s unique custom watches.

Colin Firth wears Bremont Kingsman special edition rose gold watch

Nick English, one of the founders of BREMONT, performs in the movie

Actor Taron Egerton in Royal Agents: The Order of Spy and Michael Caine wearing a special Bremont Kingsman rose gold watch

In the movie, each Kingsman agent wears the World Timer chronograph in rose gold with a crocodile leather strap, while the interns wear a mysterious black chronograph with a NATO nylon strap. Merlin, a Kingsman agent trainer played by Mark Strong, wears a stainless steel version of the Kingsman series. Merlin’s job was to reinvent Eggsy, a wicked rebel youth recruited by Kingsman, to defeat the arrogant criminal Valentine, played by Samuel L. Jackson. BREMONT’s Kingsman watch plays a key role in the movie and is an indispensable tool for secret agents.

Kingsman interns wear Bremont Kingsman special edition DLC watch

 Merlin, Kingsman agent trainer played by Mark Strong, wears a special edition stainless steel version of the Kingsman collection

BREMONT Kingsman series watches will be available in BREMONT stores and website MR PORTER.COM in January 2015. Many other British premium brands will also appear in the movie. Matthew Vaughn, director of The Royal Agents: The Secret Order, said: ‘The Royal Agents are full of British flavor, and they work with Bremont
Can be described as a match made in heaven. In addition to making exquisite mechanical watches, BREMONT also cooperates with military teams around the world. It is the perfect watch for modern spy agents. Spy agents must be equipped with practical watches, and I believe that through watches and shoes, you can deepen your understanding of a person. To become a member of Kingsman, you must first become a first-class gentleman, and BREMONT watches are gentleman watches belonging to modern society. ‘

BREMONT Kingsman Special Edition rose gold watch with improved 13 ¼ ”BE-54AE automatic movement

 BREMONT Kingsman Special Edition Stainless Steel Watch White Metal Dial with Super-LumiNova® Hands

Nick English, one of the founders of BREMONT, said: ‘We are honored that BREMONT has been selected as a partner of’ Royal Agent: Spy Secret Order ‘. Matthew Vaughn’s enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the entire project has opened our eyes. We are very pleased to be able to make the brand produce durable mechanical chronographs on the banks of the Thames by Henry, giving the film a breath of English, and our proud experience of making fine watches for the military has made the relationship between the two more outstanding. ‘ The BREMONT Kingsman Special Edition series will be launched in January 2015.