Tissot Women’s Watch Exhibition

From June 22 to August 31, 2011, Tissot, a Swiss century-old watchmaking brand, was held in Geneva “Cit du Temps” (Cit du Temps) “ready-to- wear time) & rdquo; Women’s Watch Show. This women’s watch exhibition presents Tissot’s perfect watchmaking craftsmanship with cutting-edge women’s fashion since 158 years, and describes the long history of Tissot women’s watch manufacturing.

Exhibition entrance
Tissot has witnessed the changes of the times, and also the changes of watch fashion. From the classic pocket watches with complex manufacturing technology in the 19th century, to nowadays Danica & middot; Patrick and Dibica & middot; Padotney as Tissot image ambassadors, and has a fashionable watch full of eye-catching colors, all walking in the fashion cutting edge. The watches and related historical documents on display this time tell us vividly and vividly the changing desires and needs of women for watch choices as the times change. Just like women’s dresses in different periods, the exhibition of Tissot women’s watches will fully reflect the historical story of the development of the brand and its continuous creativity in manufacturing watches, and will present the world’s 158 years of Tissot watch manufacturing spirit to the world. Each visitor will be brought into a charming journey through time and space by a mirror that reflects the brand’s unique history.

A glance at the exhibition area
‘Ready-to-wear time’ themed watch exhibition will open a door to the journey of discovery. Here, visitors will explore ‘women’s ability to control time’, a precious treasure. Since its establishment in 1853, the ever-changing style of women’s clothing has created inspiration for Tissot’s watchmaking craftsmanship and exquisite watchmaking details. In 1911, just one year after the creation of the classic men’s watch, Tissot created its first women’s watch, foretelling and interpreting the long-term impact of women’s watches on the world. In this grand theme watch exhibition, Tissot will also show a series of women’s watches with jewelry as a decorative element since the twentieth century.

Tissot’s first ladies watch
天 Tissot, a legendary watch manufacturing brand with a long history of 158 years, has been committed to exploring the needs of women since its inception. This constantly innovating and growing Swiss brand has been using its own actions to refute the society’s inherent prejudice against women’s lack of technology. In 1955, it launched the women’s automatic watch for the first time. According to Tissot, every woman is a distinct and independent individual, not just a symbol of gender. A few years later, while American feminists insisted on women’s independence and freedom, Tissot decided to provide women with more diversified watch options. It is also from then on that the Tissot women’s watch series has become a must-have for women with different personalities and emotional needs. To this day, Tissot’s purpose for women to keep pace with the times still guides Tissot forward