The ‘two Sessions’ Of Basel Vs Geneva Watch Show

As two of the world’s most famous watch exhibitions, the Geneva and Basel exhibitions are held one after the other each year as scheduled, which can’t help but confuse people: why the exhibitions on the same theme are separated These two cities are so densely hosted? What is even more amazing is that their respective influences are so powerful? What is the difference between them?
 For watch lovers, the two major watch exhibitions in Switzerland every year are not to be missed. They are the Geneva watch exhibition in January and the Basel watch exhibition in March. The two watch exhibitions are nicknamed ‘watch and clock conference’. Although both are exhibitions, although they have a huge influence, the history and scale of the two are different, and even the target groups are different.
History: 20 vs. 100 PK

If you want to talk about seniority, Basel is definitely more advantageous. Its origins can be traced back to 1917 and has a history of nearly a century. The history of the Geneva watch exhibition is much shorter. It was born in 1991 and developed. In a few years, there will be only 21 years.

Big difference

According to the official statistics of the Basel Watch Fair, there were 1,892 exhibitors in 2011, and 3055 journalists from 70 countries came to Basel to report on the watch fair. The number of visitors reached 100,000 and the exhibition area was about 160,000 square meters. These figures are enough to reflect the influence and unprecedented grandeur of the Basel show.

In contrast, the Geneva watch fair presents a niche and private atmosphere. It does not have the hustle and bustle of the brand at Basel. It may have only about twenty exhibitors, of which Richemont Group (Richemont Group) Group’s watch brands account for the majority. These include absolute big names in the watch industry such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, IWC, Earl, Baume & Mercier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Lange, Panerai, Vacheron Constantin, and some independent watch brands such as Coopers, Parmigiani Richard Miller.

The audience is different
 Everyone who is familiar with the watch industry has heard a word-it is difficult to enter Basel and Geneva. This is because the Basel Watch Fair is open to the public, whoever you are, just buy a ticket and you can enter the exhibition site. But the Geneva watch fair is much more expensive. It is not open to the public and can only be attended by invitation. Otherwise, even if you reach the entrance of the exhibition hall, you will not be able to enter.
 So relatively speaking, Geneva is a relatively private salon for watchmakers, orderers and the media, while Basel is a huge expo open to exhibitors, media and visitors from all over the world. In any case, SIHH and BASELWORLD, they are the definers of ‘world time’.