The Pinnacle Of Art Four Most Recommended Enamel Dial Watches

Watches have always been men’s favorite, and having a fashionable and noble watch has always been what men are after. But facing so many tables. Various brands, various styles, etc. are very confused for men, I do not know how to start. Today I will introduce several fashionable high-end enamel watches, I hope you like it.

Beijing Embedded Enamel Series Beijing Watch

Watch series: Embedded enamel series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 7,800
Watch details: bjwaf / 27234 /
Brief review of watches: The ‘Impression Beijing’ series of watches is a complete set of four, bringing together eight local characteristic buildings in Beijing as the dial background. It was jointly designed by Beijing Watch Factory and Dr. Ren Jin, associate professor of jewelry science at China University of Geosciences. The dial is made by Beijing watch factory’s unique embedded enamel oil pressure process, which is also excellent for collection.

Girard Perregaux WW.TCJOHNHARRISON 49870-53-R12-BA6A

Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 41 mm
Watch details: zhibai / 19345 /
Brief review of the watch: The dial is the result of condensed superb enamel painting process, carefully crafted by GP Girard-Perregaux watch factory enamel workshop. To echo the dial, the city’s display ring highlights the names of Portsmouth and Royal Port in royal blue. In addition to displaying the local time, this watch also displays the time around the world simultaneously with a blue / white two-tone time display ring and a rhodium-plated leaf minute hand. First, the contour of the chart is engraved on the platinum blank. Delicate eight-direction compass flower wind direction map, the size does not exceed 3 mm, hand-carved by sculpting craftsmen.

Jacques de TheEclipseAndTheMoons J012633203

Watch Series: MajesticBeijing
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K red gold
Strap Material: Belt
Case diameter: 43 mm
Domestic public price: 250,500
Watch details: jaquetdroz / 23875 /
Brief review of the watch: TheEclipseIvoryEnamel watch pays tribute to Jacques Droda to the pinnacle of high-end watches and craftsmanship in the pure and keen aesthetic perspective, in the shock of classicist patterns and patterns. The first is the ‘GrandFeu’ Grand Fire Enamel dial. The brand’s know-how born in time and night requires the craftsmen’s extreme focus and precise control of the weather, which are essential for casting this dial, which is unique in color and texture. On this beautiful ‘white paper’, 8 (Jacques de Draco’s lucky numbers) stars and a crescent moon are engraved in red gold. Design inspiration from the 18th century exemplifies the origin of the brand and its preference for decorative arts since the Enlightenment. The beautiful stars in the night are faintly visible behind a white onyx carved hairspring adjuster, bringing the intricate poetry to every transformation of the moon phase display.

Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking craftsmanship series q1646436

Watch Series: Superior Watchmaking
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 950 platinum
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 44 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 2,950,000
Watch details: lecoultre / 15070 /
Brief comment on the watch: The lotus dial made of enamel is full of vitality. No matter its elegant form or full color, it has the aesthetic characteristics of traditional Chinese painting. What’s also amazing is that this is an extraordinary, highly sophisticated minute repeater watch. The extreme enamel micro-painting technology and advanced watchmaking technology are subtly merged, showing Jaeger-LeCoultre’s peak achievements as a top watchmaker.

Summary: The higher the proportion of a luxury product made by hand and the more complicated the process, the more expensive it is. In the case of micro-painted enamel, the drawing process must be manual, and even today there is no device to replace it. Emotionally speaking, the high-tech watchmaking trend is now rampant, and the role of people is almost reduced to the lowest in history. Most watches are frosty mechanical objects. There is no artistic atmosphere brought out by popularity, and enamel watches painted by all hands. For many collectors, this is ‘worth the price.’