The Gift Of Time Hermès Big Fire Enamel Watch

Since 2008, Hermès watches have cooperated with the famous Swiss enamel art master Anita Porchet to perfectly combine the extreme craftsmanship of Da Ming fire enamel with Hermès’ artistic demands. A precious enamel watch has passed Anita Porchet Everyone’s hands are presented to everyone. Every year, Hermes’ enamel watches are watch collections and loves of watch lovers and professional collectors.
Cape Cod Coup de Fouet watch

2012 theme ‘The Gift of Time’ (The Gift of Time), this theme is most appropriate for Hermes watches. In the world of Hermès, every piece of work is the creative result of the combination of designers, craftsmen, and craftsmen. It is a work of mind that has been tempered with time, whether it is horses, leather, scarves, porcelain, etc. For watches and clocks, the polishing of the movement, the decoration of the dial, the continuous advancement and development of functions and processes are all slowly acquired by time, not by hand overnight.

This year, Anita Porchet and Hermès joined hands for the fifth time to launch the Arceau Attelage Céleste watch, which fits the theme of the year and is inlaid with rare metal foil (Paillonné). In addition to its talent, it presents a series of beautiful things for Hermès. Enamel works.

As the brand has always been pursuing perfection and extremes from the inside to the outside, Hermès Grand Fire Enamel Watches are all equipped with H1928 self-winding movements made by Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier for Hermès. You can see its exquisite workmanship through the sapphire crystal glass back.
Arceau Attelage Céleste Watch

Arceau Attelage Céleste watch is a beautiful star map, the deep blue night sky, against the backdrop of a little bit of starry, Hermes’s representative carriage is leaping and shining. The master of enamel craftsmanship, with his dexterous hands, inlaid the enamel technique (Paillonnè enamel) with the ancient large flame metal foil that a very few people can control today, while injecting life into the dial, he also paid tribute to the superb craftsmanship tradition passed down from generation to generation. The enamel master first carved the pattern from the Hermes jewelry box on the platinum dial, then filled it with transparent blue enamel powder, and repeatedly fired it in a kiln close to 800 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the enamel master made the star silver foil himself During the firing process, these silver foils of different sizes were burned one by one in different enamel layers, making the picture of the night sky and the sky more deep and three-dimensional. The Arceau Attelage Céleste watch is equipped with a H1928 self-winding movement made by Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier for Hermès. The solid gold oscillating weight is decorated with the H letter logo on the Hermès brand. The sapphire crystal caseback can see its exquisite workmanship.

Arceau Attelage Céleste watch’s round white gold case exudes a beautiful and natural temperament, with asymmetrical lug design and indigo blue alligator leather strap, echoing the brand’s horse leather tradition.
Arceau Pocket Amazone Horsewoman

Arceau Pocket Amazone (Women’s Knight) pocket watch, based on a painting from Hermès prestigious designer Henri d’Origny in his early years, the master of enamel used his pure and hot micro-painted enamel background to display the picture on the dial with extremely delicate strokes The child’s hair and the knight’s skirt are clearly folds, and the horse’s sturdy figure is also vivid in the hands of the master with different shades of gray and white; at the same time, the master uses metal foil inlays (Paillonné) The craftsmanship burns tiny gold particles in different enamel layers, and the glittering sand makes the main screen more delicate and delicate, which really deserves careful appreciation and play.
Arceau Parcours d’ H watch

Arceau Parcours d’ H watch is simple and calm, appreciate the dial from different angles, Hermès brand logo changes with the change of light, and sometimes emerge clearly, sometimes fade. Transforming professional craftsmanship into a way of life, Hermès Arceau Parcours d’ H watches have not only simply represented the brand’s logo, but also embodied Hermès’philosophy of pursuing extreme elegance and art through this special skill. Its dial pattern ex-libris is inspired by the silk scarf designed by Dimitri Rybaltchenko in 2010 released by Hermès. Its complicated and complicated style immediately caught everyone’s attention. A delicate labyrinth is engraved on the platinum case back, shimmering under translucent enamel. The Hermes Arceau Parcours d’ H watch has a large open flame enamel surface created by the old but the most sophisticated traditional craftsmanship. It has a unique art taste and is repeatedly fired through multiple layers to make the enamel plate smooth and firm.
Cape Cod Coup de Fouet watch

Cape Cod Coup de Fouet watches total four pieces, each color is only one. Anita Porchet is a master of color in the enamel world. The enamel in her hands is gorgeous and pure, delicate and rich. This enamel watch uses a purely micro-painted enamel process, each of which has its own color characteristics, which you will love.