The Extraordinary Zenith Winsor Windsor Chronograph

Following the launch of complex functions such as power reserve function, moon phase display, second time zone, Zenith’s Commander Chronograph series introduces new features, and launches Commander Windsor equipped with annual calendar complex functions A chronograph watch that combines the world’s most accurate mass-produced movement with the novel and avant-garde practical and complex functions, and kicks off the cooperation between the International Clock Museum and Zenith Watchmaking Factory.

 Commander Winsor’s chronographs are distinguished by their extraordinary complexity. The birth of this outstanding design must be attributed to the Musée International d’ Horlogerie de la Chaux-de-fonds. The talented museum curator Ludwig Oechslin has designed an intricate annual calendar complication that not only displays the day, date, and month, but only needs to be adjusted once a year. For many chronograph collectors, compared with the perpetual calendar function, the complex functions of the almanac are more intimate. The layout of the timepiece is clear and easy to understand, with unique ingenuity. The time is displayed on three concentric disks: the outer disk displays the date, the middle disk displays the month, and the inner disk displays the day of the week. The appearance of this mechanism is simple and elegant, and the operation is complex and delicate. When the number of days is 31 days, the date dial advances the month dial; when the number of days is 30 days, the month dial skips the number 31 directly. Manual adjustments are only needed at the meeting in February and March. The watch has a novel concept and a subtle design. Most of the calendar complex functions consist of 30 or 40 moving parts, while this work only has 9 moving parts.
‘The watch is novel in concept, with a design that is implicit and restrained, with only 9 moving parts.’ The collaboration between the International Watch Museum and Zenith. Commander Winsor Windsor Chronograph is a perfect fusion of Zenith Commander Chronograph and calendar complexities. It is the result of the collaboration between Zenith Watch Factory and the International Watch Museum. To this end, the International Watch Museum will set up two permanent exhibitions related to hours and seconds.
This chronograph is equipped with the highly accurate EL Primero movement, which fully reflects the exquisite watchmaking skills of Zenith. For more than 40 years, the EL Primero movement has been researched and developed in the Zenith watch factory. It is the only mass-produced movement in the world with a frequency of 36,000 times per hour. In other words, the EL Primero movement has a vibration of 10 per second. Second, only outstanding timepieces can be equipped with this remarkable automatic movement. For this reason, the Zenith watch factory leaves it to the brand’s timepieces. Commander Winsor’s Windsor chronograph is equipped with the EL Primero 4054 automatic movement. It is entirely manufactured by the watch factory and decorated with Geneva ripples and pearl polishing. Through the sapphire crystal back, the inside of the movement is visible.