The Charming Charm Of Soft White Ceramics Tasting Radar Haoxing Diamond Watch

As the originator of high-tech ceramics, Swiss Radar first introduced white high-tech ceramic watches in the 1990s. Today, whether it is the natural appearance of the Haoxing series, or the thinness of the thin series, from the extraordinary atmosphere of the Emperor Star series, to the exquisite shine of the silver diamond series, or the simplicity and practicality of the real series, they always adhere to the high Technical ceramics are not easy to wear and comfortable to wear. This time I will introduce you a HyperChrome series white ladies watch with white ceramics and diamonds, soft white high-tech ceramics, set with gorgeous diamonds, set simple and generous, luxurious and soft in one. Official model: 129.0311.3.001

   Charming, exquisite and dazzling are the distinguishing features of the RADO diamond star watches. The ceramic case exudes a soft light and is set with sparkling diamonds, becoming the best weapon to capture women’s hearts.

   This new Rado watch Haoxing series diamond watch has a smooth and elegant eye-catching design, with curved structures on both sides of the watch, this design is inspired by the mysterious pattern surrounding Saturn. Demonstrating the outstanding technology of radar watch blending classic watch shapes with modern innovative materials, it brings the ultimate comfort, durability and Swiss-made precision for the future.

   The watch dial is wrapped in metallic brackets, which echoes the dial details that complement each other, highlighting the time scale and the hour hand, presenting a slim beauty.

   The watch combines its famous high-tech material with the world’s most precious diamond. How can it not attract people’s attention and make the wearer exude noble temperament.

   Viewed from the side, the metal part inlaid in the case is smooth and polished, the middle position is the crown of the watch, and it is covered with plastic material, which is convenient for adjusting the display content of the dial.

   The watch uses injection molding technology to create an integrated (single structure) high-tech ceramic case, which sets a new benchmark for the high-tech ceramics field. The single-structured high-tech ceramic case guarantees the brightness and excellent wear resistance of the watch, which is inseparable from advanced materials.

   Three-row white high-tech ceramic section, three-fold clasp with white high-tech ceramic buckle. The watch is water resistant to 50 meters.

   The watch is equipped with a quartz movement, which naturally has no bottom. From the picture, this watch photographed by the watch house is a sample watch, the bottom of the case is marked with ‘not for sale’.

Summary: This new radar watch Haoxing series diamond watch has a beautiful and exquisite design. The high-tech ceramic material makes the watch show feminine femininity, which is the perfect timepiece in the eyes of women. The watch has the ultimate comfort, durability and precision made in Switzerland, making it a wonderful companion to accompany women through the wonderful years. The official model is 129.0311.3.001, with a reference price of 52,400 yuan. (Watch House Photo / Text VIVIAN)
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