The Accuracy Of The Quartz Watch Is Nothing To Say Longines Longines Conqueror Vhp Watch

Longines LONGINES Conqueror Series is the essence of elegant sports watches. The unique bezel, convex crown and chain bracelet are made of unique stainless steel or ceramic materials, combining long-lasting charm and innovative technology, combining superb functions and elegant temperament in one body. Excellent technical performance can meet A crowd of demanding athletes. Whether you are attending a fashion dinner or admiring sports events such as horse racing in the stands, this exquisite watch can shed light.

Conquest Conqueror V.H.P. models combine ultra-precision, functionality and sporty fashion, while presenting Longines’ unique elegance

The Conqueror Series VHP watch is the industry’s first ultra-precision smart sports quartz watch, which perfectly combines timing accuracy, high-tech performance and sports style, and inherits the spirit of Longines’ elegant brand, and recreates the quartz watch technology revolution. Peak of excellence.

The watch is equipped with a quartz movement specially developed by ETA movement factory specially for LONGINES. Its extreme accuracy (± 5 seconds / year) makes the wearer more at ease in reading.

The new generation of the Conqueror Series VHP watches is available in a variety of styles. The 43-pin diameter 3-pin model has 4 dials: deep elegant blue, simple and stylish silver, and dynamic black. The full range of dials The suffix is ​​marked with bright red VHP and ring scales, creating a unique and dynamic sporty atmosphere for the overall model. This series of watches are equipped with quartz movements specially developed by ETA movement factory specially for LONGINES. Its extreme accuracy (± 5 seconds / year) greatly surpasses other watches of the same type; and this series of watches can resist magnetic shock, if After being exposed to a magnetic field or being impacted, it has the function of resetting the hands automatically to ensure the watch’s high accuracy at all times, and has the function of long battery life (at least 4 years) and perpetual calendar.

Conquest Conqueror V.H.P.Watch

Stainless steel material / quartz movement / hour, minute, second, date display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 50 meters / table diameter 43mm / reference price: 7,700 RMB