Taste The Essence Of The Fashion Industry

Fashion trends are always at the forefront of society, and the pursuit of fashion never stops, which has also led to the creation of fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and Dior. The teachers have grasped the direction of the fashion tide and led the world’s fashion industry forward.
 Fashion watches also occupy a large part of the weight in the fashion field. Many big brands in the field of fashion luxury watches have also launched their own unique watches. Today we come to appreciate the three price ranges of 6- 90,000 luxury fashion watches, let us explore the trend of fashion women’s watches together.

LV Tambour Glamour Q13140


Watch Series: Tambour Glamour
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel with diamonds, lugs set with a heart-shaped diamond, two star-shaped diamonds
Strap Material: Leather-Double Loop Monogram Vernis Pomme d Amour Leather Strap
Case diameter: 34 mm
Domestic public price: 58500
Watch details: Tambour Glamour series is the brand’s most abundant diamond application and theme innovation series, from the small and exquisite 28 mm to the relatively modest 34 mm diameter, it can reflect different charm. This love-themed watch is a perfect fusion of diamond and Indian red. The Indian red lacquered sun-dial dial makes the color more glamorous and the diamond’s brilliance more attractive. Overall, it is the perfect combination of love and fashion. Fine watch.

Dior VIII 38mm series CD1245E0C002 watch

Watch series: Dior VIII
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: ceramic diamond
Strap Material: Ceramic
Case diameter: 38 mm
Domestic public price: 80000
Watch details: The VIII 38mm series CD1245E0C002 watch is full of luxury and fashion elements, using the high-cold tone of black to exude another charming taste. In terms of function, it has a waterproof depth of 50 meters and a unidirectional rotating bezel. Although this bezel does not have a substantial role, it also adds a lot of fun.

Chanel J12 Series H2181

Watch series: J12
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Ceramic-18k rose gold
Strap Material: Ceramic
Case diameter: 33 mm
Domestic public price: 90000
Watch details: The J12 series H2181 watch has become an unparalleled luxury item with an arrogant attitude and a high price, and has also become a fashion darling of elegant ladies. Black and white and gold three-toned to create this unique watch, the use of ceramics and precious metals is more full of noble and elegant posture.

Summary: Three fashion watches with 60,000 to 80,000 yuan also bring the three major fashion brands’ ideas for fashion watches into their own products. Louis Vuitton uses soft and bright red with heart-shaped diamonds to interpret love. J12 uses a combination of ceramics and rose gold. It is a noble and luxurious type. The interior is a quartz movement. It is simple and not kitsch. Dior’s watch uses black tones. Compared to Chanel J12, it looks very wild. Mechanical movement, a female watch.