Supersonic Journey When Feeling Zenith

If you remember last December, the 21st-century feat Felix Bogatner leapt from the space stratosphere at 38969.4 meters above sea level to earth, setting 3 world records This is also the first time that humans have broken the sound barrier in a free-fall manner. Then you will not forget that this warrior was wearing a Zenith El Primero flagship series stratosphere when flying out of the cabin. Watch, and Felix Bogatner is also the brand ambassador for Zenith.

 In celebration of brand ambassador Felix Bogatner’s timeless space leap, Swiss watchmaker Zenith hosted a grand event called ‘Supersonic Journey’ on May 7th with many guests They shared their fearless pioneering spirit and brought the warrior to China. Since its inception, Zenith has not only become famous worldwide for its orthodox watchmaking technology, but also has a long-standing reputation for its innovative spirit of constantly breaking the limits of watchmaking technology. Zenith Global President and CEO Jean Frederick Dover, President of China Watch & Jewellery Business Greater China Benhua Doolin, Zhang Limin, General Manager of Zenith, and Zenith Brand Ambassador Felix Bougartner attended the event and reviewed the extraordinary moment together.

 On the evening of the event, many Zenith brand friends and celebrities came to the reception to celebrate with Zenith, including Li Qingqing, the first Chinese female entrepreneur who flew into space, Lin Yijie, a super marathon athlete in Taiwan, and Canada. The adventurer Bai Ruiyun waited. As the most reliable companion of the brave, the party displayed a variety of Zenith extraordinary timepieces, including the extraordinary timepiece El Primero’s flagship series Strato Flyback 1/10 jump seconds watch, the ‘Type 20 aircraft in the new pilot series ‘Tourbillon watch,’ Type 20 aircraft ‘world standard time watch,’ Type 20 aircraft ‘calendar watch, and pilot women’s watches.