Spiritual Blue Jumping Between The Wrists Glashütte Launched The Lingque Watch Series

As early as 1955, Grace Kelly surprised the Oscars with a blue silk satin dress. At that time, trying to dye such a special blue color took a long time and was complicated in technology. Despite the short-lived beauty, it was also lost due to the high cost.
  After a lapse of 60 years, the reddish aqua blue frequently appeared in major shows, and became its new fashion favorite with its unique charm. Because it has soothing cooling and cool visual effects, it is much sought after in the summer of 2015. All the way from the show to the streets, it has become a pocket of all fashion people.
  Cool water blue, cool and soothing

  Glashütte Original launched seven new sparrow watches in 2015, all of which are eye-catching. A stainless steel model with a water-blue calfskin strap made its debut this summer. The hot summer sun is extremely hot and hot, and the cool water blue entangles women’s slender wrists, revealing a hint of coolness, and instantly drives away the feeling of hot summer heat. The delicate and irregular lines on the strap are matched with aqua blue, which is refreshing like a glacier living spring, soothing the coolness. The simple electroplated bright silver dial with the cool stainless steel case once again opens the magic of visual cooling, and the cool and refreshing feeling is upgraded again. The brilliant-cut diamond hour markers sparkle between the dials and the 42 brilliant-cut diamonds set in the lugs Echoing, the new Lingque watches show the charm and confidence of women.

  On a hot summer day, there is a calm water blue on the wrist, confident and elegant. The light-colored tranquility is naturally like a breeze, blowing away the irritability of the hot sun, adding a little soothing and fresh.

  Classical elegance, precision and beauty
  Glashütte Original incorporates the classic “pillow” elements of the 1920s into the design of the Lingque watch series and innovates them to make them more in line with the aesthetic standards of contemporary women. At the same time, the ingenuity in the lugs makes The strap can be removed and replaced freely to match everyday looks.
  Equipped with a self-developed Calibre 03-02 quartz movement, ensuring absolute accuracy and ease of use. The movement splint is decorated with the classic Glashütte column, while the gold brand logo is engraved on the silver splint surface. The polished caseback provides plenty of room for engraving personal details or personal information.
  Glashütte Original Introduction
  Originating from the glorious bloodline of 1845, looking back at 170 years of German watchmaking history, Glashütte Original is a true inheritor of top German watchmaking. Has many important inventions to promote the history of the world’s clocks and watches, including flying tourbillon, gooseneck trimming, large calendar, etc. Its watches are equipped with 100% independently developed original movements, and parts are manufactured 95% independently. Glashütte Original is one of the rare real watchmaking brands in the world with its own watchmaking factory and dial factory. Taking the heritage of the German watchmaking civilization as its mission, the establishment of the German Glashütte Watchmaking Museum and Watchmaking School is rare in the top watchmaking field.