Roger Dubuis Black Velvet Trilogy

2016 is the year of Roger Dubuis. The brand launched five sets of exquisite and gorgeous Velvet watches, in order to confirm its declaration as a rare art jeweller. The theme of ‘Roger Dubuis Year of Roger Dubuis’ will be presented in a variety of features, while the world’s first trilogy of unique black Velvet watches will debut.
Since the founder of the brand, Roger Dubuis, established the Roger Dubuis watchmaking factory, the brand has gained worldwide reputation as a ‘continuous innovator’. Roger Dubuis drives watchmaking craftsmanship with continuous creative R & D and creation, and continues to invest in a dedicated internal R & D department and a complete line of watchmaking factories, leading the reform and innovation of watches. Roger Dubuis’s unwavering spirit of innovation is also reflected in the attitude of adopting cutting-edge technology in traditional watchmaking technology, allowing the brand to launch a stunning world premiere at each Geneva International High-end Watch & Clock Fair (SIHH) Timepiece works.

Roger Dubuis is not only constantly innovating and changing in watchmaking skills, but also pursuing extraordinary appearance design, cleverly treating people’s habits as a combination of incompatible materials to create a unique aesthetic, which is famous worldwide. Roger Dubuis has created a superb patented technique called ‘soft stones in the sky’ inlaid with gems on rubber and published this technology at the SIHH 2015. With its new Trilogy of Black Velvet watches, Dubuis now launches another amazing global original technology, which allows the brand to have outstanding watchmaking skills while also exposing its extraordinary design. Fascinating.

Carbon fiber case close-up, made with multi-level modeling technology

Unique feminine style
Women wearing Black Velvet watches have a comprehensive spirit of conquest. These self-liberated women practice uncompromising code of conduct and quality requirements in order to break the conventional lifestyle and life philosophy. Their absolutely rebellious attitude is sometimes regarded as the pursuit of the ultimate performance, but they are always extremely intriguing.
Each model in the Trilogy series is made of carbon fiber and is set with precious stones; this unprecedented material combines powerful new patented technology. The crystalline form of carbon is diamond, so we can also think of this technology as a process of combining two gems.
These models bring a new aesthetic interpretation to the carbon-fiber material that has always been masculine, transforming it into a uniquely feminine style. The carbon fiber material, which is 10 times lighter than gold, creates an extremely light and comfortable feeling for the wearer of the watch, while its multi-level modeling technology creates a layered wave-like mottled texture effect, making each watch unique. Exterior.

Black Velvet watch, carbon fiber dial closeup

Extraordinary Trilogy
The black Velvet watch made of carbon fiber is a powerful watch that brings a strong sense of beauty and a powerful expression of the female face with a complete conquest spirit.
At the 2016 Geneva International High-level Watch and Clock Fair (SIHH), the dazzling watch first appeared in the bezel and the ‘third ear’ decorative part is inlaid with 66 Paraiba tourmalines weighing approximately 1 carat and distributed Out of glory. Not only are these precious stones precious and gorgeous, their unique fluttering light and shadow are perfectly set off by the matte dark background of the carbon fiber dial, but they also contrast with the gray luster of the shiny satin cloth strap.
The equally charming second watch is paired with an elegant and chic white mother-of-pearl dial, surrounded by 66 black spinels with a total weight of approximately 1.3 carats, another rare and precious gem. The black strap of this model is still made of advanced satin weave.
The third watch in this group of world premiere trilogy timepieces is a pure incarnation, with sparkling diamonds surrounding the mother-of-pearl dial, while its white strap is even more refined and elegant.
These three Black Velvet watches with charming style, exquisite appearance and superb skills are clasped with metal claws to cleverly enhance the visual impact, and are engraved and inscribed with Roman numerals and gold inlays. Wait for the dial elements to form the contrast.

Strive for excellence
Women today-especially those wearing Black Velvet watches-are becoming more and more interested in sophisticated mechanical timepieces. Therefore, they will naturally fall in love with the RD821 self-winding mechanical movement, which consists of 172 parts, is precisely adjusted in six directions, and has a 48-hour power reserve.
This movement is rhodium-plated and decorated with the Côtes de Genève, and is also fully refined in accordance with the standards of the Geneva Seal. These inherent mechanical beauty is finally revealed through the sapphire crystal case back.

Roge r Dubu is Mr. Gregory Bruttin, Director of Product Strategy, Roger r Dubu introduced the superb uniqueness of this group of timepieces: ‘The trilogy of the Black Velvet watch series is complex and challenging due to its creative process, And become the best model to explain Roger Dubuis’s status as a rare jewelry jeweller. Roger Dubuis is a brilliant jeweller through careful selection of gems and mastery of his inlay technology. The rareness of these extraordinary timepiece masterpieces is not only reflected in the choice of gems, but also through various bold combinations of watch design; in addition, these timepieces are subtle in color contrast, geometric modeling and The combination of materials forms a harmonious beauty, which makes them a veritable art work. ‘