Radar D-star Emperor Series Special Limited Edition Watch

International brand Swiss radar by Liu Ruoying as the spokesperson for the global image. In 2011, Swiss watch manufacturer RADO launched the Swiss radar D-STAR Emperor Basel 2011 special limited edition watch. This watch is inherited from the world-leading legend created by its world’s first hard-wearing watch, the DiaStar diamond series, and upholds its brand spirit of continuous breakthrough and pursuit of innovation. The unusual open style gives the RADO D-Star series a modern look, while also adding an easy-to-read comfort, while showing the precise time, it also shows a dynamic and atmospheric fashion Pioneer and charm of international brands.
Perfect mix and match of high-tech materials

   The RADO D-STAR Basel 2011 special limited edition watch combines high-tech ceramics with high-quality rubber, showing a dynamic atmosphere and a unique and simple style. Originating from the brand’s consistent breakthrough concept, in order to meet the aesthetic requirements in watchmaking design, a sharply contoured case and buckle are created, and the material is uniquely high-tech materials in the aviation industry. Reaffirming Swiss Radar’s unquestionable excellence in materials and its leading position in high-tech technology. Swiss Radar, which has always been at the forefront of innovation, boldly innovates. The black matte rubber strap and the case are integrated into one, presenting a consistent and smooth design of Swiss Radar.
Dynamic, precise and unbeatable

   The RADO D-STAR Basel 2011 special limited edition watch contains all the elements of the watch’s best performance without losing its design aesthetics. The simple case is equipped with an ultra-thin chronograph movement and a speedometer, which bring extremely precise performance. The unique dial design ensures that the dial is legible at any viewing angle. The date window sits at four thirty, and is neatly offset from the three chronograph dials. The luminous material sets off and highlights the white skeleton hands, the red seconds hand and the triangular scale. The entire watch is seductive and dynamic, with no false accents. It is therefore the perfect symbol of the fusion of power and simplicity.

   RADO Swiss D-STAR Basel 2011 special limited edition watches, leading a new model of automatic mechanical watches.
Limited sale of 1111 pieces.
RADO Swiss radar D-STAR Emperor Star series, atmospheric Zoran.