Ancient’ Full Flavor Three New Retro Watches Recommended

The ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘retro-style’ we often say have also been extremely popular on watches in recent years. Many brands have launched some very retro-style watches according to their historical models, although Retro, but inside is equipped with the latest movements of various brands, can be described as both internal and external. Today, the Watch House recommends three new watches that are newly launched this year. Let’s take a look at their charms.
Breguet Marine 5517

Model: 5517TI / G2 / 9ZU
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: titanium
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch details: 3 o’clock position, scale ring with Roman numerals. The roman numeral hour and minute scales are equipped with a luminous display function. The second hand is decorated with the letter ‘B’ based on the maritime signal flag, which highlights the deep connection between the watch and the world of navigation. The watch is equipped with a Breguet Cal. 777A self-winding movement. The Tuo design is inspired by the rudder and follows the overall nautical style. The watch offers a 55-hour power reserve.
IWC 150th Anniversary Special Edition

Model: IW505003
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 45 mm
Domestic public price: 175,000 RMB
Watch details :. It shows the hours and minutes in large numbers on a rotating display dial, which is clear but classic. The IWC 94200 automatic winding movement specially developed for this watch is driven by gears with grooves. The one-minute disc of this movement is powered by a separate wheel train system with a proprietary barrel. The release mechanism connected to the watch’s own gear train system releases every sixty seconds and then re-locks. After 10 minutes, a one-minute disc will move the ten-minute disc by one square. Every 60 minutes, the hour circle will jump to the next hour. The power of the independent gear train system will not affect the general gear train system, which can ensure precise operation and a high power reserve of 60 hours.
Omega Seamaster 1948 Limited Edition

Model: 511.
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Leather
Case diameter: 38 mm
Watch details: Eight rigorous tests established by (METAS) meet the high standards of the watchmaking industry. And the sapphire glass back uses Omega’s patented Naiad lock technology to provide a water-resistant depth of 60 meters.
Summary: Although the three watches inherit historical classics in terms of shape, they also add some modern and popular elements to the details, and they are equipped with the brand’s latest movement. These three watches should be listed in the near future, and interested friends may wish to try it on in a specialty store.

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Rolex Rolex Talents To Create A Beautiful ‘world’

Rolex previously held the ‘The Rolex Awards for Enterprise’ press conference in ‘Rolex World.’ On the Bund in Shanghai. The two young talents who won the ‘Rolex Award for Talents’ this year were Francesca from Italy. Sauro (Francesco Sauro) and Olivier from Rwanda. Olivier Nsengimana, together with Professor Lu Zhi, a Chinese conservation biologist and giant panda expert who is one of the judges of this jury, shared their creation project and participated in the ‘Rolex Award for Talent’ Experience. Rolex hopes that through this media meeting, more people with lofty ideals will be able to attract the attention and dedication to participate in the 2016 Rolex Talent Award, benefiting the society with its personal founding spirit and innovation plan, and benefiting the world.

In 2014, the Rolex Talent Award was slightly awarded. The young talents visited Rolex on the Bund. boundary

The ‘Rolex Award for Talent’ began in 1976 and aims to encourage those who have the courage and determination to meet the challenge of improving human life and protecting the world’s natural and cultural heritage. In 2009, Rolex decided to cultivate the next generation of leaders, adding awards to young talents and awarding them to young people who showed their talents in innovation projects. Candidates can apply for awards in five major areas: science and medicine, applied technology, discovery, environmental protection and cultural heritage. Since the establishment of the ‘Rolex Award for Talent’, 30,500 applicants from 190 countries have submitted their creation projects, of which 130 outstanding persons and young talents have been recognized. Prior to 2014, 122 experts were judges of this award.
On the day of the media meeting, two young talents from Rwanda and Italy introduced and shared their respective creation plans. Olivier, 30. In order to save the gray-crowned crane that is endangered, Sinki Vana started a series of conservation work in Rwanda. First, he established a national database of grey crowned cranes to properly record all captured grey crowned cranes. He lobbied within the country to convince the elite to release the cranes and birds they raised. Hinchina launched a national media campaign to teach people how to make a living without threatening endangered species. In the end, he hopes to train the younger generation to become conservationists, thereby preserving Rwanda’s biodiversity. 29-year-old Francesco. Choro plans to explore ancient quartzite caves in the flat-topped mountains of South America. From 2014 to 2017, Sauro plans to conduct four expeditions in Pingdingshan, the most eastern part of the Amazon region. This reconnaissance mission will help them find cave entrances, evaluate the possibility of caves and scientific research, and study logistics difficulties. In addition, his team will be responsible for surveying caves, collecting geological and geobiological data, analyzing cave types, hydrochemistry, and rock weathering, and finding new or rare minerals and organisms.
Professor Lu Zhi, a Chinese conservation biologist from China, joined together to hold this media meeting. Professor Lu, who is one of the judges of the current Rolex Awards, said: ‘The Rolex Awards is designed to support outstanding individuals who are innovative and unconvinced, and can use their creation plans to expand Human knowledge promotes common well-being. I encourage more people of insight from different fields in the country to register for this award, which will then drive the common development and progress of their research fields and the entire human race. ‘
Earlier, Rolex’s premier scientific research organization in the Royal Society, the Royal Society, announced the winners of the 2014 Rolex Awards. Winners of the Youth Talent Program under 30 this year are from Africa, India, Europe and the Middle East. They all have outstanding leadership qualities, and rely on ingenious and innovative solutions to promote the well-being of the community with technology, improve the environment, and at the same time promote scientific knowledge. These five young talents were selected by a Rolex jury of eight distinguished experts from 1,800 applicants around the world, and each young talent will receive a prize of 50,000 Swiss francs to achieve their ambitions.

Young talents from Rwanda and Italy introduced and shared their founding plans, and participated in the event with Professor Lu Zhi, a Chinese conservation biologist from China

The five winners are:
Nitty. Neeti Kailas, 29, India-Aiming to promote screening of hearing impairments in newborns with affordable and easy-to-use devices, and to establish a network of health care professionals in India to diagnose or treat deafness.
Olivier. Olivier Nsengimana, 30, Rwanda-Promotes conservation of endangered grey crowned cranes and encourages release of hunted grey crowned cranes. The grey-crowned crane is a symbol of wealth and longevity in Rwanda. It is often captured as a pet because of its beautiful appearance.
Fransco. Francesco Sauro, 29, Italy—Explore the quartzite cave formations in the legendary Pingdingshan region of South America at the border between Venezuela and Brazil, and discover this unique world that has been formed by the world for thousands of years.
Arthur. Arthur Zang, 26, Cameroon-Invented Africa’s first medical tablet, allowing medical staff in rural areas to access the results of heart disease tests via a mobile phone and send them to a cardiologist for diagnosis.
Hesen. Hosam Zowawi, 29, Saudi Arabia — A fast test method is being developed to detect whether bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is currently posing a serious threat to human health worldwide. He also plans a public awareness campaign across the region to warn against misuse and abuse of antibiotics.
Rolex Charity Director Rebecca. Rebecca Irvin said: ‘This year has a record number of young applicants. We are proud to announce the list of winners and strongly support these young talents to promote inspiring work. The five young talents and their The proposed plans clearly show a strong spirit of creation and leadership. What impressed the jury this year is the pragmatic style of these plans, each of which is solving real-life problems. They are undoubtedly role models for the world , Rolex is also happy to announce their deeds to the world. ‘

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Glorious Radar Star Gold Rose Gold And Titanium Carbide Ceramic Watch

Swiss Radar HyperChrome Hao Xing series added two new models that had their debut at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show in 2012. The rose gold or gold-colored parts of the two newly introduced models are made of Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermet innovative materials, and the design inherits many classic features of other models of the HyperChrome series. Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermets are lightweight and extremely hard. They are not only hard to wear, they also adapt to the body temperature of the wearer. Radiating Radar Star Gold and Titanium Carbide Ceramic Watch
High-hardness aesthetics: Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermet
     Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermet is a combination of titanium carbide and metal alloy. Before calcining or “sintering” at a high temperature of 1,500 ° C, the material is subjected to a high pressure injection molding process of 1,000 bar. RADO introduced the platinum gold Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermet in 2010. This new color is created by precisely adjusting the composition of high-tech ceramics and their metal binders. Although gold watches are prone to scratches, the high hardness of Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermets allows them to maintain a high degree of wear resistance even after years of use.
Long-lasting design shines forever
     With RADO, you get more than just a prestigious brand. Swiss radars are known worldwide for their innovative designs and revolutionary materials, creating many of the world’s most recognized timeless classics. Whether you are looking for the perfect accessory for yourself or choosing the perfect gift for your loved one, the Swiss radar is the most dazzling choice for this carnival shopping season.
     The Rado HyperChrome series is available in rose gold and gold Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermets and is available in sizes S (quartz) and L (automatic).
    RADO ‘HyperChrome’ series (rose gold / gold Ceramos ™ titanium carbide cermet, L) movement 7 ½ ETA 2824-2, automatic movement, 25 gems, three hands, date display at 3? O’clock position, 38-hour power reserve, silver automatic hammer, pattern-finished movement dial, sun-printed silver dial, 12 rose gold / gold scales, white luminous RADO swivel anchor mark for Swiss radar, grey printed Rado logo and Automatic logo case polished stainless steel polished rose gold / gold Ceramos ™ titanium carbide bezel polished rose gold / gold coated stainless steel embedded parts polished stainless steel transparent back polished stainless steel crown 5 bar (50m) water-resistant mirror Curved sapphire crystal hour and minute hands with anti-reflective coating on both sides: rose gold / gold, black finish with white luminous seconds hand: rose gold / gold strap Three-row polished stainless steel strap with rose gold / Gold Ceramos ™ Titanium Carbide Ceramic Link Triple Fold Titanium Clasp Size 40.0 x 38.0 x 11.2 (W x L x H, unit: mm) RADO Swiss Radar ‘HyperChrome’ Golden RADO Swiss Radar ‘HyperChrome’ Golden RADO Swiss Radar ‘HyperChrome’ Series (Rose Gold / Gold Ceramos ™ Titanium Carbide Cermet, S) Caliber 7 ¾ ETA 956.112, Quartz Movement, 7 Gems, Three Hands, Date Display at 3 ?? O’clock Dial too Yang Pattern Silver Dial 12 Rose Gold / Gold Scales , Rado logo with white luminous gray printing Case coated polished stainless steel polished Rose gold / gold Ceramos ™ titanium carbide ceramic bezel polished rose gold / gold coated stainless steel Embedded parts polished stainless steel crown, back 5 bar (50m) Water-resistant mirror with curved sapphire crystal hour and minute hands coated with anti-reflection coating on both sides: rose gold / gold, black finish with white luminous seconds hand: rose gold / gold strap with three rows of polished stainless steel strap Rose Gold / Gold Ceramos ™ Titanium Carbide Ceramic Link Three-fold Titanium Clasp Size 31.5 x 30. 0 x 8.6 (width x length x height, unit: mm) RADO Swiss Radar ‘HyperChrome’ series rose gold RADO Swiss Radar ‘HyperChrome’ series rose gold

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Buy It Out, Then What?

We are always talking about ‘buying a watch’. In fact, after ‘buying’, more often we have to face the after-sales. I’ve finished the purchase. How about after sales? How long is the warranty period? It is also a matter of great concern to us. Today, let’s take a look at the after-sales service and general process of major watchmaking brands.

Duration of warranty:
 Does the duration of the warranty matter? Of course, the warranty period for most of these watchmaking brands starts from two years. Since recent years, more and more brands have chosen to extend the warranty period. Omega, Rolex and Breitling have launched measures such as 5-year warranty. Audemars Piguet also launched a long 8-year warranty in domestic stores. The benefit of extending the warranty time for consumers is that they are more and more guaranteed for the watches they purchase, and correspondingly they will reduce some maintenance costs and troubles. For example, A and B sell the same thing, the same quality and the same price. B promises that you will get a warranty for this item within 5 years after you buy it back, while A only promises 2 years, and you choose A or B. ?

 Take Patek Philippe, the ‘big brother’ in the watchmaking brand as an example. Patek Philippe’s official customer service center in mainland China is located at 99 Yifengwaiyuan, No. 99, Beijing East Road, Shanghai, and No. 23, Qianmen, Beijing. At the official customer service center, after the service personnel have a preliminary understanding of the condition of the watch, the customer service personnel will check the Certificate of Origin and the warranty period of the product. Patek Philippe Customer Service Center can provide services free of charge if the watch needs maintenance during the 2-year warranty period and there is no ‘not applicable’ condition.

Patek Philippe Customer Service Center at 23 Qianmen, Beijing

Patek Philippe’s maintenance price list (officially provided)

 After Patek Philippe’s after-sales service charges are uniformly fixed by the headquarters, each region will then process the exchange rate based on the local currency to the Swiss franc. We take the basic maintenance of mechanical watches without a calendar function or a simple calendar function as an example (basic maintenance includes movement maintenance , Change the winding shaft and various screws and gears), the price is RMB 8200 yuan, polished case and bracelet 2900 yuan.

Watch brand warranty time

 From November 2nd, 2018, the warranty for the full range of Omega watches is extended to 5 years. All Omega watches purchased after July 1, 2018 will enjoy a 5-year warranty. Prior to this, Omega’s warranty service was 4 years. At present, there are not many brands that provide users with 5 years of service, but the number is increasing year by year. Since January 2012, Breitling pioneered the concept of a 5-year warranty, which aims to provide a 5-year warranty for self-produced movements worldwide.
 In 2015, Rolex announced that ‘Rolex watches purchased after July 1, 2015 enjoy a 5-year warranty service’;
 On the basis of a three-year warranty, Audemars Piguet offers a five-year warranty on watches purchased at domestic stores, for a total of eight years.
After-sales service process:

 Generally speaking, when your watch has a problem or needs to be maintained, it is safer to choose the official service center. Sent to a repair point where you are not sure. First of all, you are not sure of the ability of the maintenance master here, and secondly, there is no guarantee of your watch. Taking Lange as an example, after your watch is sent to the service center, the watch technician will repeatedly check and repair through 9 steps to ensure that your watch has been resolved before returning your watch to your hand. .

Lange watch warranty process

 The general warranty of a watch is to first check the general condition of the watch, and then to obtain different solutions based on the wear and tear of each watch and the problems, simple function repairs, and watches purchased at domestic stores. It can be handled very well in China, but the repair of watches and complex devices purchased abroad needs to be returned to the brand headquarters for repair, which will take longer.
How to take care of your watch in daily life:

 Some tablemates said that “the more natural maintenance time is short, if several watches are alternately worn, then the time will naturally be extended, depending on whether the maintenance is mainly based on the deviation rate when leaving”, such a statement is reasonable. During the daily wear of the watch, it is inevitable that there will be wear and tear on the appearance and damage to the inside of the movement. Choosing multiple watches to wear them can reduce our chances of ‘reliable wear’. Of course, we must pay attention to the impact of the environment on the watch when wearing it daily.

Try to avoid the above situations
1. If it is not a professional diving watch category, try to stay away from water vapor and humid environments as much as possible. Wear a watch for intense swimming activities or avoid it;
2. Avoid wearing a watch for intense and uncontrollable movements to prevent unnecessary collisions. Keep yourself when you fall, then watch;
3. Keep away from extreme environments such as strong magnetic fields.
The last few tips:

 When buying a watch, be sure to purchase it through regular and secure channels. Brand-operated stores and more well-known distributors are more appropriate. Secondly, when there is a problem with the watch, call the store staff for the first time, or contact the official after-sales, or choose a repair point you trust. Finally, bumping and abrasion are normal when wearing a watch, and regular maintenance can also extend the life of the watch.

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2019 Hot Watches Arrived The New Patek Philippe Has Been Released!

At this year’s Basel International Watch & Clock Fair, various brands have launched a number of very beautiful timepieces. Among them, Patek Philippe has been expected by the public. Below, let us for everyone Briefly introduce a new Patek Philippe work.

  This watch is from the Aquanaut series of Patek Philippe. It is a highly recognizable sports watch. This year’s new platinum men’s watch ‘Jumbo’ is a representative of modern sports fashion. . Bold color schemes represent the spirit of exploration from afar, and the rounded octagonal case and bezel combine polishing with satin decoration.

  The watch is made of white gold, polished and retouched to show a more exquisite and gorgeous design style. The diameter of the watch is 42.2 mm and the thickness is 8.25 mm, showing the dynamic color of men.

  The crown is also made of white gold. The screw-in design guarantees the waterproof performance of the watch, and the non-slip texture design ensures that the watch can accurately time.

  The unique green dial is highly recognizable, and the trendy color matching brings new development. With a khaki green strap of the same color, the rubber material perfectly shows the power of movement between the wrists.

  The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, movement 324, with a diameter of 27 mm. Thickness: 3.3 mm, a total of 213 parts, a frequency of 28,800 (4 Hz) per hour, full power guarantees a power reserve of at least 35 hours-up to 45 hours, with the signature Patek Philippe imprint.
  This watch is a relatively simple performance design launched by Patek Philippe this year, coupled with the combination of precious metals and trendy sports watches, maybe this will be another boom of Patek Philippe. It is reported that the public price is 290,500 yuan.
  The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2019 Basel International Watch Fair brought to you by the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more exciting exhibition reports, so stay tuned.
  For more information on the latest Baselworld 2019, please pay attention to the watch house live feature:

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Competing For The Tortour Cycling Race Iwc Sponsors The Swiss Lawrence Foundation

On August 19, 2018, Schaffhausen, the tenth TORTOUR non-stop super bike rally kicked off. Seven teams from IWC participated on behalf of the Swiss Lawrence Foundation. Brand CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr appeared on the starting line for the second time. Through a crowdfunding campaign, participants raised 60,000 Swiss francs for a social sports project organized by the Lawrence Foundation of Switzerland.

 The name ‘TORTOUR’ may sound a bit like ‘torture’, and for good reason: in the highest difficulty category, participants must complete a 1,000-kilometer course and climb over 4 Alps in different regions of Switzerland Yamaguchi. The contestants are non-stop, day and night, which means that their backup team also needs to be on standby around the clock.

 Christoph Grainger-Herr, CEO of IWC, said: ‘TORTOUR combines competitive sports, extreme endurance and team spirit in a well-known and unique way. I am glad to see many members of the IWC family standing on the starting line Supporting the Lawrence Foundation makes the 150th anniversary of the brand more meaningful. ‘

 A team of Christoph Grainger-Herr, Swiss professional cyclist Simon Zahner, and IWC watchmaker Samuel Vuillemez finished sixth in the CHALLENGE category (550 km medium-length course).

 Cyclists from AMGROTWILD and sports enthusiasts from IWC make up seven IWC teams. Prior to the start of the competition, participants needed support on the crowdfunding platform. So far, the donation has reached 60,000 Swiss francs, and the money will be used to fund the ‘LaureusGirlsinSports’ project organized by the Lawrence Foundation of Switzerland. Girls are far less involved in sports than boys, and Lawrence hopes to promote self-confidence and personality development among children aged 11 to 17 through sports. IWC has been a sponsor of TORTOUR since it was first held in 2009. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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Bao Lai Launches 5347 Rotation Tourbillon Double Rotary Tourbillon Watch

In 1795, Master Breguet invented the tourbillon device to resist gravity, perfecting the accuracy of clocks. In 2006, Breguet inherited the mastery of Breguet’s watchmaking and superb craftsmanship, and launched a unique rotation in the world. The revolutionary double-rotary tourbillon watch, Classique Grande Complication 5347, symbolizes the history of the Breguet tourbillon and marks a new milestone, once again writing a brilliant page. The double-rotor tourbillon watch with an annual output of no more than 10 shows its rareness and uniqueness, which is even more precious, and also highlights Breguet’s extraordinary achievements in pushing the tourbillon rotation aesthetics to the peak.
    The unparalleled Breguet Classique Grande Complication 5347 dual-rotary tourbillon watch. Its two independently-operating tourbillon devices each have a dedicated transmission system. They are located on a rotating center panel and look at each other. The unique structure separates the two tourbillons. The average speed is linked to the central rotating dial and the time display mechanism, so the speed of the watch is the average speed of the two tourbillons, making its movement twice as accurate as the average movement. The crossbar connecting the two tourbillons indicates the hour, and the dial rotates once every 12 hours. The tourbillon and the tourbillon both rotate to dance to the universe’s subtle melody, showing the astronomical system perfectly, which is amazing.
Classique Grande Complication 5347 Double Tourbillon Ref. 5347PT / 11 / 9ZU
Case: Platinum case with fine coin-shaped pattern on the bezel
Table diameter: 44 mm
Movement: 588 movement with manual winding mechanical movement.
Kinetic energy: 50-hour power reserve.
Caseback: Sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30 meters deep
Dial: Silver-plated 18K gold dial
Hands: Blue-steel Breguet-style hands
Strap: Crocodile leather strap
Style: 18K rose gold style and platinum diamond style are also available
    Classique Grande Complication 5347 dual-rotary tourbillon watch with craftsmanship, the back of the case is intricately carved with three-dimensional relief, showing the inscription design of the movement of the nine planets, showing a trajectory like the movement of a celestial body, and a double-rotary tourbillon with a revolution Echoing each other, showing off the concept of solar system operation, fully conveying the spirit of Breguet’s watchmaking, it is definitely a masterpiece of aesthetics and craftsmanship.
    Exquisite hand-engraved faceplate, Roman numeral scale ring, blue-steel Breguet-style hands, perfectly show the consistent Breguet classic style; the elaborately carved plywood design of the movement, and many other polished screws and other parts are impeccable. The exquisite craftsmanship shows the persistence of Breguet for every detail; the ultimate tourbillon craftsmanship is complemented by the delicate design, making the reading time as profound as the appreciation of artworks. The Classique Grandes Complications 5347 double-rotating tourbillon watch, with its top-level and sophisticated craftsmanship unique to Breguet’s ingenuity, displays the magnificence of Yu Xuanang, which can be called the unique dream product in the world.

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The Carl Brashear Bronze Dive Watch Was Not Available. Oris Oris Now Has A Semi-copper Sixty-five To Chase

In 2015, Oris launched the Divers Sixty-five, which is a replica of the brand’s diving watch from the 1960s. With the extremely well-reproduced elements, it has received a lot of response. At that time, we I believe that this will open a new product trend for ORIS. As a result, they have developed a number of derivative models based on Sixty-five the following year. So far, the Sixty-five diving watch has developed into a large-scale diving watch family. In recent years, ORIS has continued to make material and face color matching contexts, and the details of the face plate have changed slightly from what it was when it was released in early 2015.

The detailed style of the watch has been slightly modified compared to the Sixty-Five series at the beginning. For example, the 12 o’clock time scale has been changed from the home plate shape to a triangular shape, and the 6 o’clock bar shape has also been modified to rounded corners.

Feature 1: Popularization of semi-copper case
In 2019, ORIS still released several Divers Sixty-five watches. In addition to stainless steel, it is the main force. The more obvious change is that the brand continues to make a big deal on the topic of ‘semi-copper’, and there is something like this entire watch. The rings are all made of bronze, and there are also aluminum-plated styles on the copper bezel. Divers Sixty-five is originally the source of the brand’s development of bronze watches. In addition to pushing bronze timepieces in recent years, ORIS has a large number of The implementation of the semi-copper design is also considered to be a minority in the watch industry. At present, some people may still have doubts about the entire case being made of bronze. At this time, only the design of the bezel is bronze provides a compromise solution. Don’t worry about allergies or scratches, but you can also experience the characteristics of bronze material changing with time, especially this bezel is bronze, which is easier to express when changing colors.

In addition to the anti-slip serrations in the middle, the crown has spherical protrusions on the top and bottom. Functionally, it can be easily operated by users with gloves. On the other hand, this is also an element of the retro style, but it is accidentally used. Not many brands

Feature two: Conservative time scale design
Divers Sixty-five started out with a distinctive pop style Arabic digital time scale as an attractive selling point, but since the brand extended the more common combination of dots and stick-shaped time scales for general diving watches in 2016, this basic style is now Divers Sixty-five instead became the main force of the series. This blue dial with geometric shape indexes is actually full of the taste of the first-generation Carl Brashear bronze limited edition watch (however, this 40mm diameter is slightly smaller than the 42mm limited edition of the year). If not grabbed in the war, this half-copper model in 2019 may be an alternative.

ORIS rarely does not make a transparent bottom cover, and this 100-meter waterproof depth is not a reason to make it a solid bottom cover. The reason for this is mainly to faithfully reproduce. The watch is equipped with Sellita’s SW 200-1 movement, which is equivalent to ETA 2824.

Feature 3: Box mirror reveals retro soul
Seen from the side, its flat middle case, bulging table glass and bottom cover are all important features of the watch’s contours in the 1950s. The part of the table mirror here uses sapphire crystal. Here we have to thank the advancement of watchmaking technology. Like this curved watch, a few years ago, only some brands above the middle price will use sapphire crystal. In addition, most of them still use synthetic resin or reinforced glass, let alone models at this price. However, in the past few years, the industry’s watch processing technology has greatly improved. Several important brands of Swiss brands The factories have introduced multi-axis CNC machines to reduce the cost of this large curved Dome and Box mirrors. As a result, the products at the general entry price can also be afforded, and the overall quality of the replica watch is therefore improved. Great progress.

Divers Sixty-five

Stainless steel, bronze material / 733 automatic movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 100 meters / table diameter 40mm

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Introduction To The ‘five Blessings’ Limited Edition Watch

The junior needle is a timeless design classic in the watch industry, and it is also Black Tie’s strictest match. The design of the IWC Portofino watch is very simple, and it can be regarded as a classic in the junior watch. With the approaching of the Chinese New Year in 2011, IWC launched the Portofino Automatic Watch “Five Lucky Doors” special limited edition for the Chinese market. Only 500 pieces were sold and they were only sold in mainland China. The watch is powered by the 35110 automatic mechanical movement. The bottom of the watch is engraved with the totems of five bats. The five bats take their homonyms, which symbolizes the good color of the five ‘Fu’ rimmen. At the same time, the words ‘China’ and ‘Limited 500’ were engraved. The limited edition is available in rock grey dial and rose gold case (18K rose gold case with black alligator strap, priced at 68,000 yuan, very fair).

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Silver-packed, Emotional Christmas

With the wish of time to stop, people look forward to turning this beauty into a long stream of happiness and blooming a unique and magnificent color. In this Christmas season that conveys passion and wishes, Bucherer selects the gift of time-the limited edition jewellery watch by Bettich Diva Joaillerie, to illuminate the cold winter with the most brilliant light, recording every precious golden time.

Bright and moving

   Bucherer injects top-notch watchmaking art into the limited-edition Betis Diva Joaillerie jewellery watch, showing a pure and elegant style; exquisite details and gorgeous dials perfectly make women exude noble temperament during the Christmas season.

   Bettich Diva Joaillerie Limited Jewellery Watch is a collection of passionate creativity and noble style. It is stunning: the platinum case and bracelet are exquisitely crafted, and the individuality is known at a glance. The sparkling round diamonds embody their outstanding value; the round diamonds are extended to the platinum chain. The strap and the case, which are interlaced and hollow like a halo, sublimate the unique design features and elegant style of the Beatrice series; the dazzling diamonds make the hollowed-out gold ring even more luxurious. Beauty looks like a fine art.

Zhuang Yaoguanghua

   Diva Joaillerie’s limited-edition jewellery watch is designed to be beautiful, with precious materials and ingenious shapes that naturally make the beauty dazzle. In this holy day, the best token to perfectly carry and express love is the precious timepiece worn on the wrist, and Bucherer is willing to make every watch extremely caring on Christmas Eve and regain its luster It’s getting better over time. Full of romance and warmth.

Betty’s Diva Joaillerie Limited Jewellery Watch

Technical specifications

Model: 00.10590.02.99.31
Movement: CFB 1851 quartz movement
Function: hours, minutes
Case: 18K white gold, set with 370 FC TW vvs diamonds (4.15 carats), double-sided anti-refractive curved sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 30 meters, diameter 34 mm, thickness 9.45 mm
Dial: 18K white gold with mother-of-pearl, set with 96 FC TW vvs diamonds (0.5 carat) and two 18K white gold Roman numerals
Bracelet: 18K white gold with 404 FC TW vvs diamonds (7.85 carats), 18K white gold folding clasp
Limited edition: 88 pieces

Bucherer Background

   Carl F. Bucherer has been operating with a philosophy of quality, innovation and enthusiasm since 1888. Bucherer, based in Lucerne, Switzerland, has grown from a small family-owned company into an internationally renowned high-end watch brand, and has a comprehensive global specialty store and distribution network. To this day, the Bulgari Group still maintains a family-owned business strategy, headed by Jörg G Bucherer, the third-generation heir to the founder’s family, and chairing the board. In 2001, the Group restructured its brand positioning and paid tribute to the group’s founder Carl Friedrich Bucherer under the brand name. The Bucherer watch and movement are developed by the brand’s own watch factory. The first self-made CFB A1000 outer edge self-winding oscillating weight movement breaks through the brand tradition and moves to a higher level. The distinctive style and precision of the movement are the hallmarks of the Bucherer watch.

   Adhering to tradition, pioneering and innovative

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