Movado Museum Classic Watch Legend Continues

A single dot at 12 o’clock, symbolizing the noon sun, appeared in 1947 by Movado Movado, a well-known American borrowed artist Nathan George Horwitt The museum’s non-digital dial design is hailed as a model of modernism. This design fully reflects the essence of the Bauhaus design school in the 1920s and was permanently collected by the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1960. It is the first in history to receive this honor. Watches, also derived from the ‘Museum Collection Watch’ reputation.

Nathan George Horwitt

Nathan George Horwitt is versatile, a writer, artist, and world-class industrial design guru. He believed in the design philosophy of the Bauhaus school and formed his own design concepts, focusing on the most basic and functional objects and spaces. In 1947, Howitt created a dial completely without any decoration, only for the most basic needs. ‘We don’t know that time is arranged in numerical order, we only know that time is where the earth revolves around the sun along its orbit.’ Applying this theory, Howett simplified the dial, excluded the numbers on the dial, and designed the dial to have only golden dots symbolizing the position of the noon sun and pointers suggesting the movement of the earth. The position of operation, and the background black that has always been adopted has become a symbol of the vast universe, which fully reflects the essence of the Bauhaus design school in the 1920s: simplicity, elegance and practicality.

The first museum watch with no dial in 1947

Today, Movado watches are collected by famous museums around the world, and the legendary single-dot dial is regarded as the simplest pure design in the history of clocks. A registered trademark and award-winning design, this laudable single-point dial has evolved into a series of chic watches and has become the iconic design of Movado watches.

Movado’s new museum classic series watch incorporates romantic blue into the classic design of the museum dial, which is innovative and nostalgic. The dark blue museum dial design, with the same color blue outer ring, decorated with silver crown prince hands and signature concave dots, black calfskin strap with stainless steel classic tongue buckle, highlighting the beauty of simplicity.