Masterpieces Of Panerai Art Pam 00005

Panerai is a brand with a lot of stories. Since its birth, it has had an inextricable relationship with the sea. The original Panerai was not a professional watch-making brand, but produced more naval equipment. It was only at the invitation of the Italian Navy to start making watches. Today, I use a classic representative watch PAM 00005 owned by Panerai, let us appreciate the unique charm of this watch together.
 PAM 00005 is a very classic large watch with a dial diameter of 44 mm and a large case made of stainless steel, showing a masculine and tough temperament. The color of the case is silver but not shiny, worn on the man’s wrist, it can show the calmness and restraint of the owner, and perfectly shows the charm of a mature man. The black dial and clear large scale under the package of the silver bezel also show the master’s atmosphere well. And its most fascinating is the brand’s classic ‘PANERAI’ LOGO, which is the symbol of Panerai, and under the background of this plate design, its beauty is fully displayed. This is a watch that has been very popular recently. Its shape is not complicated and there is no special design. It can’t explain the reason to feel comfortable, so I want to buy it and make it a part of my wrist. . Perhaps this is the manifestation of the master’s superb skills. Maybe the layout of its various elements is slightly changed without such an effect. In fact, it is such a natural creation that it has become an artistic masterpiece.

 This PAM 00005 watch is a member of the Panerai history classic series. It is a classic watch, so it does not have much functionality. But its own quality is excellent. The large white numerals and scales on the black dial have strong readability and give people a good visual experience. And its hands and scales are covered with a luminous coating, so that we can clearly read the time data even in the dark night. It uses a small three-hand design. The small seconds dial is located at nine o’clock on the dial. This design reduces the number of gears in the movement transmission system and reduces the thickness of the watch. At the same time, it also reduces the energy loss in the transmission process and improves the energy utilization rate. It can be said that it is a design that serves two purposes. Many Panerai watches have the classic design of this bridge, which can protect the crown very well. There is a button on the top of the bridge, which can adjust the time through the crown after pressing, effectively avoiding unintentional adjustment of time To ensure the accuracy of the watch. With the support of Panerai’s superb craftsmanship, the water-resistant depth of this watch reaches 300 meters, which is even so for many professional waterproof watches. This is the PAM 00005, which takes the simple functions to the extreme and shows the most powerful performance.

 The movement of the PAM 00005 watch is a Cal.op 1 manual winding movement produced by Panerai. It is also a pleasure for watch lovers to wind their love watches from time to time. This movement is an improvement based on the ETA 6497 movement. The ETA 6497 movement is the darling of the big watch trend, and the performance of Cal.op 1 with Panerai technology is even higher. It uses an advanced Nivarox hairspring and an oscillation frequency of 21600 times per hour, which are excellent guarantees for its travel time accuracy. And it is also equipped with the Incabloc suspension system, which effectively protects the movement and makes the accurate external influence of the watch’s travel time small. It also has 17 gems, which greatly reduces the friction when the gear shaft rotates, making the movement more smooth. It also has a 56-hour power reserve function, so we don’t have to wind him often, and we can guarantee the accurate operation of the watch every two days.
 This PAM00005 watch is one of the most popular Panerai watches nowadays. Its simple and glamorous appearance and simple and excellent functions are the key. It combines practicality with simplicity, exuding Italian style originating from the Aegean Sea, and inheriting the tough temperament from the Italian Royal Navy, forging its own classic. The brown leather strap, the real stainless steel buckle, and the dense bottom design of the back also play a finishing touch. The superior performance of the 300 waterproof also makes it comparable to a professional waterproof watch. It accompanies the owner to play in the famous mountains and rivers, and swims in shallow bays to enjoy the beauty of life. The price of such an excellent watch is not very high, only 36,400 yuan, can be said to be a good watch with excellent value for money. And a watch like him that wins with a classic shape, not only will not depreciate due to the passage of time, but also has a lot of room for appreciation, so it is definitely the best choice for watch lovers.
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