Jacques Grande Reverso Women’s Flip Slim Watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Women’s Flip Slim Watch
Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin watch, equipped with Jaeger-LeCoultre 846 manual winding movement, power reserve 40 hours, case height 39mm, width 24mm, thickness 7.2mm, 18K rose gold case, silver Checkered decorative dial with leather strap or metal bracelet
In 2011, 80 years after the Reverso series was created, several brand new watch pieces were once again presented to the world. Based on loyalty to tradition, the new generation of Reverso watches unexpectedly gave people new surprises.
When you witness the newly produced Grande Reverso Ultra Thin watch, you will feel involuntary: Jaeger-LeCoultre once again set off a revolution in minimalism. The Jaeger-LeCoultre 822 movement is only 2.94 mm thick, making this watch slimmer than ever. Although its large case will give the wrist a thick texture, thanks to the curved line design, it can still be light and comfortable to wear. A simple dial with grid-like carvings, quaint and elegant Arabic numerals, and slender blue hands make this ultra-thin watch a collection of all the aesthetic classics of the Reverso collection.
The newly launched Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin watch has a redesigned ratio and a larger size than before. It is full of feminine charm, which not only explains the essence of Reverso watch style, but also combines tradition and nobility. It can be regarded as the embodiment of fashion and elegance. This ultra-thin women’s watch presents all the aesthetic features of the Reverso watch in a delicate and elegant way: a novel curved curve, a dial with a lattice-shaped decoration, a new metal strap, and every detail shows a delicate and feminine character. Compared with the ruggedness of men’s watches, the Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin women’s flip ultra-thin watch is softer and rounder. This change has given the watch a new look and unique style, exuding a new charm. The ultra-thin thickness of only 7.2 mm and the rounded curve of the watch make the watch more agile and light, and it fits perfectly into a woman’s slender wrist.
On the romantic rose gold case, the Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin watch also combines diamonds with it. The inlaid patterns have been newly designed by the designer and can be arranged vertically or horizontally. The most subtle detail in the watch is the fine gems set on the crown.
In my opinion, the people who choose to wear Reverso are by no means universal. They must be experts in art treasures, legends and extreme quality. Wearing the Grande Reverso Ultra Thin series of watches, you can better reflect your unique appreciation of luxury taste and appreciation of top watches.