Incomparable Classic Longines Master Series Classic Watch Real Shot

The famous master series is the most classic series of Longines, which is bound to be outstanding. Since its launch in 2005, it has achieved great success because it can accurately meet the demands of today’s consumers for pure quality and personal style. Today I bring to you a classic watch of the famous master series. Now please enjoy the real shot of the Longines master series L2.755.8.78.3.

 Now, Longines has added rose gold and yellow gold to this series, with a black dial and a new size, the new watch caused a sensation once it was launched. This watch is made of 18K rose gold with brown alligator leather. The blue-steel hands on the dial captured the heart and took away all my resistance.

 The watch is decorated with silver ‘wheat grain’, painted with Arber digital hour markers, and the minute scale is engraved on the outer ring of the watch. Such a hierarchical design makes reading more convenient and quick. The design runs through every detail of the watch.

 On the side of the watch, this watch has a thickness of 10 mm and a moderate thickness. It is more comfortable to wear on the wrist. It will not feel too much pressure on the wrist, nor will it feel too thin to find the feeling of wearing the watch. The crown of the watch is also made of 18K rose gold, and the Longines classic flying wing hourglass logo is engraved on the crown.

 The crocodile leather strap that comes with this watch will introduce a simple method for identifying crocodile leather. There are many small and irregular textures in the crocodile leather large bamboo texture, while fake crocodile leather does not. Because the fake crocodile texture uses mechanical pressure, the texture of the fake crocodile skin is a rigid pattern. The pictures above are real crocodile skins.

 From this picture we can also see that the sapphire crystal glass back cover used by the watch is the same material as the table mirror. The sapphire crystal glass of Longines is resistant to corrosion, acid and scratches. And, in fact, it will not break. The stomata capacity is equal to zero, which means that only natural diamonds in the world can hang flowers.

 This watch can provide dual calendar display, date display and week display. This design is more suitable for people in the workplace to wear, but it should be noted that this watch must not adjust the date between 9 pm to 3 am to avoid damage to the mechanism.

 Date and day display at 3 o’clock. From this picture we can also see the unique silver wheat grain design of the famous craftsman, which is really unique.

 The watch is equipped with a three-fold safety buckle and a push-open mechanism. The advantage of this type of buckle is safety, and it is very convenient to close and open.

 The watch is equipped with the L636 self-winding movement, which vibrates 28,800 times per hour, ensuring that the watch moves accurately. The movement can provide a 38-hour power reserve.

Summary: The current domestic quotation of this watch is 51600 yuan. As a luxury watch made of double calendar 18K rose gold, this price is reasonable. If you consider the cost-effectiveness, I personally think that the steel master is more Cost-effective, of course, but for those who prefer precious metals, this is absolutely unacceptable. [Photo / text watch home Chen Zhongyun]

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