G-shock X Zhang Jingxuan Music Party Tough 爆 羊城

February 10, 2012, ‘Absolute Toughness’, known for its creative and innovative spirit, G-SHOCK and Channel [V], the most influential music channel in Asia, joined forces to create ‘SHOCK THE WORLD [ V] Music Party ‘landed in Guangzhou Convex Space. Zhang Jingxuan, the ‘e-generation all-round creative little king’ with G-SHOCK’s unanimous concept, came to the scene to sing and sing, conveying the core concept and fashion attitude of Absolute Toughness to everyone who loves fashion
   On the night of the party, the TU convex space in Guangzhou Sculpture Park was full of glory. A variety of G-SHOCK watches of various series were displayed on the scene. The stylish and tough design, the multiple performances that constantly challenged the limit, and the rich and colorful colors won the scene. One applause. At the music party, the passionate hip-hop performance first debuted and kicked off the ‘SHOCK THE WORLD [V] Music Party’ prelude. With the sound of music, the audience danced, inspiring the enthusiasm of the crowd, and then ‘Xuanzi’ ‘S appearance brings everyone our familiar songs. This music party can be described as the style of G-SHOCK watch that is suitable for both movements and movements, and is completely unified, reflecting the boiling point of the audience at the scene. Each time ‘SHOCK THE WORLD [V] Music Party’ created by G-SHOCK in partnership with Channel [V], will uphold the spirit of ‘to the end of TOUGH’ and bring more and more trendy music culture. The same attitude as G-SHOCK, perfectly presents music and trends.
   Throughout the evening, Zhang Jingxuan’s touching love song inspired the enthusiasm of the audience. With her unique singing voice and stunning live performance, Xuan Tsai’s first golden song was broadcast, which instantly ignited everyone’s passion on the scene. Zhang Jingxuan, who has a high popularity, is one of the youngest singers of the K song. With its idols and strength, the ability to control the stage that night can be shown with perfect words, interaction, singing, charming smiles, let All the people who joined this live show were crazy about it. Zhang Jingxuan upholds the same attitude as G-SHOCK, and every song he brings to us reveals the true feelings, which is exactly the spirit that G-SHOCK wants to convey in this trendy era. Through the singing, the spirit of his constant pursuit of perfection is vividly expressed.
   He is looking forward to this event very much. He is also at the event site. The organizer has also set up a lot of audience interaction links, strengthened the interaction between the stage and the stage, artists and fans, so that more fans can be integrated into the event. In the future, the lucky guy who participated in the game and won the game also received a limited edition hipster gift, which attracted the envy of countless hipsters. G-SHOCK with ‘Absolute Toughness’ as its spiritual orientation has become a cultural form beyond watches, creatively combining various fashionable cultural elements with watches, and diversifying through music, sports, trends, and art The combination of culture and young people’s attitudes to life leads a new trend.
   On the evening of the event, G-SHOCK selected Zhang Jingxuan’s DW-6900SN-1 model watch and printed Zhang Jingxuan’s English name HINS on the strap. He also liked it very much. DW-6900SN-1 watch is equipped with electronic fluorescent lighting, shockproof, 200 meters waterproof, countdown, alarm clock and other functions. It is a new model with a matte text version and a calm appearance. It also has texture and functionality. Black and white models, the dial is polished, the strap is matte, very TOUGH. .