Diolatti ‘snow Elf’ Jewellery Watch

In Dior’s fine jewelry series, you can often see jewelry works using snowflake mosaic. Perhaps the visual effect of snowflake mosaics moved Ms. Victoire de Castellane, a senior jewelry designer of Dior, so she introduced the snowflake mosaic method to the La D de Dior series created by her in 2009. The first work was Poeticly named La D de Dior ‘Snow Elf’ … In this watch, snowflake inlays are applied to the entire dial. The 42 mm diameter dial uses a total of 481 VVS diamonds with a total weight of about 5.34 carats and uses the Elite manual winding movement developed for Zenith.

     When you stare at the snowflake inlaid dial for a long time, you will ask yourself, is this unique way of inlaying low-key or high-key? Perhaps it does not belong to the two, but a unique existence. Therefore, on the Snow Elf jewellery watch, the gold sign of Dior was also quietly hidden from the dial, and the entire dial was completely integrated, pure and gentle.