Conway Kai Commented On The World’s First Chinese Lunar Watch

Swiss clocks and China are in a period of love like glue, it is not difficult to understand why Blancpain will launch a Chinese Lunar Watch specifically for China this year, which stimulates sensitive Chinese nerves. It is said that those who are in love are irrational and do not know whether the Chinese consumer watches are sensible.
This website talks to Conway Kai
Lao people buy watches and invest lightly
Q: The Chinese watch market is particularly frenzied now. What suggestions do you have?
A: The Chinese market is very strong now, and all brands use all their ideas and ideas to cater to the Chinese market. Blancpain this year launched the first watch in human history that can completely display the Chinese lunar calendar. Of course, it has not yet been made into a perpetual calendar for the lunar calendar. This is technically more difficult to implement, but at least this direction is good. It is even said that the Swiss help the Chinese to rethink the significance of their own national calendar.

Blancpain world’s first Chinese calendar
Many Chinese media found in the Blancpain briefing that anyone wearing this watch, if there is a new born in their home, do not need to find a fortune teller to count the birth date of the child, this watch will show this The child’s birthday is a horoscope, and then he can determine for himself whether the child’s name is a complete set of five elements, and there is no need to adjust the name. This is the common interpretation of a watch by China and the West, which expands the significance of the existence of this new watch.
In the second half of this year, I had a strategic idea in the watch and clock media, that is, before the Chinese buy a watch, they should first think about a problem and split the consumption of famous watches into pleasant consumption and investment consumption. Because at present, Chinese people buy a watch with heavy investment and are light-hearted. It may be that their wealth is a year or even a few years of savings when buying a watch, and when buying this watch, they care too much about the disability of the watch after use. The existence of value is actually the so-called value preservation discussion. Excessive care about residual values ​​is actually a manifestation of poverty. On the one hand, it integrates all the means and attempts of humans to achieve perfection in the micro world. Good watches or distinctive watches have their unique places and have it. Your own special temperament. If you are touched by this temperament and you can afford the price of this watch, buying a watch is a kind of pleasant consumption.
For the Chinese market at present, brands that generally belong to Yiqing consumption, that is, brands such as Tissot, Mido, and Longines, but because of the increasing accumulation of social wealth, the market front has become very long. Some people even buy a Patek Philippe is a kind of consumption, and most people buy Patek Philippe are investment consumption. In the future, China’s horological consumer market cannot just focus on investment and ignore the beauty and quality of the watch itself. Because if only the investment is emphasized, people will pay attention to those brands that perform better in the auction market, and even the people who bought them still don’t understand what their brand’s technological characteristics, history, and style look like.
瑞 表 to open up the female market next
Q: Will this enthusiasm continue?
A: I do n’t know if it’s a coincidence or a special arrangement. Because the opening of this year’s watch is March 8th, there are so many women’s watches this year. It also illustrates the problem that the development of the women’s market is a current high-end Swiss watch brand consensus. Because women are more blind and impulsive when buying watches, their investment in consumption will also be larger, and many women watches are not necessarily sold by women themselves. The watch factory has already seen this, so a lot of women’s watches have been produced this year.
Q: What kind of female watch will be popular, diamond female watch or mechanical watch like men?
A: Previously, women focused on clothing and handbags. In recent years, more and more women have paid attention to watches and jewelry, and even some women have launched timing tools because of a certain fashion brand they love. Products, began to pay attention to watches, and thus out of control.
做 Watches for women, watch models can be more poetic. The women’s watches produced by Blancpain this year are all flowers and plants themed, showing their beauty. Patek Philippe not only produced some purely female watches, it also took some classic men’s complicated functional watches to feminize them. For example, the transition from 5140 to 7140, on the surface, is to reduce the table diameter and set an additional circle of diamonds. But in fact, women can also bring high-quality perpetual calendars, instead of saying that women’s watches are gold and diamonds, instead of emphasizing the function of the watch itself. Earlier Patek Philippe also timed out the calendar and asked three questions for the ladies. These are all for this woman who can understand and appreciate these sophisticated technologies and precision machinery.
Watch fashion trends
Q: Are there any obvious trends at Baselworld this year?
A: I think there is a trend this year that did not exist in previous years, that is, each watch factory is learning to use the existing technology, or the technology that they are proficient in, to tell a moving story or to create a moving concept. It’s not simply a tool that can time, but you can feel a certain kind of joy in your heart after wearing this watch. As if with a certain place and a certain type, in fact, it is still a lifestyle, and a certain trip has some connection. Now simply making a watch, and then just emphasizing how solid and precise this watch is, is no longer a particularly effective means of attracting consumption.
Q: During Geneva this year, you predicted the popular trend of small-size precious metal classics on Weibo, but at the Basel Watch Fair we still saw the watch size getting bigger and bigger.
A: The big watch has been hot for more than ten years, and it is no longer a trend. I think that as the Chinese market gets stronger, the watch will remain unchanged or become smaller. Because big watches are mainly worn by Europeans and Americans, I really have n’t seen too many Chinese men or women of ordinary stature. Wearing a watch with a size of 40 mm or more makes it feel like wearing a watch. Very good match. All brands that are more in-depth and better sold in the Chinese market have larger sizes.
Q: This year we saw that many brands have launched watches with new materials. Have you changed your views on new materials?
A: It turned out that the emergence of many new materials last year was to cope with the rise in the price of precious metals. One year has passed and the prices of precious metals have not fallen. Therefore, there are still a lot of new materials this year. The new material has a very clear direction, one is ceramic, and the other is carbon fiber, or carbon-like things. Ceramics are very abrasion-resistant, so if you wear a stainless steel watch or a gold watch, this watch will easily be worn out, and it can be spent in a very regular state in the first three months of wearing. Then it will continue to be spent for many years in the future. If you do re-polishing, it will be worn again in two days, but it will be bright for ceramics until you don’t want to wear this watch.
Of course, ceramics has a weak point that it is fragile. It really can’t help falling from a height of more than 1.5 meters to the ground of concrete or stone material, which will cause great damage to it. However, as long as ceramics are not dropped, it is a material that can last a long time. And wearing it in summer, it will not feel as dreary and hot as wearing a leather strap. In addition, ceramics can be processed in many colors. Can make more color on the wrist.
1717th trip to Switzerland
Q: You also said on Weibo that this is the 17th trip to Switzerland. What kind of state has you entered into the watch industry from the beginning of work to the present?
A: I have been a professional watch editor for nine years. As I have come to Switzerland more and more, I have become more familiar and familiar with Switzerland. Now I will go more and feel carefully why this country will become the center of world watch. Those deep reasons, then thinking about why there is still a certain gap between the national watchmaking industry in China. Some gaps are not limited to fineness and craftsmanship. There are gaps from the beginning of design and what a watch wants to express. This is more like a mentality.
Another obvious feature now is that there are more and more Chinese people, and this is a good thing.
话题 The topic of luxury is a very hot topic in China. Different people hold different purposes to stir up the confusion in this field. As long as it can set up a relatively empty topic, it can attract people’s attention. As a result, many so-called benchmark figures were born in the luxury industry.
The significance of this watch exhibition is that as a large number of Chinese people come to watch the exhibition, more and more Chinese people come to the world’s top watch exhibitions to understand what the real significance of luxury goods is. The more people come, the closer the information brought to the country will be objective. Unlike when I first came to Switzerland in 2004, there were only seven people representing China at the time. What do the seven people go back to say and the seven hundred people go back to say which one is closer to the objective? Many people come to this advantage. And now the official media is becoming more and more enthusiastic about the Basel Watch Fair, including the Geneva Motor Show, and there will be very fast reports on the two sets of CCTV financial channels, which are different from before.