Classic Pattern Watch Chant Wrist Design Essence

Nowadays, a watch is not just a timer, it is also an accessory. Therefore, the design of various elements makes the watch icing on the cake, while warming the wrist, it also adds feminine beauty.
Paris Mercury MATZO PARIS

The unique swirl galaxy pattern of Grand Mercure Paris originated from the Big Bang conjecture. The designer’s color image of the spiral galaxy has evolved into a nine-color pattern with a certain regularity through the rules of form beauty, and derived from it. The patterns are constantly compared, merged, and transformed into the exclusive pattern of the Mercure Paris Nebula. Such a proprietary spiral galaxy element is extremely rare in the design of a watch. The designer of the Grand Mercury MATZO PRIS in Paris first tried to develop a series of spiral galaxies with aerospace elements in many details throughout the entire surface, reflecting the concept of aviation everywhere. .
Breguet Plume High Jewellery Watch

Feathers not only represent warmth, but also a festive atmosphere. The Breguet Plume series has created this fantastic miracle! The 18K white gold watch is paired with ruby, the joy brought by red and feather-light jewelry , Freeze the woman’s most charming moment. There is no doubt that in 2013, the feather element will definitely become an important element of the trend vane.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Elegant Diamond Watch

The flower pattern is a classic element that is constant forever whether it is used in jewellery design or watch design. The Jaeger-LeCoultre date series watch uses flowers as design elements, but the significance of the watch has already exceeded the meaning of flowers. The diamond rose painted with snowflake inlays exudes a charming fragrance under the flow of time. This dial full of diamonds and surprises is more elegant and fresh with the juan strap.

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