Citizen Becomes Shanghai Disney Resort Official Timepiece

Citizen and Shanghai Disney Resort recently announced that Citizen will become the official timepiece of Shanghai Disney Resort.

 Driven by this new cooperation, Citizen will be presented at the Shanghai Disney Resort, a world-class holiday destination, and the resort will also be linked to Citizen, a world-renowned watch brand.
 The long-term cooperation between the two parties includes that the Citizen brand will appear on the clock at the old station store on Mickey Avenue. In addition, Citizen will have brand presentations on designated clocks and waiting time display signs at various tourist service centers in the park.
 Guo Weicheng, general manager of Shanghai Disney Resort, said: ‘This alliance will connect two companies committed to excellence, and we are very happy that tourists will have the opportunity to see Citizen, an internationally renowned brand in the park.’
 This partnership is part of the Citizen and Disney Global Alliance, which has previously announced that it is the official timepiece for the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California and the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. In addition, Citizen will also receive Disney Music Group’s global music licensing opportunities, sponsor a series of classic concerts hosted by Disney in Japan, as well as the five-minute Marvel Story 2018 and Marvel official website (Marvel) being developed and produced by Marvel New Media Creative Space .com).
 In addition to becoming the official timepiece of the Disneyland Resort, the Walt Disney World Resort and the Shanghai Disney Resort, Citizen will also be the official Disneyland Resort in Paris and the Hong Kong Disney Resort in Lantau Island, Hong Kong, China. Timepiece.
 ‘Citizen and Disney are world-renowned brands. We tirelessly pursue details and quality to create magic,’ said Tokura Tokuo, chairman and president of Citizen Timepieces. ‘These two companies with a long history have established a global presence. Alliance relations are a natural step. ‘