Chronometre Fb 1 Night Star (Late Night Star): Donated Timepiece For The ‘only Watch’ Charity Auction

Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud precision timepiece brand participated in the ‘Only Watch’ charity auction for the first time. The brand donated to the eighth grand event a lone masterpiece created for this auction: the Chronomètre FB 1 precision timepiece series ‘Night Star’.

   This watch will be auctioned by Christie’s in Geneva on November 9, 2019 to fund the Duchenne Muscular Atrophy Association to support research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy. There is no cure.

   The FB 1 precision timepiece ‘Night Star’ is equipped with a sand-blasted dark gray ceramic titanium case. This ceramification treatment makes titanium gold four times stronger than traditional titanium metal, while giving it a unique appearance.
   The design highlights of this orphan watch focus on subtle color contrasts. This is the first Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud precision timepiece brand to create a watch with Super-LumiNova luminous coated hands and numerals. The intentional choice of white fluorescent materials is to make a clear and powerful contrast with the dark and dark tones of the appearance parts, like the starlight flickering in the middle of the night.

   According to historical records, the star is an indicator for the navigator to determine the ship’s positioning at sea, and this is also reminiscent of the FB 1 series’ creative inspiration. It was the source-made watch master Ferdinand Berthoud in order to measure Precision marine clock made by longitude at sea.
   Investigating its symbolic significance, the white Super-LumiNova luminous coating symbolizes hope, hoping to successfully find a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

   The black ceramic crown inlay perfectly matches the black grained dial. This dial’s retouching treatment also appears on the latest models launched by our factory recently. Chronomètre FB 1 precision chronometer “Night Star” watch is equipped with three chamfered and polished transparent sapphire crystal half-splints on the bottom side of the watch, which allows you to see the entire black rhodium-plated balance cone – sesame chain movement and its movement. Drive the seconds tourbillon directly.

   Since its launch in 2005, the ‘Only Watch’ charity auction has raised more than 40 million Swiss francs, thanks to the unique timepieces donated by major brands to the association for auction sales. As a result, the Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud precision timepiece brand has once again established the Chopard Group’s unwavering determination since participating in this charity for the first time.
   ‘We are very honored to support this philanthropy and to fund this scientific research that still affects so many children and adults’ health,’ said Karl-Frederick, Chopard Co-President and Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud Precision Timepiece Brand Chairman Karl-Friedrich Scheufele explained: ‘This long-standing commitment allows us to develop unique masterpieces of bold innovation. The crystals obtained through long-term aesthetic and technical research have a strong, bold and decisive style. It will exceed the imagination and expectations of collectors. The Chronomètre FB 1 precision timepiece series ‘Night Star’ is born under such a vision. This concept allows us to present an aesthetic style that is unique, noble and different from A lone masterpiece of our traditional watch. ‘