Bulgari’s Classic Presentation And Exhibition Unit Hua Cai Kicks Off Wu Yifan, Zheng Xiuwen, Feng Delun Together Dazzling Light And Shadow Charm

[Shanghai, June 19, 2018] The ‘Bulgari Classic Presentation: Happy and Romantic’ exhibition unit jointly launched by Bvlgari and the Shanghai International Film Festival, will be opened in the new Shanghai Bulgari Renaissance Huacai opened. The opening party was held in the Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce Building-this is the place where the most influential business organizations and social celebrities gathered in the past. After careful restoration, it became part of the Bulgari Hotel Shanghai. Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin, Bulgari Greater China Managing Director Kolia Neveux, Bulgari Global Brand Spokesman Wu Yifan, singer And actor Zheng Xiuwen, director and actor Feng Delun, many celebrities, celebrities from all walks of life, global media together, in this century-old historical building, feel the Italian style and film aesthetics from the century-old classic.

Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin and Bulgari’s global brand spokesperson Wu Yifan

  Stars gathered at the scene. Bvlgari global brand spokesman Wu Yifan made a surprise appearance, wearing a Bvlgari antique collection series of gold coins necklace and gold watch, with a gentleman suit full of personality, as if to take us back to the ‘light and shadow’ Italian-style years. Singer and actor Zheng Xiuwen uses a sexy look with a Bulgari Serpenti high jewelry necklace, showing charming Italian style in the details. The director and actor Feng Delun easily dressed up with the Bulgari Octo Finissimo watch, showing a gentle gentlemanly style, showing classic Italian charm.

Wu Yifan, Bvlgari global brand spokesperson

Singer and Actor Sammi Cheng

Director and actor Feng Delun

  The opening party was also attended by actor Yuan Shanshan, actor Jiang Mengjie, singer Yuan Yawei, model Chen Biyi, model and actor Chen Ran, and many celebrities dressed up to spend their Italian-style time.

Actor Yuan Shanshan

Actor Jiang Mengjie

  The party scene was full of light and shadows. Bvlgari decorated the neon phantom with the bold colors of the jewelry, creating an Italian passionate atmosphere. Coupled with the dress theme of white dresses, the guests were immersed in colorful colors and felt the shocking beauty brought by Bulgari as the ‘master of colored gems’. Italian jazz male singer Matteo Brancaleoni and the band brought a fascinating and exciting performance, setting off a party climax; soul singer Yuan Yawei sings charm and sings this Italian light and shadow night with passion.

Singer Yuan Yawei

  The ‘Bulgari Classic Presentation: Happy and Romantic’ exhibition unit includes five classic films: ‘Big People on Our Lady Street’, ‘Italian Divorce’, ‘Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow’, ‘Italian Marriage’ and ‘Handsome Antonio ‘. Whether it is the witty humor of ‘Stupid flying all over the sky’, the light and shadow style with a period color, or the charm of luxurious and fashionable characters, the five films show the Italian people’s pursuit of a better life. Although they are all in the form of comedy, they have different forms of expression, either black and white, or color, or coherent plot, or paragraph telling, highlighting the diverse and innovative artistic aesthetics of Italian cinema, expressing rich humanistic connotations.
  Bulgari’s colorful and bold style witnessed the birth of classic scenes. Movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Roland, Shu Qi, Isabel Hupper, Adrian Brody, Natalie Portman, and Elisica Vichand wear jewellery, Watch, showing the indulgent Italian style in the movie. Today, Bulgari’s unique Italian fashion aesthetics shine across the time and space. The gorgeous, charming, full of color and light of Bulgari’s works are accompanied by many stars shining brightly inside and outside the screen, showing the free and lively attitude of Italy. The brilliant spark of Chinese and Italian film culture.

Chen Bichen

Model and Actor Chen Ran

  To appreciate the glory of the times between the interlacing of film and fashion, Bvlgari and the Shanghai International Film Festival launched the ‘Bulgari Classic Presentation: Happy and Romantic’ exhibition unit, and continued to write about film love again, dedicated to promoting the development of film art, The beauty of huacai conveys the classic beauty of Italian cinema.