Blancpain’s Aesthetic Paintings On The Dial

At first, the watch was only a tool for checking time. When the technology developed to a relatively mature stage, it was given aesthetic significance. As a long-established luxury watch brand, Blancpain was born in 1735 and is one of the best witnesses of watch aesthetics from scratch.

   Blancpain has a wealth of watch technology and technology reserves, such as the most traditional enamel, metal engraving technology, or the rare Damascus gold setting and red copper technology on the dial, which are part of the realization of watch aesthetics. The other link is the aesthetic concept formed by Blancpain’s profound cultural heritage for nearly 300 years-the right to speak in the field of watch aesthetics is in the hands of very few real creators. Can be obtained by imitation learning. So, what kind of aesthetics is advanced? Blancpain is known as ‘the founder of classic timepieces’. What kind of works are eligible for the honor of ‘classic’? Let us appreciate several representative wristwatches of Blancpain in recent years Table works to peek at one or two.

   As an industry-renowned manufacturer of advanced complex mechanical watches, Blancpain is one of the very few brands in the world that can complete all the design, research, development, manufacturing, assembly, and sales on its own. So in the field of watch aesthetics, Blancpain also believes that a true creator must have excellent original ability.
   Taking this Villeret classic series cherry blossom watch introduced at the Baselworld 2016 as an example, Blancpain uses a flat tire enamel process to outline the supposedly arc-shaped shape with an angular and pentagonal gold pentagon outline. The petals of cherry blossoms are filled with enamel and micro-painted enamel at the same time, so that the white of the petals and the red of the flower stamens and the divergent shape of the flower staves are used to restore the true cherry blossoms. After the two different processing methods are merged, it is beyond the scope of Lintong, showing a very vivid and interesting effect, people can not help but imagine that the cherry blossoms planted by Blancpain really look like this.

   Blancpain’s ingenuity doesn’t stop there. The background of the cherry blossom is set to a black agate base. Like a finishing touch, Blancpain uses laser technology to engrav the black agate into cracked lines. Modern laser technology and traditional enamel technology are simultaneously used. Used on a dial, this is Blancpain, adhering to the traditional style of ‘innovation is tradition’, highly recognizable.
   Classic paintings are something that can be presented on a dial. But it is not that moving famous paintings to the dial can bring added value to the watch. The first is the choice of paintings. Too famous paintings, transplanted to the dial, may seem utilitarian, which is not in line with Blancpain’s low-key personality. The second is the method of transplantation. The dial has its unique aesthetic space. Its shape, size, material, and other factors, when combined with existing paintings, will definitely collide with fresh sparks. This requires the creator to understand the watch on the one hand, and to have a deep understanding of the painting on the other.
   It is also the Villeret classic series wave watch launched at the Basel 2016. The dial pattern is inspired by the Japanese ukiyo painter Katsushika
(Hokusai) ‘s famous woodblock print ‘Kanagawa Chong Langlang’.

   The original work depicts the tumbling waves of a raging sea off Kanagawa, and the fishing boat bumps up and down in the waves. The picture has a low viewpoint, and the lines are full of tension. The most distinctive feature is the eagle-claw-shaped wave tip, making viewers worried that the fishing boat will be carried away by the huge waves.
   Blancpain refined the visual center ‘Eagle Claw Wave’ in the painting, and then recomposed it to meet the aesthetic purpose of the round dial. When making the dial, Blancpain first fixed the platinum giant wave-engraved parts on the red copper base material, and then immersed it in the 瀛 rokushō patina, creating a unique green-grey color for the waves. At the same time, part of the spray is polished to enhance the texture of the giant waves when the frame is stopped. Finally, the entire platinum giant wave is engraved and fixed on the Mexican vermiculite. This series of steps perfectly creates the visual beauty of “seeing in motion”, which complements the mysterious dial with changing colors. This makes the Blancpain Wave, which was born from a famous painting, have the amazing beauty that even surpasses the original, it is convincing.

   Chinese culture has a long history and great breadth, but there are few watches with the theme of Chinese civilization. Blancpain’s Chinese calendar watch combines the lunar calendar of the dual-track calendar with the Gregorian calendar of the single-track calendar. For the first time in history, the traditional Chinese ‘Yin-Yang Branch’ calendar, the Gregorian calendar, and the moon phase display are perfectly presented on the dial. Above. And Liang Zhu theme series watches, the world has shown the endless possibilities of dial painting. For Chinese watch lovers, being able to appreciate authentic Chinese painting on top mechanical watches is undoubtedly the most luxurious enjoyment.

   In order to recreate the artistic conception of Chinese painting, Blancpain’s enamel masters studied with great care and began numerous attempts from the enamel raw material stage, and finally formulated the enamel with the most ink and color. Admire the details of the paintings from a close distance. The elegant colors, delicate figures, and harmonious scene composition make it difficult to imagine. These lifelike Chinese-themed enamel paintings on the square-shaped disk are actually produced by distant Swiss masters.

   After mastering the techniques of Chinese painting, the master of enamel did not stay at the stage of visual aesthetics. Instead, he challenged the more difficult narrative effect, realized the content of the story, and then read the key scene of Liang Zhu’s legend, the grass bridge worship, and read with his classmates , Eighteenth phase sending, the meeting of the platform, and Huabibiyi tell one by one. Since then, this set of themed watches has jumped out of the narrow watch field and became a real work of art.