Baby-g Leopard Exclusive Charming Leopard X Fashion Design

BABY-G with the brand spirit of Tough & Cute shows the charm of autumn and winter fashion personality. In September 2015, it launched the new BA-120LP Leopard series. Continuing the BA-120 series from the BABY-G hot-selling watch model BA-110, the 46mm large diameter diameter that has been popular with girls in recent years is adopted, with a sexy and never-fever autumn and winter essential element-leopard For the concept design, the leopard print spots are perfectly transferred on the dial. Unlike the cool and playful style of spring and summer, the BA-120LP Leopard series of leopard prints will fully show the wild and charming charm in autumn and winter this year.
BA-120LP image photo

   The BA-120LP Leopard Leopard series has 4 color choices. In addition to the basic essential black personality, black silver, and simple fashion gold x coffee, there is also a calm ocean blue and youthful lively colorful styles.



   The sleek black strap with black and silver leopard print totem, bright blue embellishment in the center of the hands, low-key yet strong and sexy; and the stylish gold dial with the wild leopard coffee leopard print, fully shows the simple and stylish modern atmosphere ; The ocean blue style combines the quiet and restrained of the deep blue, letting the coexistence of calmness and calmness, make the eyes bright; another bright white strap with youthful and lively, kaleidoscope-like colorful leopard totem It adds a touch of childishness to the cold autumn and winter. In addition to the pointer display, the watch is designed with 6- and 9-hour liquid crystal display functions such as seconds, date, and day. It has an impact-resistant structure, waterproof 100 meters, magnetic resistance, 1/100 stopwatch, countdown, world Time, daily alarm … and many more.