Athens Watch Proudly-with Enamel Technology And Un-118 Movement

Athens watch sailing alone, proud of the heroes-with enamel technology and UN-118 movement, perfectly show the art of watchmaking and excellent precision.
   Since the rise of international trade in the 19th century, Athenaeum has been committed to the creation and development of nautical observatory timepieces, so that captains and their valuable cargo can always maintain precise voyages. The UN-118 movement has been continuously improved since it was first introduced in 2011, and has become the core of the design of 2012 marine astronomical watches.

   The diameter of the new Marine Observatory Watch has been expanded to 45 mm, the newly designed crown is easy to operate, and the rubber dents make the winding more comfortable. In addition, the new ‘Marine Observatory Watch’ has even more enviable innovations-for example, the dial adopts the exquisite enamel dial hand-made by the globally recognized enamel dial expert and the latest watch of the Athens Watch Group Donzé Cadrans.
   Mastering this exquisite and complex enamel decoration process depends entirely on the personal acuity and daily practice of the craft master. The superb craftsmanship that has been handed down for centuries is astonishingly brilliant on Athens watches. The dial of the Nautical Observatory Watch is beautiful and dazzling. The black Roman numerals and rough cherry red complement the white background color, showing an intuitive and interesting style. The bezel in 18K rose gold reinforces the precision of the timepiece.
   The UN-118 movement further reflects the imagination of the Athenian watch in the field of watchmaking. This self-winding movement is entirely conceived and manufactured by the Athenian watch and is now used in the Marine Observatory Watch. This movement continues to advance the use of new materials and technologies by Athenian watches.

   The standard anchor escapement in the UN-118 movement is made using the unique DiamonSil (the perfect synthesis of diamond silicon crystal, synthetic diamond and silicon) of the Athenian watch, and has promoted innovative cooperation with Sigatec. The UN-118 movement proves the perfect fusion of etching technology between silicon and diamond-coated silicon (DCS), becoming the first innovative series machine to accommodate DiamonSil anchor escapement, Athens own balance and patented balance spring Core one.

   The movement has an excellent 60-hour kinetic energy reserve display, an oversized small seconds indicator, and a date at 6 o’clock. It also has the ‘Quick Set’ feature that Athenaeum prides itself on, allowing you to quickly adjust the date forward / backward.
  The ‘Marine Observatory Watch’ 18K rose gold model is limited to 350 pieces worldwide; you can also choose a non-limited edition: including a two-tone titanium case with a gold bezel and crown, and a stainless steel / titanium case.

   From enamel art to precision manufacturing and design, Athenaeum showcases the perfect combination of art and innovation through the ‘Navigation Observatory Watch’, leading the company to sail in a maverick way, and to stand out from the crowd.