Aristocratic Logo Watch Breguet Precious Metal Thread Mechanical Watch Appreciation

Breguet watches have always been called ‘the father of modern watchmaking’ and ‘the king of watches’, which shows their popularity and status in the watch industry. Mr. Breguet devoted his whole life to the watch industry, and finally developed the classic watch technology inherited from the world. All this is reflected in his Breguet watch. Let us enjoy a Breguet Aristocratic watch, watch everyone style.
 Breguet Heritage 5817BA / 12 / 9V8

 The regular Roman numerals on the dial highlight men’s domineering, and the blue fish-eye pointer reveals the classic beauty. Rigid and soft, presumably the man wearing this section must also be a temperament gentleman. Unlike ordinary heavy metals, it is not comparable to artificial decoration, but has two different moods. From the side, 18K rose gold case is carved with delicate coin patterns on both sides, which shows the noble temperament of the noble. The decoration of this pattern is also a major feature of Breguet.

 The crown is in line with Breguet’s usual characteristics and uses a LOGO design. The small buttons on the top are the start and end of the timing, and the buttons on the bottom are the zero return. The division of the three crowns is clear, which is convenient and flexible to use. A brown alligator strap with a folding clasp. When the clasp is closed on the wrist, the classic Breguet logo will appear, allowing the wearer to always feel the special identity given to you by the brand. The large date display at 6 o’clock reveals that the dial is engraved with exquisite threads, which shows that Breguet’s work pursues refinement and dignity.

 Summary: The more watch brands with a history of watchmaking, the more attention they will pay to watch making and uploading, but they also pay great attention to the innovation and integration of watch design, creating new highlights on the basis of traditional classics. Breguet also has this beautiful pursuit and yearning for the watch industry.
 Watch details reference: breguet / 5625 /