A Hublot ‘red Devil’ Watch Keeping Pace With The Times

A Hublot watch tailored for Manchester United players after the show was co-hosted by the ‘Earl Lord’ Ferguson and the brand director of Hublot China Louis Beaver. All donated to UNICEF to improve the lives of young people in backward regions of the world. When the football stars took off Manchester United’s Red Devils jersey, they wore Paul Smith’s classic suits and sweaters, and they looked like they were decent and polite. Although there are details of the laughing field and eyes moving around, the players raised their hands on the runway to show the Hublot movements are in place. Lingard and Maceda even bent over to the camera to sell adorable, and the Chinese children in Tang suits and the stars walked on the show together became a big point of the scene. As the finale model, ‘Grand Lord’ Ferguson humbly walked halfway the runway before returning, and gave a good evaluation of the players’ catwalk, and revealed: ‘We did go through a difficult walk training. ‘
Many people know Hublot because of its combination with sports. Why did you choose this field? What criteria does Hublot have when choosing different sports?
Ricardo Guadalupe (Global Hublot CEO): The relationship between Hublot and sports actually began at the moment of its birth. Because HUBLOT means ‘porthole’ in French, sports is also an integral part of our life, and it is a channel that allows Hublot to be very close to consumers. Other brands may only play sports such as tennis, but Hublot is different. We will cooperate with these projects in many ways. Our target consumers are all elites in various industries. They have their own preferences. Some like sailing. We will cooperate with Monaco to launch our sailing projects. Some like F1 racing, we will also get involved in racing projects. In terms of football, we also have cooperation with the European Cup and Manchester United; of course, skiing and the like … When these customer groups have different interests, we cooperate with various projects to increase their opportunities and channels to contact our brand. And it turns out that such a concept is very successful.
I wonder if this multifaceted cooperation will distract consumers and reduce their attention to Hublot?
Ricardo Guadalupe: Nowadays people’s vision is more open-minded and their hobbies are broader. Today’s modern people are involved in many sports and have a wide range of hobbies, so our cooperation with various sports can bring us in touch To more customer groups. Even if some customers do not have the ability to buy Hublot, we are still willing to pass on our brand information to them. Maybe some people are still young, but they know that Hublot is a very good, individual and avant-garde wrist. Watch brands will have a concept in their minds in the future and become their dream. They will buy our products when they have the ability in the future. At the same time, we hope that through various aspects of cooperation, such as cooperation with Ferrari and other sports, we want to convey a concept to a wide range of markets and consumers that the success of our brand is not the only success in the market, we are also the same in quality With persevering pursuit, we have our own research and development of new materials, and will continue to launch our own movements developed and produced by ourselves. This is a message we hope to convey to our broad market through various aspects of sports.
But Chinese people always have a bottleneck in sports watch consumption. Most people still prefer more traditional watches. Will you deliberately break through this bottleneck?
Ricardo Guadalupe: We firmly believe in Hublot’s own core values ​​and overall strategy, so we will not make special changes to a particular market. We believe that our past successes will continue to work on the brand’s major series based on past successes.
The ‘British football giant’ Manchester United and Hublot have reached the fourth year of cooperation. Hublot has officially become Manchester United’s ‘Official Timer’ since 2008, and has launched three named after the ‘Red Devil’ Limited edition watch. The ‘Three Generations of Red Devils’ exhibited before the show also attracted a lot of attention. Compared to the ‘Red Devil’ and ‘Red Devil’, this watch has undergone subversive reforms in both appearance and materials. The hollow design of the dial allows the wearer to see the movement of the movement. Two eye-catching straight hands in the center are easy to read. One of the hands is specially designed for football matches. It is clearly timed with the white Arabic numerals on the inner bezel for 45 minutes. Halftime. For the previous two models, the 45-minute timepiece was displayed at 9 o’clock with a small dial. The grass-green scale indicating the time is another highlight. It is amazing that these 12 scales are made from real grass leaves on Old Trafford lawn and sealed in transparent lacquer through special treatment such as ultraviolet rays and freezing. Success, this ingenious design is estimated to make all Manchester United fans crazy. The famous ‘Red Devil’ pattern at three o’clock is a lineage of the iconic conventions of this series of watches, injecting a sense of rebellion in the atmosphere of British rock and roll. Quite visual impact.