9102 Years, Rolex’s Myth Should Be Broken (二)

Little Elephant Pigeon has written a professional article for everyone, and has picked up two stars. This kind of lazy behavior means deep guilt. So today, finally, I am more literate (beating people but not humiliating). In the last issue, after hammering the three myths of Rolex hard, one fan commented that Rolex, as a watch brand with excellent quality, has always maintained innovation and Your original intention: Quality comes first. There is no denying that the Rolex is good, but blowing it too much is not advisable. The group is still very annoying on the bezel. Rolex has no history of black water ghosts today will be a few other Rolex myths blown into the sky, continue hammering! Myth 4: 904L steel is known to be supreme. The steel used in watches is the most commonly used 316L steel, while Rolex uses 904L steel. So what is 316L steel and what is 904L steel? Why use 316L instead of Rolex? 904L and 316L are both American names for steel models, which are the standard steel numbers of the ‘American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM)’. 904L, 316L material comparison According to the composition comparison chart, we can see that the amount of each metal element in these two types of steel is basically the same. However, the alloy content of 904L steel: nickel, chromium, molybdenum is 1.6 times higher than 316L steel, and 904L steel has more copper elements. Rockwell strength (HRB) of both steels is ≤95, so there is almost no difference in strength and hardness between the two steels. But because of the higher alloy content of 904L steel and the addition of a small amount of copper, 904L steel is much stronger in corrosion resistance and wear resistance than 316L. At the same time, it also causes the weight to be heavier than 316L and has a heavier feel under the same volume (fitting with the Rolex temperament). 904L steel 316 steel also has a name called medical steel, which is widely used in the food and medical industries. 316 steel is not easy to allergic to metal allergies. 904L refers to an ultra-low carbon super austenitic stainless steel, which is commonly used in high-tech, aerospace and chemical industries, and is also the main application material for petrochemical equipment reactors, sulfuric acid storage, seawater processors and other applications. 904L steel In general, 316L steel completely meets our daily needs, no one will throw the watch into sulfuric acid, right? Even when it comes to seawater, it is corrosive, and 316L steel is enough. And 316 is less sensitising. And 904L, as industrial steel, is just a little more resistant to corrosion. For the average consumer, there is little real value. Rolex deserves to be the master of marketing in the watch industry (the set of water ghosts and Lukindi is a model). I personally think that the main purpose of 904L steel is for marketing. As the mainstay of the Swiss watchmaking industry, Rolex has always sought to be different. Functionally, it’s on the shell. Myth 5: All In-house Rolex watches are all In-house (self-produced)? Sorry, absolutely impossible. Rolex official propaganda is ‘from the casting of gold alloys to the processing, grinding, assembly and decoration of movements, cases, dials and straps, all important parts of Rolex watches are fully designed and developed by Rolex.’ Rolex 3255 since Make a movement and play a word game. He said all the important parts, so what’s not important? The Swiss watch industry has always had a very clear division of labor. Until eta was monopolized, Switzerland had maintained a stable production line. The division of labor is clear for gem-making, glass, case, movement parts, and assembly. Although the status quo has changed, Rolex has also acquired its own movement factory (Aegler). However, artificial Jewels and sapphire crystals from Rolex movements are produced by professional Swiss manufacturers. In order to avoid being sprayed, blue niobium hairsprings, plus, Rolex is also the only Swiss watch brand that can mass-produce alloy hairsprings in addition to the Nivarox plant. Myth 6: Only the self-produced movement is going to die! Not only have used other people’s movements, but also provided movements for others! Baidu search results are directly from Baidu Rolex’s self-produced movements, which are basically the results. How many people have been deceived by this result, gosh. Around 1986, Rolex did not have its own stable chronograph movement, and did not want to use the eta7750. In the same period, Zenith already has its own El Primero and is extremely popular, stable and high-end. Zenith El Primero, so Rolex purchased Zenith and installed the movement on its own Daytona model. Replace half of the parts and reduce the frequency to 28800. It became the Rolex 4030 movement (it is a modified version of Zenith). Rolex 4030 movement Until around 2000, Rolex really had its own chronograph movement 4130. Rolex 4130 movement strictly speaking, 4030 does not belong to Rolex’s own movement, 4130 is. The Rolex 5055 quartz movement is also the Rolex quartz watch that we mentioned in the last issue of Rolex. Before Rolex 5055 movement. Omega launched the Beta22 movement, which produced up to 12,000 pieces. At that time, Rolex purchased 650 of them from Omega, so Rolex also used Omega movements. Omega BETA22 quartz movement Rolex and Omega have such a past, it is also rare. . . This is the end of this series of Rolex myths. Once again, Rolex’s strength is indeed eye-catching. Later, it will also explain Rolex’s innovative actions. Blow high and fall badly, don’t try to kill a brand. I hope that the fat friends who have finished watching have a deeper understanding of Rolex. Disclaimer: This article is an original work of the author and represents the author’s opinion only. Baby Elephant Talking Watch Expertise Sharing Dedicated to the Spread of Watches and Clocks Today Editor | Editor: Baby Elephant Talking Watch