5 Points To See Why Women Fall In Love With Mechanical Watches

With the increasing status of women, machinery can meet the tastes of big women. In addition, female white-collar workers have demand for complicated watches such as dual-time and dual-tracking needles in their lives and work.

1, machinery can meet the taste of big women.
Hublot Big Bang White Caviar Table
Movement: HUB1112 automatic movement
The Hublot BIG BANG white caviar watch is a major representative of its ceramic field. Ceramic is a perfect watchmaking material, 30% lighter than steel, 100% scratch resistant, 100% sensitive, 100% rugged and rust resistant. Big Bang white caviar is entirely made of ceramic, even the crown and dial are also made of ceramic. It is refreshing that it is inlaid with ceramics in a diamond setting, starting from the middle of the dial, arranged in a radioactive, regular and dazzling manner. I have tried to take photos with ordinary cameras, but no matter what angle I can take their original look, they are too blurry, or the difference between the effect and sight is too large, it is because the luster emitted is too dazzling, ordinary pixels No longer controllable. It is rich in the Zen concept of ‘invisible and visible’, making full use of embossing, square diamond cutting, polishing and other processes, even the light between this square is suddenly delicate.

2. Mechanical is more connotative than quartz watches.
La D de Dior Colour Women’s Watch
Movement: Zénith Elite manual winding movement
Total diamond weight is 1.53 carats, total sapphire weight is 1.13 carats, total weight of manganese garnet is 0.86 carats, total weight of pink sapphires is 0.82 carats, total weight of calasite is 0.74 carats, total weight of yellow sapphires is 0.64 carats, and total weight of Para.bas tourmaline 0.49 carats, 0.49 carats of spinel, 0.47 carats of rubies, 0.45 carats of emeralds, 0.39 carats of amethyst, and 0.26 carats of amethyst. Every hour you pass through a colored block of gems, the concept of rainbow time has been beautiful.

3. The art of mechanical operation and the art of appearance design are both aesthetics and important!
宝 玑 Petite Fleur watch
Movement: automatic winding movement 615
的 The diamond flower with large petals is not exaggerated at all, even appropriate. Under the hemispherical sapphire crystal engraved with the product serial number, the concave dial forms a bright flower bed. The flower bed uses snowflake inlay technology, and 141 diamonds shine. Diamonds of various sizes are cut and arranged one by one, completely hiding the white metal dial below. Breguet’s signature blue-steel pointed hollow hands are bent by hand to ensure that they fit the curved surface of the dial. In addition, the flange is properly buckled with 48 counter-set diamonds. Jewelry mechanical women’s watch, who cares about her?

4. Women’s watches with large diameter case are the trend, we are COOL LADY!
5, it’s time to challenge men’s playthings!
Roger Dubuis Velvet Watch
Movement: RD821 movement, which is manufactured, assembled and hand-modified by the watch factory.
Velvet watches are both reliable chronograph watches and fine jewellery. The rounded shape and gem setting of the watch make Velvet full of jewellery. The bezel is set with 66 diamonds (approximately 1.33 carats) and it shines with the strap with 196 diamonds (approximately 1.65 carats). The special square lugs on the top and bottom of the case are also inlaid with diamonds, forming a natural transition between the case and the strap. At the same time, it is reminiscent of the brand’s unique three-fork design.