Chopard Launches 2012 Mile Miglia Gmt Chronograph Watch

Chopard launched two Mile Miglia GMT chronograph watches in the 2012 Mile Miglia Antique Car Competition. The new watches are very suitable for racing, and the large scale circle is clear and easy to read. The self-winding movement provides a very useful dual time zone function. This watch has two limited editions, with a limited edition of 2012 in stainless steel and 250 in rose gold.
    From May 16th to 19th, Chopard sponsored the Mile Miglia Antique Car Competition and launched two new Mile Miglia GMT chronograph watches. Chopard sponsored the event in 1988 and launched the MileMiglia watch in the same year.
    The idea to develop a Mille Miglia chronograph was proposed by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, co-president of Chopard, a classic racing enthusiast. The design of the watch must be dynamic, and the movement needs to ensure accurate time movement during the game. In 1988, this idea had taken shape and laid the foundation for the birth of Chopard’s most iconic watch collection.
   The new Mille Miglia GMT 2012 chronograph is perfect for competitions, and its large scale circle is easy to read. The self-winding movement provides a very useful dual time zone function. This watch has two limited editions, with a limited edition of 2012 in stainless steel and 250 in rose gold.
   The 42.4 mm diameter watch is fitted with a polished crown protector and a natural rubber strap with 1960s Dunlop racing tire patterns. The case is decorated with the symbolic 1000 Miglia arrow logo and a limited edition engraving.

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Is It Literary Youth? Just Look At The Watch And You Will Know

It is said that in a stable social environment, culture has the opportunity to nurture and grow. Now, it must be a peaceful age in China. Therefore, culture has become extremely diverse, and literary youths are born. Take a look at the fashionable streets. There are so many people who have graffiti, wear co-designed clothes, and speak very well. However, not all literary youths are real literary and art, and they may have nothing to do. If you are a young literary artist, you have to look at the taste of TA. If you wear these watches, I think it is artistic.

NOMOS METRO Series 1104

Product Model: 1104
Domestic public price: ¥ 28000
Watch diameter: 35 mm
Case thickness: 8.06 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: DUW 3001
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: 733 7720 4057-07 5 21 02

Product Model: 01 733 7720 4057-07 5 21 02
Domestic public price: 13400
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details:
Product model: R27236112
Domestic public price: 17300
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: High-tech ceramics
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: rado / 58850 /
Watch comments: Although at present, the radar watch is not as hot as it used to be in China, it is undeniable that the radar watch is still a very dynamic brand. In the past two years, radar and designer collaboration watches, people deep impression. This watch is a style of cooperation between Radar and Polish designer OskarZieta. Its creativity lies in that the dial is a polished stainless steel disc, and the hands are mapped on the dial through the effect of light and shadow, which has a strong visual impact. When wearing such a watch, you will be amazed by the thinking contained in its special design, the intersection of time and light and shadow, life has more than one angle, and the watch is not just a face plate. Its design is not the fantasy of Tianma Starry Sky, but it is better than that.
Summary: Maybe you don’t have a good opinion of literary youth. They have outstanding personalities and dissent you at every turn. They have weird ideas, but they have strong creativity, know how to accommodate diverse knowledge and combine innovation. They are a very interesting group of people. However, is it true literature or not? Regardless of whether you wear a sweater, wide-leg pants and a small bracelet, a watch can sell you and make you successful.

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201314 ‘love You For A Lifetime,’ The New Innovative Bruner Watch

201314 ‘Love you for a lifetime’ is a memorable day. How many new couples have entered the palace of marriage, and we will remember this happy moment together. On this special day, there should be more memorable As a gift, I recommend the Mido Bruner series watch for everyone, and use it to record your wonderful moments.
     The Bruner series pair of watches uses the landmark Chrysler Building in New York as the source of design inspiration. As a masterpiece in the history of architecture, its steel structure, iron-clad appearance, streamlined contours, and towering spire design all give it shocking power, making it In the history of nearly 100 years, Jie, who is the forest of the world’s architecture, is admired by everyone. This excellently designed building, which is almost perfect, has witnessed a century of history. No matter how the modern architectural style changes, it always has its classic status, which lasts as long as the emotion. This characteristic will not be destroyed by time, just as the true feelings will not be changed by time, and love will not fade away with the passage of time. At this moment of thanksgiving, Mido brought the new Bruner series rose gold diamond watch, which mixes the sound subtly and harmoniously: the movement has also become more precise, the movement of the machine is more rhythmic and powerful, giving people a timeless and The harmonious beauty played a ‘grateful heart’ on our wrists for our family, loved ones and friends to show our sincere gratitude.
Moment of Thanksgiving
     With the understanding of unique shape and aesthetics, the simple design and the pursuit of details, the Mido Bruner series of rose gold diamonds has created a unique work, like the emotions in the world. Although there are always similarities, each One is the purest expression from the heart. The silver dial is decorated with 12 carefully cut and polished diamond scales, as timeless as the most sincere emotion in the heart. The hour and minute hands wrapped in PVD rose gold show perfect cohesion and the scales complement each other, warming like the sun, protecting the eternal emotional light, as if confirming and chanting the lasting and immutable part in the alternation of time True love. Through the transparent back case, we can see the carefully carved movement and balance wheel of Mido, which accurately records the passage of time, as if telling a story of gratitude.
     Bruner series men’s watch 316L stainless steel with PVD rose gold case inherits the low-key geometric building structure popular in the 1930s. The simple appearance makes it visually more architectural tension. The bezel curve is harmonious and soft, the hands wrapped in rose gold mimic the spire of the building straight into the sky, piercingly pierce the New York skyline, and it is more agile and smooth under the sapphire mirror. The 12 high-quality diamonds that are carefully embedded in the dial symbolize the care and gratitude of your lover. Water-resistant to 100 meters, equipped with a COSC-certified astronomical automatic movement, making Mido go one step further in the field of astronomical-certified watches, providing a more accurate guarantee of the time, remembering the moments of gratitude.
     The gold case of the Bruner women’s watch is wrapped with a 33 mm diameter dial, just like the light reflected from the windows of the Chrysler Building, showing the modern artistic style of architecture. The stainless steel strap with folding buckle makes this diamond watch more elegant and feminine. The workmanship is exquisite and exquisite, reflecting the unique taste. The dial scale is decorated with 12 diamonds to represent the most precious thanks to your lover for the 12 months of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Appreciate the operation of the meticulously crafted movement engraved with the Mido logo, as if expressing the most true heart and the most sincere words to you in the most direct way.
     Bruner ladies movement ETA 2678 automatic mechanical movement, H4, diameter 7¾ ” ‘, Ø17.20 mm, thickness 5.35mm, 25 diamonds, 28,800 swings / hour, more than 38 hours power reserve, INCABLOC And NIVACOURBE anti-vibration system, NIVAFLEX NO mainspring, NIVAROX II balance wheel, hours, minutes, seconds, date and week display. The engraved movement is decorated with blue screws and the oscillating weight is engraved with the Mido logo. Five different orientation tests verify its travel time accuracy. Bezel 316L stainless steel with PVD rose gold, scratch-resistant sapphire mirror, spiral crown and back cover, transparent back and observable finely engraved movement is engraved with a serial number, water-resistant to 100 meters. The case diameter is 33 mm. Strap Stainless steel and gold strap with folding clasp. Dial The day circle and date circle are at 3 o’clock. Scale set with 12 diamonds for a total of 0.054 carats. Hands Diamonds polished. Retail price 8,700 RMB Bruna series men’s watch movement ETA 2836-2 is a COSC certified observatory mechanical movement, diameter 11½ ” ‘, Ø25.60 mm, thickness 5.05mm, 25 diamonds, swing 28,800 times / hour INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE anti-vibration system, NIVAFLEX NM mainspring, ANACHRON balance spring, RHODIE, GLUCYDUR balance. The engraved movement is decorated with blue screws and the rotor is engraved with the MIDO logo. Hours, minutes, seconds, date and week are displayed. Five different orientation tests verify the accuracy of its travel time, with a power reserve of more than 38 hours. Bezel 316L stainless steel with PVD rose gold, scratch-resistant sapphire mirror, spiral crown and back cover, transparent back, observable and engraved movement is engraved with an 8-digit serial number, water-resistant to 100 meters. The case diameter is 40 mm. Strap Stainless steel and gold strap with folding clasp. Dial The day circle and date circle are at 3 o’clock. Scale set with 12 diamonds for a total of 0.054 carats. Hands Diamonds polished. Retail Price 10,800RMB

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Masterpieces Of Timepieces With Complicated Craft Tasting Chopard L.U.C Series Tourbillon Watches With Large Complications

In 2010, in order to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Chopard, the brand launched the first LUCAll-in-One watch, equipped with many complicated functions, and equipped with the excellent LUC05.01-L. This watch is carefully crafted in accordance with the standards of the Geneva Seal, from research and development to manufacturing, from casting gold to components. At Baselworld this year, Chopard launched the new L.U.CAll-in-One watch, which combines the essence of large complex functions with the distinctive elegant aesthetic style of the L.U.C series, fully showing the brand’s superb watchmaking skills and style. This brand new watch has 14 complex functions in one, limited edition of 10 platinum and 10 18K rose gold, with the prestigious ‘Poinçon de Genève’ quality emblem. Let’s take a look at this brand new large complex tourbillon watch. (Watch model: 161925-5002)

Masterpieces of timepieces with complex craftsmanship

   This brand new complication tourbillon watch is equipped with the most complication features provided by the L.U.C series, embodying the brand’s originality. The 14 complex functions of the display system are set on both sides of the watch, which are the outstanding masterpieces of Chopard watchmaking. On the dial side, the large date perpetual calendar is displayed on it, the large date display window at 12 o’clock, the month display and leap year cycle display at 3 o’clock, the 24-hour and week display at 9 o’clock, and the 6 o’clock position. A delicate tourbillon reveals the bridge.

   On the bottom side of the table, the time equation, power reserve, and sunrise and sunset time display are balanced and aligned at the top, echoing the orbital astronomical moon phase display below. The entire model reflects the iconic watchmaking features and exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship of the Chopard L.U.C series, and it can be regarded as an excellent masterpiece of timepieces.

Dial function illustration

Table bottom function diagram

Watch real shot

   The case of the new timepiece is made of 18K rose gold, the bezel is polished by a polishing process, and the middle layer of the case is polished by vertical satin, showing two different visual perceptions, highlighting the charming luster unique to precious metals.

   The crown is also made of 18K rose gold. It is engraved with the L.U.C logo, and is surrounded by a non-slip texture. The feel is good and it is good for adjusting the time.

   The dial of the new watch is made of solid gold, and is exquisitely decorated with fine grains. After that, it is electroplated and colored. It is bold and distinctive with a gray-green case and rose gold case. The guilloché pattern radiates light from the large double date display at 12 o’clock, and the carefully modified details are resistant to deliberation.

   The large date perpetual calendar is displayed in the form of dual display windows and a sub-dial, and is equipped with a tourbillon below. All functions are highlighted on the finely carved dial in a generous and clear manner, showing the beauty of simplicity and balance.

   The time equation, power reserve, 24-hour day and night display, Geneva-based sunrise and sunset time display, and orbital astronomical moon phase display are located on the case back. This design can save disk space. The lunar phase display design is a classic watchmaking feature of the LUC series. Two concentric disks in the same starry sky background rotate at different speeds to reproduce the moon and its mechanism of how the sun shines, thereby displaying the moon phase trajectory. .

Alligator leather strap

   The new watch features a brown alligator leather strap lined with crocodile leather for added comfort.

Engraved ‘Poinçonde Genève’ quality emblem

   Equipped with L.U.C05.01-L manual-winding movement, consisting of 516 parts, and equipped with 4 barrels, it has a power reserve of up to 7 days. The movement is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) and is engraved with the famous ‘Poinçon de Genève’ quality emblem, reflecting the brand’s extraordinary watchmaking spirit.

Summary: Chopard has always been known for its independent watchmaking concept. Each step of the LUC series watches, from movement development, finished product design, cast gold, stamping and finishing of the case, movement components, hand-made Traditional decoration process, surface treatment, polishing, assembly, adjustment to quality control, the brand independently masters all the processes in-house, creating this outstanding timepiece with 14 complex functions. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

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Brilliant Attitude Recommended By High-quality Women In The Workplace

Today’s high-quality workplace women are economically independent, strong and confident, but no matter how beautiful they are, they also need external factors to highlight their elegant temperament and unique personal taste. Today’s Watch House recommends three ladies’ watches that are suitable for the workplace, bringing you exquisite beauty.
Cartier key series

Model: WJCL0002
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Platinum
Strap Material: Platinum
Case diameter: 31 mm
Domestic public price: 272,000 RMB
Details of the watch: The DE CARTIER watch, 31 mm in diameter and 11.04 mm thick in a white gold case, creates a flawless streamlined appearance, elegant and simple style, and a harmonious and unified aesthetic. ‘CLÉ’ in French means key, and the new crown looks exactly like a key. With this new operation method of adjusting the time and date of the crown, the crown is slender and simple, and it is decorated with a sapphire. The setting process is different from the traditional method. Equipped with the new Cartier 1847 MC workshop refined movement.
Omega Constellation Chronometer Observatory Small Seconds

Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Rose gold
Strap Material: Rose Gold
Case diameter: 27 mm
Domestic public price: 184,200 RMB
Watch details: RMB
Watch details: piaget / 14467 /
Watch comments: Some people like the combination of gold and diamonds, but white gold and diamonds are more elegant and better reflect the elegant side of women. This Piaget Polo watch has a diameter of 32 mm. 18k white gold case set with 36 round diamonds (approx. 0.5 carat). The silver-plated dial with radial texture processing, the 18k white gold Patton and Arabic numerals, and the satin-finished toffee hands are easy to read at a glance. The bracelet treatment is very fine, with the matching of wide and narrow links, the narrow chain is set with 130 fine diamonds (about 1.4 carats). Equipped with Piaget 690P quartz movement, accurate and stable travel time.
Summary: The watch can be said to be the best friend of women in the workplace, and also a classic accessory. A good watch highlights the wearable aura and excellent ability of the wearer. Nothing on the wrist has such a strong workplace attribute.

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Aristocratic Logo Watch Breguet Precious Metal Thread Mechanical Watch Appreciation

Breguet watches have always been called ‘the father of modern watchmaking’ and ‘the king of watches’, which shows their popularity and status in the watch industry. Mr. Breguet devoted his whole life to the watch industry, and finally developed the classic watch technology inherited from the world. All this is reflected in his Breguet watch. Let us enjoy a Breguet Aristocratic watch, watch everyone style.
 Breguet Heritage 5817BA / 12 / 9V8

 The regular Roman numerals on the dial highlight men’s domineering, and the blue fish-eye pointer reveals the classic beauty. Rigid and soft, presumably the man wearing this section must also be a temperament gentleman. Unlike ordinary heavy metals, it is not comparable to artificial decoration, but has two different moods. From the side, 18K rose gold case is carved with delicate coin patterns on both sides, which shows the noble temperament of the noble. The decoration of this pattern is also a major feature of Breguet.

 The crown is in line with Breguet’s usual characteristics and uses a LOGO design. The small buttons on the top are the start and end of the timing, and the buttons on the bottom are the zero return. The division of the three crowns is clear, which is convenient and flexible to use. A brown alligator strap with a folding clasp. When the clasp is closed on the wrist, the classic Breguet logo will appear, allowing the wearer to always feel the special identity given to you by the brand. The large date display at 6 o’clock reveals that the dial is engraved with exquisite threads, which shows that Breguet’s work pursues refinement and dignity.

 Summary: The more watch brands with a history of watchmaking, the more attention they will pay to watch making and uploading, but they also pay great attention to the innovation and integration of watch design, creating new highlights on the basis of traditional classics. Breguet also has this beautiful pursuit and yearning for the watch industry.
 Watch details reference: breguet / 5625 /

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The Art Of Time Three Mechanical Watches Below 10,000 Yuan Recommended

I believe that men’s love for mechanical watches is far more than quartz, which may be called their life style. The collision of gears inspires men’s charm, and the heavy metal feeling can bring more sense of security. The watch is not only a timing tool for men, but also a symbol of taste. Today, the Watch House recommends several mechanical watches below 10,000 yuan for everyone. Friends who have plans to buy watches may wish to refer to them.
Beijing Beihai 4.0 Manual Mechanical Watch
   Established in 1958, the Beijing Watchmaking Factory is located in Changping, Beijing, which is surrounded by mountains and rivers. Since its establishment, Beibei has continuously pursued outstanding quality and technological innovation, infiltrated the ancient capital culture, inherited historical classics, and made China’s unique Elements are integrated into the design of the watch, conveying Chinese culture to the world.

Watch Reviews: The round case of the watch is made of stainless steel. The white dial with a diameter of 40 mm highlights the graceful atmosphere. The thickness is 9.3 mm. The sword-shaped hour and minute hands under the sapphire glass mirror are strong and strong. They are fixed to the dial through the same axis. At the center, it bounces slowly over time. The watch uses a black lizard leather strap with unique leather texture and bright color. It is comfortable to wear and also highlights the high-end of Beijing watchmaking. The watch is equipped with Beijing-made manual winding movement B18-6. This movement fully follows the high-end technology of German watchmaking. The 3/4 classical splint structure is a test of the watchmaker’s technology and patience; gem axis The application of the gold sleeve on the edge makes the movement full of metallic luster, which also shows the nobility. The blue steel screws bring perfect visual enjoyment to the movement. The gooseneck fine-tuning ultra-high technology is fully aligned with high-end watches. The movement provides a 42-hour power reserve for the watch. The official reference price of 3500 yuan makes Beijing 4.0 the most cost-effective manual mechanical watch.
Watch model: B021201406S
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: Lizard leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 3,500
More watch details: 2824-2 movement, 38 hours power reserve, is definitely the first choice for beginners, not only strong stability, but also higher accuracy. Wearing this watch will not only look stylish and stable, but also set off your excellent quality of time.
Watch Series: Comcast
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 39 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 9,600
More watch details: 7,950
Watch details: hamilton / 29415 /
Summary: Men’s love for mechanical watches is no less than women’s love for jewellery. It is especially important to choose a watch that suits you. In general, the low-key and restrained appearance design with the excellent movement soul is the first choice for many elegant gentlemen. . The above recommended watches are all below 10,000 yuan, which is very suitable for the needs of men who do not like to show off. I hope to help your purchase of watches.

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