Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 44mm 3-day Power Reserve Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

Officine Panerai is proud to present a brand new boutique model-the classic LUMINORMARINA with the ‘Fu’ engraved on the case back. This watch is exclusively for Panerai official website and Panerai WeChat boutiques. Limited to 188 pieces.

 In traditional Chinese culture, the word ‘Fu’ has an auspicious meaning from ancient times. Panerai took its beautiful meaning and engraved this word carefully on the bottom case of the new LuminorMarina19503Days AutomaticAcciaio (PAM00910) -3 day power reserve automatic stainless steel watch. Officine Panerai watches. This watch will be on sale from September 12, 2018. You can find detailed information on the brand’s official website or Panerai WeChat boutiques and can only be purchased through e-commerce channels. The creative nature of this watch can also be reflected in its number of releases-limited to 188 pieces, because the number 8 has always been particularly loved in Chinese culture, carrying the beautiful meaning of prosperity and wealth.

 The engraved ‘Fu’ on the back of the new LuminorMarina19503DaysAutomaticAcciaio-3 day automatic power stainless steel watch highlights the extraordinary contemporary design process. The watch case has a diameter of 44 mm and the entire body is made of AISI316L stainless steel. The special crown bridge can effectively protect the winding crown, and at the same time, it can ensure the watch’s water resistance to 30 bar (about 300 meters water depth). . The black dial is embossed with large hour markers and numerals, a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, and a date display at 3 o’clock. This dial adopts Panerai’s unique sandwich structure, that is, the double-layer structure is covered with luminous substances, and the light through the upper hollowed out mark makes the reading particularly clear.

 The LuminorMarina19503DaysAutomaticAcciaio-3 day power reserve automatic stainless steel watch uses the P.9010 self-winding movement, which is independently developed by Panerai Watch Factory in Neuchâtel. The core of the continuous power reserve for the 3rd day comes from the dual barrel. Its energy supply principle is the two-way winding of the rotor. The watch body as a whole contains 200 parts and 31 gems. The diameter of the movement is 13¾ cents and the thickness is 6 mm. The balance is supported by both arms for more balance and stability. Its winding frequency is 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), and the winding balance is connected to the device in the movement, which can make the watch when the crown is pulled out. Stop operation to ensure that the watch is accurately synchronized with the reference signal. The hour hand of the P.9010 movement can be easily adjusted without affecting the movement of the minute hand, because this device is designed to move the hour hand independently back and forth in units of one hour.

 The strap design of the new LuminorMarina19503DaysAutomaticAcciaio-3 automatic power stainless steel watch is also ingenious: choose black leather and stitch it with beige and red threads with contrasting effects. Red is the representative color for important celebrations. Stitches to bring luck and auspiciousness to the wearer. Panerai’s patented strap replacement system makes it easier to replace this strap with a black rubber strap, and the replaceable rubber strap is also placed in a beautiful pear wood case.

Technical Parameters
The P.9010 self-winding mechanical movement is completely developed by Panerai.
Hours, minutes, small seconds, date display.
44mm, AISI316L polished stainless steel.
Black with luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers.
The second dial is at 9 o’clock and the date dial is at 3 o’clock.
Power reserve:
72 hours.
30 bar (about 300 meters).

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Citizen Debuts At Milan Design Week 2014

From April 8th to 13th, 2014, Milan Design Week, one of the world’s largest design exhibitions, was dressed up. As the only watch brand participating in the exhibition, Citizen brought the theme of ‘Light is Time’ to this grand event. This is the first time Citizen has participated in Milan Design Week. As part of a global brand promotion event, Citizen took this opportunity to present the beautiful vision of Citizen to the people of the world-to create the future of watches.

成立 Since its establishment in 1930, Citizen has consistently pursued excellence and innovation, and has continuously brought high value-added fine watches to citizens around the world. Under the guidance of this innovative spirit, with strong R & D capabilities, Citizen achieved a major breakthrough in core technology in 1976, and developed a revolutionary watch drive technology-Eco-Drive. Light kinetic energy technology realizes the conversion of any visible light source into electrical energy to drive the watch’s operation, without frequent battery replacement, allowing more people to experience the environmentally friendly and convenient time experience and the fun of wearing Citizen watches.
This Milan Design Week brings more opportunities for Citizen to show its unique watchmaking concept and cultural essence to more people in the world. It is reported that this Milan Design Week will welcome more than 320,000 visitors from more than 160 countries in the world. They will explore the relationship between light and time with Citizen at the scene, and feel the brand charm of Citizen’s relentless pursuit and leading the future.

Citizen’s light and shadow art installation exhibited at this Milan Design Week was completed by the famous Parisian architect Tsuyoshi Tane and the Citizen design team. The work reflects the theme of ‘Light is Time’ by transforming the main board of the watch movement. The 80,000 movement motherboards suspended in the air create a space full of agility and imagination. At the same time, Citizen also exhibited the first pocket watch and the latest watch in the 1920s. The theme exhibition that includes Citizen’s cultural history, representative products, and exquisite art installations will allow the audience to experience the unique charm and craftsman-like watchmaking skills of Citizen as a world-class watch company.
Tsuyoshi Tane ——
Instant light, instant light
We look for inspiration by observing the watchmaking process of Citizen, return to the essence of time, and put forward a simplest concept: ‘Light is Time’. When the sun’s rays shine on the earth, the day and night alternately and the seasons change, and everything begins to grow. When humans noticed this, they unknowingly created the concept of time.
Adhering to the corporate philosophy of ‘being loved by and being close to the citizens’, Citizen has put forward a new challenge of ‘turning light into time’. ‘Light is Time’ is a device about light and time. At Milan Design Week, Citizen will showcase the magnificent space composed of 80,000 movement motherboards. The space is full of light, and through the combination of sound and light, it conveys to people a time experience like never before. At the scene, from Citizen’s first pocket watch to the latest Eco-Drive satellite timekeeping watch and other product displays, we hope that visitors can deeply understand the mission of Citizen in the process of exploring the essence of watches.
Light is instant, time is light. Without light, there will be no time. After entering the digital era of the twentieth century, the busy life rhythm makes time more urgent, until we finally forget the relationship between time and light. Without light, no miracle of life will be created, there will be no rich earth resources, and even our happy life.
From the moment of light to the intersection of time, we strive to present ‘the light of the 21st century’.

 DGT was founded in Paris in 2006 and is jointly managed by Dan Dorell, Lina Ghotmeh and Tsuyoshi Tane. DGT is the international bidder for the design of the National Museum of Estonia. In addition to the Estonian National Museum under construction (expected to be completed in 2016), DGT is under construction in France, Italy, Japan, Lebanon and Switzerland. The company has attracted international attention. In 2008, DGT was selected as the ‘Top 20 Young Architects’ by Icon Magazine in the UK, and DGT’s ‘Tomb Stadium’ program was shortlisted for the 2012 Japan New National Stadium International Competition Finals. DGT has won several awards, including the French Ministry of Culture’s Young Architect Award (2008) and the Milan Architects Association Award and the Red Dot Award (2013).

Show information–
• Name: Citizen Milan Design Week 2014
• Subject: Light is Time
• Exhibition period: Public visit: April 8 (Tuesday) to 13 (Sunday), 2014 (total 6 days)
※ Tuesday, April 8 10:30 — 24:00 After April 9 (Wednesday) 10:30 — 22:00
Media release: Monday, April 7th from 11:00 to 18:00
Opening reception: Monday, April 7th from 16:00 to 18:00
• Location: Curva A, Zone GF, La Triennale di Milano, Italy
• Area: about 445㎡
• Organizer: Citizen Clock & Watch Co., Ltd.
• Creative direction: Brand Division of Citizen Clock & Watch Co., Ltd.
• Sound and light guidance: Endo Toyotomi (LUFTZUG)

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Continuing The Extraordinary Legend Tasting Omega Speedmaster 38mm Watch

If an iconic series is used to reflect Omega’s pioneering spirit, the Supermaster series is well deserved. As one of the most recognizable chronograph watches, the Omega Speedmaster series has long been known worldwide. This year, Omega launched the new Speedmaster 38mm watch, which continues the extraordinary legend of Speedmaster.
   The new Omega Speedmaster 38mm watch retains the inherent essence and iconic appearance of the series, and integrates many simple and novel aesthetic design elements based on the timeless and charming design. In order to be closer to wearers who adore classic design and modern style, each new product has been carefully designed in simple appearance, size and color scheme.

   The light silver dial with gray tachometer ring is durable and suitable for all occasions. This Speedmaster 38mm watch (model number: 324. This watch has a stainless steel case with a double bezel, an outer steel bezel with a tachymeter scale, and an inner layer with gray aluminum. Speed ​​lap. A brown Novo Nappa leather strap adds even more dynamic energy to the watch.

   The light silver dial features a horizontal oval-shaped small dial, inspired by the design of Omega’s early disc flying watch, and a vertical oval calendar window at 6 o’clock. The hour scale is made of Sedna ® 18K gold, the Sedna ® 18K gold hands are used to indicate the time, and the chronograph hands are gray hands to facilitate distinguishing the time.

   The hour, hour, minute and chronograph seconds hands are coated with a white Super-LumiNova, ensuring time reading in the dark.

   The screw-down steel crown is embossed with the Omega brand logo, and the side of the crown has a non-slip texture for easy operation by the wearer. The top and bottom of the crown are respectively equipped with timing start and pause buttons and timing zero button.

   The watch uses a convex sapphire glass, which is more textured when worn on the wrist. Date adjustment button at 10 o’clock on the side of the case.

   Light silver stitched brown Novo Nappa leather strap with polished stainless steel folding clasp. The strap is comfortable and fits perfectly on the wrist.

   The watch’s screw-in caseback is embossed with Omega’s iconic hippocampal emblem. It is equipped with an Omega 3330 coaxial movement, equipped with a Si14 silicon hairspring without a card balance spring, and has been certified by the Swiss Observatory. Hour power reserve. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters.

Summary: The new Omega Speedmaster 38mm watch offers up to 14 rich watch options to meet the different needs of boys and girls. At present, this Omega Speedmaster series watch has been sold in stores, the domestic public price: 35,600 RMB. In addition, Omega provides a four-year warranty for this new Speedmaster series.

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Bulgari’s Classic Presentation And Exhibition Unit Hua Cai Kicks Off Wu Yifan, Zheng Xiuwen, Feng Delun Together Dazzling Light And Shadow Charm

[Shanghai, June 19, 2018] The ‘Bulgari Classic Presentation: Happy and Romantic’ exhibition unit jointly launched by Bvlgari and the Shanghai International Film Festival, will be opened in the new Shanghai Bulgari Renaissance Huacai opened. The opening party was held in the Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce Building-this is the place where the most influential business organizations and social celebrities gathered in the past. After careful restoration, it became part of the Bulgari Hotel Shanghai. Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin, Bulgari Greater China Managing Director Kolia Neveux, Bulgari Global Brand Spokesman Wu Yifan, singer And actor Zheng Xiuwen, director and actor Feng Delun, many celebrities, celebrities from all walks of life, global media together, in this century-old historical building, feel the Italian style and film aesthetics from the century-old classic.

Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin and Bulgari’s global brand spokesperson Wu Yifan

  Stars gathered at the scene. Bvlgari global brand spokesman Wu Yifan made a surprise appearance, wearing a Bvlgari antique collection series of gold coins necklace and gold watch, with a gentleman suit full of personality, as if to take us back to the ‘light and shadow’ Italian-style years. Singer and actor Zheng Xiuwen uses a sexy look with a Bulgari Serpenti high jewelry necklace, showing charming Italian style in the details. The director and actor Feng Delun easily dressed up with the Bulgari Octo Finissimo watch, showing a gentle gentlemanly style, showing classic Italian charm.

Wu Yifan, Bvlgari global brand spokesperson

Singer and Actor Sammi Cheng

Director and actor Feng Delun

  The opening party was also attended by actor Yuan Shanshan, actor Jiang Mengjie, singer Yuan Yawei, model Chen Biyi, model and actor Chen Ran, and many celebrities dressed up to spend their Italian-style time.

Actor Yuan Shanshan

Actor Jiang Mengjie

  The party scene was full of light and shadows. Bvlgari decorated the neon phantom with the bold colors of the jewelry, creating an Italian passionate atmosphere. Coupled with the dress theme of white dresses, the guests were immersed in colorful colors and felt the shocking beauty brought by Bulgari as the ‘master of colored gems’. Italian jazz male singer Matteo Brancaleoni and the band brought a fascinating and exciting performance, setting off a party climax; soul singer Yuan Yawei sings charm and sings this Italian light and shadow night with passion.

Singer Yuan Yawei

  The ‘Bulgari Classic Presentation: Happy and Romantic’ exhibition unit includes five classic films: ‘Big People on Our Lady Street’, ‘Italian Divorce’, ‘Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow’, ‘Italian Marriage’ and ‘Handsome Antonio ‘. Whether it is the witty humor of ‘Stupid flying all over the sky’, the light and shadow style with a period color, or the charm of luxurious and fashionable characters, the five films show the Italian people’s pursuit of a better life. Although they are all in the form of comedy, they have different forms of expression, either black and white, or color, or coherent plot, or paragraph telling, highlighting the diverse and innovative artistic aesthetics of Italian cinema, expressing rich humanistic connotations.
  Bulgari’s colorful and bold style witnessed the birth of classic scenes. Movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Roland, Shu Qi, Isabel Hupper, Adrian Brody, Natalie Portman, and Elisica Vichand wear jewellery, Watch, showing the indulgent Italian style in the movie. Today, Bulgari’s unique Italian fashion aesthetics shine across the time and space. The gorgeous, charming, full of color and light of Bulgari’s works are accompanied by many stars shining brightly inside and outside the screen, showing the free and lively attitude of Italy. The brilliant spark of Chinese and Italian film culture.

Chen Bichen

Model and Actor Chen Ran

  To appreciate the glory of the times between the interlacing of film and fashion, Bvlgari and the Shanghai International Film Festival launched the ‘Bulgari Classic Presentation: Happy and Romantic’ exhibition unit, and continued to write about film love again, dedicated to promoting the development of film art, The beauty of huacai conveys the classic beauty of Italian cinema.

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Incomparable Classic Longines Master Series Classic Watch Real Shot

The famous master series is the most classic series of Longines, which is bound to be outstanding. Since its launch in 2005, it has achieved great success because it can accurately meet the demands of today’s consumers for pure quality and personal style. Today I bring to you a classic watch of the famous master series. Now please enjoy the real shot of the Longines master series L2.755.8.78.3.

 Now, Longines has added rose gold and yellow gold to this series, with a black dial and a new size, the new watch caused a sensation once it was launched. This watch is made of 18K rose gold with brown alligator leather. The blue-steel hands on the dial captured the heart and took away all my resistance.

 The watch is decorated with silver ‘wheat grain’, painted with Arber digital hour markers, and the minute scale is engraved on the outer ring of the watch. Such a hierarchical design makes reading more convenient and quick. The design runs through every detail of the watch.

 On the side of the watch, this watch has a thickness of 10 mm and a moderate thickness. It is more comfortable to wear on the wrist. It will not feel too much pressure on the wrist, nor will it feel too thin to find the feeling of wearing the watch. The crown of the watch is also made of 18K rose gold, and the Longines classic flying wing hourglass logo is engraved on the crown.

 The crocodile leather strap that comes with this watch will introduce a simple method for identifying crocodile leather. There are many small and irregular textures in the crocodile leather large bamboo texture, while fake crocodile leather does not. Because the fake crocodile texture uses mechanical pressure, the texture of the fake crocodile skin is a rigid pattern. The pictures above are real crocodile skins.

 From this picture we can also see that the sapphire crystal glass back cover used by the watch is the same material as the table mirror. The sapphire crystal glass of Longines is resistant to corrosion, acid and scratches. And, in fact, it will not break. The stomata capacity is equal to zero, which means that only natural diamonds in the world can hang flowers.

 This watch can provide dual calendar display, date display and week display. This design is more suitable for people in the workplace to wear, but it should be noted that this watch must not adjust the date between 9 pm to 3 am to avoid damage to the mechanism.

 Date and day display at 3 o’clock. From this picture we can also see the unique silver wheat grain design of the famous craftsman, which is really unique.

 The watch is equipped with a three-fold safety buckle and a push-open mechanism. The advantage of this type of buckle is safety, and it is very convenient to close and open.

 The watch is equipped with the L636 self-winding movement, which vibrates 28,800 times per hour, ensuring that the watch moves accurately. The movement can provide a 38-hour power reserve.

Summary: The current domestic quotation of this watch is 51600 yuan. As a luxury watch made of double calendar 18K rose gold, this price is reasonable. If you consider the cost-effectiveness, I personally think that the steel master is more Cost-effective, of course, but for those who prefer precious metals, this is absolutely unacceptable. [Photo / text watch home Chen Zhongyun]

For more watch details, please click: longines / 22091 /

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