Watch Friends Welfare Hangzhou Guangcheng Watch Co., Ltd. Special 50% Off

Near the middle of the year, major dealers started to hold various offline special events. I have to say that buying a watch at this time is an excellent time. You can prepare gifts for yourself or your family and friends in advance. No, Hangzhou Guangcheng Watch Co., Ltd. is holding a special event for famous watches. Swiss watches are 50% off. If you are in Hangzhou, you can check it out. There are also many brands participating this time, including the very famous Girard Perregaux and Zenith , Amy, Frederique Constant, Tissot, Longines, Mido, CK and more.

   Hangzhou Guangcheng Watch Co., Ltd. is located in Room 06-07, 20th Floor, Jiade Plaza, 118 Qingchun Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou. Officially authorized after-sales maintenance, Zhejiang Watch and Clock Inspection Center. Hangzhou Guangcheng Watch Co., Ltd., as a chain watch shop, eliminates fakes and only makes genuine products. Attaching importance to after-sales maintenance services, customers can not only enjoy the official global warranty service provided by the brand with the official warranty card, but also enjoy the high-quality shop guarantee provided by Hangzhou Guangcheng Watch Co., Ltd., giving each customer double after-sales protection.

   It is understood that there are many brands participating in this event, and many people-friendly brands have discounts; all high-end brands Frederique Constant are folded in half; fashion brands CK and Armani are up to 50% off.

Swiss watch discount season

Mid-to-high end Le Méridien all fold in half

Girard Perregaux, famous watchmaking brand, up to 50% off
Activity time: June 23-December 15
Store Address: Room 06-07, 20th Floor, Jiade Plaza, 118 Qingchun Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou
Contact: 400-181-3981 0571-88803981
Explained that users of ‘Watch House’ will get more benefits

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Bell & Ross Ww1-97 Heritage Goes Beyond Time And Space Back To Pocket Watch Time To Pay Tribute To The History Of Orthodox Military Regulations!

Bell & Ross reinterprets the history of military regulations in a unique way, fully in line with the brand design philosophy. ‘We have enriched our watch collection by further exploring the past,’ said Bruno Belamich, Bell & Ross designer. ‘From the beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to military regulations. Watch, trying to reproduce its style. The challenge is to be loyal to the concept of watchmaking that year, and to match them with the design principles of Bell & Ross. ‘
From pocket watches to watches
   The process of recreating the look of the year includes two major stages: the design of the extremely low-regulation pocket watch PW1 (Pocket Watch 1), and the introduction of the watch called WW1 (Wrist Watch 1). The watch was worn by French soldiers for the first time during World War I. Pilots tested it in the 1920s and declared it compliant with technical specifications in the 1930s. Vintage WW1 pays tribute to that era, and its design inspiration also comes from ‘Roaring Twenties’ (Roaring Twenties), but it is not old-fashioned at all.
   Vintage WW1 on the one hand represents the connection between pocket watches and watches in the 1940s, and on the other hand fully reflects the genetic code of Bell & Ross.
   Bell & Ross turned the aircraft instrument into a unique BR01 model in 2005. As of 2015, the brand once again deservedly transformed the Air Force pocket watch into a wrist watch. Vintage WW1 is full of distinctive features: large-diameter pocket watch design, welded lugs, elegant and durable leather strap, extremely clear dial, faucet groove that can be easily operated through gloves, and super-quality mechanical movement. The Vintage WW1 is like a watch that pilots loved in the 1920s. Until the 21st century, it is most suitable for lovers who like large classic, elegant and unique watches. Filled with neutral charm, this flawless watch brings a new style trend to the early 21st century: military-class neoclassicism.

WW1-97 Heritage Technical Information:
Movement: automatic mechanical movement. Calibre BR-CAL.307.
Mirror: anti-glare sapphire crystal
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, power reserve display
Water resistance: 50 meters
Case: polished stainless steel, 45 mm diameter
Strap: black alligator leather.
Dial: Galvanized black dial, numerals and hands are treated with luminous

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Elegant Beauty Tasting Bvlgari Roma Series Watch

It can be said that Bulgari describes the legendary past of a jewellery family. This 130-year long history has been deeply remembered in the ancient city of Rome. Mr Sotirio Boulgaris is the sole descendant of a goldsmith family in Greece. He inherited the inheritance left by his ancestors in a small village called Epirus. In 1880 he decided to move to Italy. In 1884, his first shop was opened on the Sistina Avenue between the Roman Forum and the Trevi Fountain. He gave himself an Italian name according to his Greek name, and also selected the V to enter the brand from the ancient Latin alphabet, so ‘BVLGARI’ was born.

   At the Baselworld 2014, in order to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the brand’s birthday, Bvlgari has specially released a commemorative edition of the famous timepiece of the new BVLGARI ROMA series. Blended with unique contemporary Roman aesthetic inspiration, the BVLGARI brand name on the gold bezel appears in the form of repeated carvings, which gives the dial timeless and elegant beauty. Today, the Watch House will bring you this highly identifiable BVLGARI ROMA series watch. The official model number is 102187 BBP39WGL / ROMA.

39mm 18K Rose Gold Round Case

   This new BVLGARI ROMA series watch inherits the design tradition of ancient shapes. The bezel of the 18k rose gold round case with a diameter of 39 mm is engraved with the ‘BVLGARI ROMA’ logo, which will bring a timeless sense of classic history and unique architecture. Style blends. The hour markers on the dial are refined by hand, decorated with Arabic numerals at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, and then decorated with lacquered dial with ‘BVLGARI’ lettering, which is simple yet exquisite.

18k Rose Gold Gear Crown

 The side case is of medium thickness, polished and rounded, 18K rose gold, and it is quite expensive. The 18K rose gold triangular pitted crown is finely polished, and Bvlgari is not forgetting to incorporate jewellery elements. It is inlaid with black ceramic decoration and embellished the crown. The bezel engraved by BVLGARI ROMA strengthens people’s memories and feelings of the 130th anniversary of the brand. This watch is limited to 130 pieces and the case number is engraved on the side of the case.

Dark brown alligator strap

  Dark brown alligator leather strap, exquisite workmanship. It is easy to wear with an 18k rose gold vintage Ardillon buckle. The English logo of Bvlgari is engraved on the buckle, and the subtleties show the meticulousness and exquisiteness of the brand’s watchmaking.

Micro-arc lug design smooth and smooth

  The micro-arc lugs are smooth and sleek, more slender and polished. Fits with the curvature of the wrist, perfectly integrated with the case.

White lacquered dial

  The polished white lacquered dial exudes a soft light, and the dial design is well-organized and tepid. Only 6 and 12 numbers are displayed, and the remaining scales are carved 18K hand-applied hour markers. The center third hand design, 18k rose gold seconds, minute and hour hands display, polished fine. The dial is noble and elegant as a whole.

Cal.BVL 131M manual winding movement

  The flip watch has a sapphire crystal caseback on the back. Equipped with the brand-made BVL 131M manual winding movement, equipped with two barrels, a total of 131 parts, hand-chamfered and polished, 21 gems, a vibration frequency of 28,800 vph (4Hz), and a 72-hour power reserve.

   Summary: The BVLGARI BVLGARI watch design is unique and blends unique contemporary Roman aesthetic inspiration. The BVLGARI Bulgari brand name on the rose gold bezel appears in the form of repeated sculpting, which gives the dial a timeless and elegant beauty. Romantic writer Chateaubriand once described the ancient city of Rome in this way. Rome has its own style. Bathing in the sun, mottled in color and shadow, everything is memorable. Her beauty is like a person with a story, sometimes sad, sometimes humorous, sometimes casual. The only change seems to be the change itself. However, no matter how the face of Rome is presented to the world, it can never cover her elegant essence. Also like this BVLGARI ROMA, the 18k rose gold material and polished white lacquered dial add a noble and elegant temperament to this watch, suitable for all occasions, showing the wearer’s mature temperament.

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Don’t Fear The Deep Sea Oris Introduces Dive Control Limited Edition Professional Dive Watch

Oris has launched the Dive Control Limited Edition Professional Dive Watch to help diving professionals challenge the deep sea. The watch’s massive 51 mm case is made of light and sturdy grade 2 titanium alloy, and it is covered with abrasion-resistant black DLC (diamond-like) coating. It is equipped with Oris patented RSS security locking bezel, which completely locks the diving scale, providing safe timekeeping for deep dives. Dive Control is equipped with a self-winding chronograph movement. A special 60-minute chronograph dial is located above the dial, with striking yellow hands and graduation marks. Limited to 500 sets worldwide.

Born for a professional

  Oris Dive Control is a limited edition watch developed by Oris and the brand image ambassador and Swiss commercial dive diver Roman Frischknecht (pictured left). Roman’s years of deep-sea diving experience are the inspiration for Oris’ patented design, the Rotation Safety System safety locking bezel, which can fix the diving time scale and bring a sense of security to divers.
  This professional diving watch also has a series of safety design and excellent performance. The huge 51mm case is made of lightweight 2 grade titanium alloy. The whole body is covered with black DLC (diamond-like) coating, which is firm and wear-resistant. Water-resistant to 1,000 meters, in order to ensure that it can withstand the test of extreme environments, engineers performed 1,250 meters of simulated pressure test on each watch.
The same atmospheric dial is easy to read. The diving bezel is securely locked, and the ceramic scale ring is embedded in abrasion-resistant. The hands, hour scale, and 0 scale of the diving bezel are all coated with Super-LumiNova®. The important scales on the dial are marked in yellow because yellow is one of the most easily recognizable colors to the naked eye.

  The watch is also equipped with an automatic helium exhaust valve. Roman has been engaged in saturated helium-rich diving in the deep sea for a long time. In order to prevent nitrogen poisoning caused by high pressure, the nitrogen in the oxygen cylinder was replaced with small molecular helium. Helium can enter the watch through the gap. When decompression after the dive, if the helium in the case is not removed in time, the watch may be cracked.
  ‘The work I do has strict safety standards and equipment requirements. Commercial deep dives are one of the world’s most safety-conscious occupations,’ Roman said.

  For those of us who work on the ground, it may be difficult to appreciate Roman’s paranoia about safety, and the safety of every member of the diving team is always first. Their equipment is as elaborate as the artwork to meet the challenges of extreme conditions.

  Roman has also invested this rigor in the development of Oris safety locking bezels. Oris and Roman took two years to design a diving bezel that can lock the scale. Regardless of the dive, strict control of dive time is essential. With the scale locked, the diver can ensure the accuracy of the remaining time.

  Oris registered this invention as a patent and used it on ProDiver watches. ‘The unidirectional rotating bezel is a great feature. It ensures that the remaining dive time will never increase. But if the bezel can be completely locked, divers will feel more at ease.’ Roman said.

  In addition, the Swiss-made automatic chronograph movement provides the watch with a central chronograph second hand, 30-minute chronograph and 12-hour chronograph. The 30-minute timer dial has a striking yellow scale and clever use of two-way hands to achieve a 60-minute timer extension.

  Oris Dive Control Limited Edition
  Number of products: 774 7727 7784
  Limited to 500 sets
  Material: Grade 2 titanium alloy, black DLC (like stainless steel) coating, ceramic diving bezel
  Table diameter: 51.00mm
  Mirror: Double-sided arched sapphire with anti-glare coating on the inside
  Bottom cover: screw-in titanium bottom cover, black DLC coating, special engraving
  Adjustment mechanism: screw-in stainless steel crown and button, automatic helium exhaust valve
  Water resistance: 1,000 meters
  Lug outer diameter: 26 mm
  Model: Oris 774 Automatic Mechanical Movement (SW500)
  Size: Ø 30.00 mm’
  Functions: Central hours and minutes, 1 / 4-second chronograph hand, 30-minute chronograph, 12-hour chronograph, small second, calendar, stop-second function
  Winding: automatic winding, red automatic
  Power reserve: 48 hours
  Swing frequency: 4 Hz (28’800 times / hour)
  Number of jewels: 25
  Color: black, wavy decoration
  Luminous: Scales and hands coated with Super-LumiNova®
  Scale: Mosaic scale
  Strap: Black rubber strap, black DLC-coated titanium quick-adjust folding buckle
  Accessories: Waterproof watch box with yellow rubber strap and strap replacement tool
  Time to market: February 2019
  Suggested retail price: RMB 34,800

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Conway Kai Commented On The World’s First Chinese Lunar Watch

Swiss clocks and China are in a period of love like glue, it is not difficult to understand why Blancpain will launch a Chinese Lunar Watch specifically for China this year, which stimulates sensitive Chinese nerves. It is said that those who are in love are irrational and do not know whether the Chinese consumer watches are sensible.
This website talks to Conway Kai
Lao people buy watches and invest lightly
Q: The Chinese watch market is particularly frenzied now. What suggestions do you have?
A: The Chinese market is very strong now, and all brands use all their ideas and ideas to cater to the Chinese market. Blancpain this year launched the first watch in human history that can completely display the Chinese lunar calendar. Of course, it has not yet been made into a perpetual calendar for the lunar calendar. This is technically more difficult to implement, but at least this direction is good. It is even said that the Swiss help the Chinese to rethink the significance of their own national calendar.

Blancpain world’s first Chinese calendar
Many Chinese media found in the Blancpain briefing that anyone wearing this watch, if there is a new born in their home, do not need to find a fortune teller to count the birth date of the child, this watch will show this The child’s birthday is a horoscope, and then he can determine for himself whether the child’s name is a complete set of five elements, and there is no need to adjust the name. This is the common interpretation of a watch by China and the West, which expands the significance of the existence of this new watch.
In the second half of this year, I had a strategic idea in the watch and clock media, that is, before the Chinese buy a watch, they should first think about a problem and split the consumption of famous watches into pleasant consumption and investment consumption. Because at present, Chinese people buy a watch with heavy investment and are light-hearted. It may be that their wealth is a year or even a few years of savings when buying a watch, and when buying this watch, they care too much about the disability of the watch after use. The existence of value is actually the so-called value preservation discussion. Excessive care about residual values ​​is actually a manifestation of poverty. On the one hand, it integrates all the means and attempts of humans to achieve perfection in the micro world. Good watches or distinctive watches have their unique places and have it. Your own special temperament. If you are touched by this temperament and you can afford the price of this watch, buying a watch is a kind of pleasant consumption.
For the Chinese market at present, brands that generally belong to Yiqing consumption, that is, brands such as Tissot, Mido, and Longines, but because of the increasing accumulation of social wealth, the market front has become very long. Some people even buy a Patek Philippe is a kind of consumption, and most people buy Patek Philippe are investment consumption. In the future, China’s horological consumer market cannot just focus on investment and ignore the beauty and quality of the watch itself. Because if only the investment is emphasized, people will pay attention to those brands that perform better in the auction market, and even the people who bought them still don’t understand what their brand’s technological characteristics, history, and style look like.
瑞 表 to open up the female market next
Q: Will this enthusiasm continue?
A: I do n’t know if it’s a coincidence or a special arrangement. Because the opening of this year’s watch is March 8th, there are so many women’s watches this year. It also illustrates the problem that the development of the women’s market is a current high-end Swiss watch brand consensus. Because women are more blind and impulsive when buying watches, their investment in consumption will also be larger, and many women watches are not necessarily sold by women themselves. The watch factory has already seen this, so a lot of women’s watches have been produced this year.
Q: What kind of female watch will be popular, diamond female watch or mechanical watch like men?
A: Previously, women focused on clothing and handbags. In recent years, more and more women have paid attention to watches and jewelry, and even some women have launched timing tools because of a certain fashion brand they love. Products, began to pay attention to watches, and thus out of control.
做 Watches for women, watch models can be more poetic. The women’s watches produced by Blancpain this year are all flowers and plants themed, showing their beauty. Patek Philippe not only produced some purely female watches, it also took some classic men’s complicated functional watches to feminize them. For example, the transition from 5140 to 7140, on the surface, is to reduce the table diameter and set an additional circle of diamonds. But in fact, women can also bring high-quality perpetual calendars, instead of saying that women’s watches are gold and diamonds, instead of emphasizing the function of the watch itself. Earlier Patek Philippe also timed out the calendar and asked three questions for the ladies. These are all for this woman who can understand and appreciate these sophisticated technologies and precision machinery.
Watch fashion trends
Q: Are there any obvious trends at Baselworld this year?
A: I think there is a trend this year that did not exist in previous years, that is, each watch factory is learning to use the existing technology, or the technology that they are proficient in, to tell a moving story or to create a moving concept. It’s not simply a tool that can time, but you can feel a certain kind of joy in your heart after wearing this watch. As if with a certain place and a certain type, in fact, it is still a lifestyle, and a certain trip has some connection. Now simply making a watch, and then just emphasizing how solid and precise this watch is, is no longer a particularly effective means of attracting consumption.
Q: During Geneva this year, you predicted the popular trend of small-size precious metal classics on Weibo, but at the Basel Watch Fair we still saw the watch size getting bigger and bigger.
A: The big watch has been hot for more than ten years, and it is no longer a trend. I think that as the Chinese market gets stronger, the watch will remain unchanged or become smaller. Because big watches are mainly worn by Europeans and Americans, I really have n’t seen too many Chinese men or women of ordinary stature. Wearing a watch with a size of 40 mm or more makes it feel like wearing a watch. Very good match. All brands that are more in-depth and better sold in the Chinese market have larger sizes.
Q: This year we saw that many brands have launched watches with new materials. Have you changed your views on new materials?
A: It turned out that the emergence of many new materials last year was to cope with the rise in the price of precious metals. One year has passed and the prices of precious metals have not fallen. Therefore, there are still a lot of new materials this year. The new material has a very clear direction, one is ceramic, and the other is carbon fiber, or carbon-like things. Ceramics are very abrasion-resistant, so if you wear a stainless steel watch or a gold watch, this watch will easily be worn out, and it can be spent in a very regular state in the first three months of wearing. Then it will continue to be spent for many years in the future. If you do re-polishing, it will be worn again in two days, but it will be bright for ceramics until you don’t want to wear this watch.
Of course, ceramics has a weak point that it is fragile. It really can’t help falling from a height of more than 1.5 meters to the ground of concrete or stone material, which will cause great damage to it. However, as long as ceramics are not dropped, it is a material that can last a long time. And wearing it in summer, it will not feel as dreary and hot as wearing a leather strap. In addition, ceramics can be processed in many colors. Can make more color on the wrist.
1717th trip to Switzerland
Q: You also said on Weibo that this is the 17th trip to Switzerland. What kind of state has you entered into the watch industry from the beginning of work to the present?
A: I have been a professional watch editor for nine years. As I have come to Switzerland more and more, I have become more familiar and familiar with Switzerland. Now I will go more and feel carefully why this country will become the center of world watch. Those deep reasons, then thinking about why there is still a certain gap between the national watchmaking industry in China. Some gaps are not limited to fineness and craftsmanship. There are gaps from the beginning of design and what a watch wants to express. This is more like a mentality.
Another obvious feature now is that there are more and more Chinese people, and this is a good thing.
话题 The topic of luxury is a very hot topic in China. Different people hold different purposes to stir up the confusion in this field. As long as it can set up a relatively empty topic, it can attract people’s attention. As a result, many so-called benchmark figures were born in the luxury industry.
The significance of this watch exhibition is that as a large number of Chinese people come to watch the exhibition, more and more Chinese people come to the world’s top watch exhibitions to understand what the real significance of luxury goods is. The more people come, the closer the information brought to the country will be objective. Unlike when I first came to Switzerland in 2004, there were only seven people representing China at the time. What do the seven people go back to say and the seven hundred people go back to say which one is closer to the objective? Many people come to this advantage. And now the official media is becoming more and more enthusiastic about the Basel Watch Fair, including the Geneva Motor Show, and there will be very fast reports on the two sets of CCTV financial channels, which are different from before.

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Masterpieces Of Panerai Art Pam 00005

Panerai is a brand with a lot of stories. Since its birth, it has had an inextricable relationship with the sea. The original Panerai was not a professional watch-making brand, but produced more naval equipment. It was only at the invitation of the Italian Navy to start making watches. Today, I use a classic representative watch PAM 00005 owned by Panerai, let us appreciate the unique charm of this watch together.
 PAM 00005 is a very classic large watch with a dial diameter of 44 mm and a large case made of stainless steel, showing a masculine and tough temperament. The color of the case is silver but not shiny, worn on the man’s wrist, it can show the calmness and restraint of the owner, and perfectly shows the charm of a mature man. The black dial and clear large scale under the package of the silver bezel also show the master’s atmosphere well. And its most fascinating is the brand’s classic ‘PANERAI’ LOGO, which is the symbol of Panerai, and under the background of this plate design, its beauty is fully displayed. This is a watch that has been very popular recently. Its shape is not complicated and there is no special design. It can’t explain the reason to feel comfortable, so I want to buy it and make it a part of my wrist. . Perhaps this is the manifestation of the master’s superb skills. Maybe the layout of its various elements is slightly changed without such an effect. In fact, it is such a natural creation that it has become an artistic masterpiece.

 This PAM 00005 watch is a member of the Panerai history classic series. It is a classic watch, so it does not have much functionality. But its own quality is excellent. The large white numerals and scales on the black dial have strong readability and give people a good visual experience. And its hands and scales are covered with a luminous coating, so that we can clearly read the time data even in the dark night. It uses a small three-hand design. The small seconds dial is located at nine o’clock on the dial. This design reduces the number of gears in the movement transmission system and reduces the thickness of the watch. At the same time, it also reduces the energy loss in the transmission process and improves the energy utilization rate. It can be said that it is a design that serves two purposes. Many Panerai watches have the classic design of this bridge, which can protect the crown very well. There is a button on the top of the bridge, which can adjust the time through the crown after pressing, effectively avoiding unintentional adjustment of time To ensure the accuracy of the watch. With the support of Panerai’s superb craftsmanship, the water-resistant depth of this watch reaches 300 meters, which is even so for many professional waterproof watches. This is the PAM 00005, which takes the simple functions to the extreme and shows the most powerful performance.

 The movement of the PAM 00005 watch is a Cal.op 1 manual winding movement produced by Panerai. It is also a pleasure for watch lovers to wind their love watches from time to time. This movement is an improvement based on the ETA 6497 movement. The ETA 6497 movement is the darling of the big watch trend, and the performance of Cal.op 1 with Panerai technology is even higher. It uses an advanced Nivarox hairspring and an oscillation frequency of 21600 times per hour, which are excellent guarantees for its travel time accuracy. And it is also equipped with the Incabloc suspension system, which effectively protects the movement and makes the accurate external influence of the watch’s travel time small. It also has 17 gems, which greatly reduces the friction when the gear shaft rotates, making the movement more smooth. It also has a 56-hour power reserve function, so we don’t have to wind him often, and we can guarantee the accurate operation of the watch every two days.
 This PAM00005 watch is one of the most popular Panerai watches nowadays. Its simple and glamorous appearance and simple and excellent functions are the key. It combines practicality with simplicity, exuding Italian style originating from the Aegean Sea, and inheriting the tough temperament from the Italian Royal Navy, forging its own classic. The brown leather strap, the real stainless steel buckle, and the dense bottom design of the back also play a finishing touch. The superior performance of the 300 waterproof also makes it comparable to a professional waterproof watch. It accompanies the owner to play in the famous mountains and rivers, and swims in shallow bays to enjoy the beauty of life. The price of such an excellent watch is not very high, only 36,400 yuan, can be said to be a good watch with excellent value for money. And a watch like him that wins with a classic shape, not only will not depreciate due to the passage of time, but also has a lot of room for appreciation, so it is definitely the best choice for watch lovers.
 Watch details: panelai / 6535 /

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Omega Releases New Seahorse Watch

Since its birth in 2005, the Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Universe Watch has won high praise in terms of professional diving functions, design styles, and innovative coaxial technology. In 2011, Omega completely upgraded the entire hippocampal and marine universe family. Like every previous Ocean Universe watch, the new model is equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel and helium exhaust valve, and is waterproof to a depth of 600 meters, so you can explore the underwater world with you at any time.

The mermaid dives into the ocean with the Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe Watch, which fully demonstrates the professional diving functions of the Ocean Universe Watch

The new Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe watch blends perfectly with the captivating seascape of Capri, Italy
Each new Seahorse series Ocean Universe watch is equipped with Omega’s own coaxial movement and silicon hairspring, which is accurate and reliable. Therefore, Omega provides up to 4 years after-sales service guarantee for each watch in this series.

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe 45.5mm Titanium and Liquidmetal Chronograph
Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe 45.5mm Titanium and Liquidmetal Chronograph
As one of the star models of Omega’s new Ocean Universe series, the Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe 45.5mm titanium and Liquidmetal chronographs are different in that they realize an extraordinary combination of different materials.
表 The case diameter is 45.5mm and it is made of grade 5 titanium. Grade 5 titanium is an alloy that is formed by adding a small amount of aluminum and vanadium to extremely lightweight titanium metal. The texture is extremely hard. This titanium metal alloy can be polished and polished, showing a brighter luster than other grades of titanium. The scales and numbers on the bright blue ceramic bezel are based on Liquidmetal alloys based on zirconium. In 2009, Omega released a limited edition model of the hippocampus with a black ceramic dial and Liquidmetal alloy, becoming the first watchmaker to use ceramics and this unique alloy. In the new Ocean Universe model released this year, the blue ceramic and Liquidmetal alloy were used for the first time, making another world first. These two innovative materials are sturdy and durable, keeping the watch’s appearance constant.
表 This model uses a blue lacquer dial for eye-catching visual effects. This extraordinary watch features a blue one-piece rubber strap that perfectly matches the blue ceramic bezel. A titanium bracelet is also available.
The Seahorse series Ocean Universe 45.5mm titanium and Liquidmetal chronographs are equipped with the Omega Coaxial 9300 movement, which is the first movement in the Omega family of coaxial movements with chronograph function. This movement is equipped with a Si 14 silicon balance spring, which is guaranteed for up to 4 years.
Recently, on the picturesque island of Capri in Italy, Omega has released the fully upgraded Seahorse Marine Universe Watch, which has attracted many media from all over the world.

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe 45.5mm Chronograph with 9300 Coaxial Movement
4The Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe 45.5mm chronograph model is equipped with a unique Omega coaxial 9300 movement, which is the first chronograph movement in the revolutionary Omega coaxial family.
纵 This vertical chronograph model creatively places the 12-hour and 60-minute hands on the small dial at 3 o’clock at the same time. This familiar arrangement of hands is similar to the arrangement of the hour and minute hands on the main dial, making reading the chronograph time more intuitive. It also has a central chronograph second hand and a small seconds hand at 9 o’clock. The two timing control buttons can perform their functions completely independently, thereby avoiding the risk of improper operation to the timing system.
Like other Omega coaxial movements produced by themselves, the 9300 movement is also decorated with a decorative pattern named ‘Arab Geneva Pattern’.
This movement has a time zone function, and the hour hand can be adjusted independently without stopping the time, which is very suitable for travellers.

绚 This eye-catching chronograph model has an oversized stainless steel case with a diameter of 45.5 mm. It is equipped with an orange matte aluminum bezel or a black matte ceramic bezel. The dial is matte black. There is also a diamond-set model with 42 diamonds on the bezel, weighing 2.69 carats.
The matte screw-in caseback with sapphire crystal back makes the perfect movement of the watch’s extraordinary movement clearly visible.
Bracelet is made of stainless steel, matte polished, with Omega patented chain needle system. Also available in black integrated leather strap, black or orange rubber strap.
Like all new Ocean Universe models, this chronograph is also equipped with a coaxial movement and a Si 14 silicon balance spring, bringing the watch’s reliable performance to a new level. Therefore, Omega provides every new Ocean Universe watch. Up to 4 years after-sales service guarantee.

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe 45.5mm model with 8500 coaxial movement
4Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe 45.5mm model is equipped with a new generation of Omega coaxial 8500/8501 movement. The first-generation 8500 movement developed by Omega was launched in 2007, which is a revolutionary achievement of the coaxial movement. The new generation of the 8500/8501 movement is equipped with a Si 14 silicon spring, which provides a watch with up to 4 years of after-sales service guarantee.
Case made of stainless steel with unidirectional rotating diving bezel in orange matte aluminum or black matte ceramic. There are also diamond-set models with 42 diamonds on the steel bezel, weighing 2.69 carats.
This model comes with a black all-in-one leather strap, a black or orange rubber strap, or a stainless steel bracelet with Omega’s patented chain needle system.

Omega Seamaster Ocean Universe 42mm model with 8501 coaxial movement
42Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe 42mm model is equipped with a new generation of Omega coaxial 8501 movement. The first 8501 movement developed by Omega was launched in 2007, which is a revolutionary achievement of the coaxial movement. The new generation 8501 movement is equipped with a Si 14 silicon spring, which provides a watch with up to 4 years of after-sales service guarantee.
42 Omega Ocean Universe 42 mm model is not only technically very innovative, but also full of fashionable style in design.
This model is made of 18K red gold. It is set with 42 diamonds on a one-way rotating diving bezel. The triangle on the bezel is ceramic. This watch is equipped with Omega coaxial 8501 movement, automatic movement and bridge on the movement are made of 18K red gold.
This model features a black or white lacquered dial with an integrated leather strap that matches the color of the dial.

Omega Seamaster Ocean Universe 42mm model with 8500 coaxial movement
42Omega Seamaster Ocean Universe 42mm diving watch also has a stainless steel case model, and there are many configuration options. This model is equipped with an Omega 8500 coaxial movement and is equipped with a Si 14 silicon spring. Therefore, the watch is provided with after-sales service for up to 4 years.
The most luxurious and shining bezel is set with 42 diamonds on the bezel, totaling 2.14 carats, with a white lacquered dial.
米 Omega Ocean Universe 42mm stainless steel model offers a variety of bezel options: orange matte aluminum, black ceramic or white ceramic.
腕表 This watch offers a variety of strap options: black or white integrated leather strap, or black, white or orange rubber strap. A stainless steel bracelet is also available.

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe 37.5mm model with 8521 coaxial movement
Women who favor Omega Ocean Universe models have long been eager for a small model with both technical quality and diving functions. Therefore, in 2011, Omega launched a small 37.5mm small model for the first time in the Ocean Universe family.
腕表 This watch is crafted from 18K gold and shines with elegance and luxury. The bezel is set with 42 diamonds, weighing a total of 1.55 carats. With integrated white or black leather strap.
The case is equipped with an Omega coaxial 8521 movement, which is also used in the Omega Ladymatic women’s watch series. The movement is equipped with a Si 14 silicon spring, so every watch equipped with this movement has a warranty of up to 4 years.

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe 37.5mm model with 8520 coaxial movement
Another 37.5mm marine universe stainless steel watch, equipped with the 8520 coaxial movement, and has a variety of attractive styles to choose from. The watch is equipped with a Si 14 silicon balance spring, which provides up to 4 years of after-sales service guarantee.
The bezel is made of black or white ceramic, set with 42 diamonds shining on it, weighing a total of 1.55 carats.
腕表 This watch is available with a black or white integrated leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet.

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