Hublot Opens First Indian Boutique In Mumbai

Hublot opens its first boutique in India, and the store is located at the Palladium Shopping Centre in the center of Mumbai. A perfect blend of traditional elegance and modern luxury, this mall is one of India’s most prestigious luxury shopping destinations. The new Hublot boutique covers an area of ​​more than 45 square meters and is located on the first floor of a shopping center. It blends materials and style with a pure modern and innovative spirit, reflecting the brand’s ‘fused art’ value concept. To pay tribute to the art world, the boutique decoration is inspired by the Pop Art paintings of the iconic BigBang series. In addition, BigBang, ClassicFusion, SpiritofBigBang, MP, and exclusive limited timepieces are on display in the store to cater for all watch lovers.

   Hublot Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupu said, ‘We are delighted and proud to be able to open our first boutique in India’s most well-known luxury retail destination. The opening of the new boutique not only showcases Hublot has continued to grow and succeed since the iconic BigBang series was born in 2005. It also reflects the brand’s willingness to continue to challenge fine watchmaking by integrating tradition and innovation to provide customers with the highest level of service. It is a new milestone for Hublot, and the Mumbai boutique will undoubtedly become a springboard for the brand to enter India and even go global. ‘

   Hublot Hublot brand ambassador and retired international cricket star Kevin Peterson attended the opening ceremony, adding icing on the cake, and interacting with well-known media and Hublot Hublot watch owners. Kevin Pittson also teaches Ricardo Guadalupe how to pitch at a specially designed arena.

   Rohit Sharma, a close friend of the Hublot brand and one of the world’s best hitters, is in Pune and represents India in the upcoming India-South Africa test match. Although he was unable to attend the opening ceremony, he passed Television broadcasts convey information to the media. Rohit Sharma congratulated Hublot on the opening of its first boutique in India and praised the brand’s social contribution to save the Indian rhino, and he was also working on it. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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Watch House Explains In Detail What Is Qf 印 印

QF mark, namely Qualite Fleurier. In 2004, sponsored by Mr. Parmigiani, four companies, namely Parmigiani Watch Factory, Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, Chopard and Bovet, jointly promoted the formation of a company called Fleurier Quality Foundation ‘and launched the QF Mark.

QF imprint originally had only four criteria:
1. Accuracy. In order to obtain each model of the QF mark, the movement must first be certified by the COSC Observatory (ISO 3159 standard).
2. Durability. The watch must pass a test called ‘Chronofiable’, which includes periodic push-button operation test, anti-magnetic test, impact test (excluding complicated function models), and waterproof test. The number of watches tested will be proportional to the number of watches produced. If the watch is produced within 1 ~ 100 pieces, 5 quizzes must be submitted; 101 ~ 200 pieces, 10 quizzes must be submitted; 20 or more quizzes need to be submitted.
3. Accuracy during actual wearing. Different from COSC, the watch must be placed on the ‘Fleuritest’ simulator for a 24-hour period swing test and the data recorded by the computer. On the continuously moving simulator, the watch must be maintained for 0 to +5 seconds a day. Within the error value.
4. Technical and aesthetic requirements. Like the Geneva mark, there are certain specifications for the decoration, polishing and material of the movement. For example, parts made of plastic are prohibited. All parts must be chamfered. They must be assembled by hand or mechanically, not in bulk; plating is prohibited. Nickel, unless used in stainless steel oxidation resistance … etc.
In 2012, a new rule was added to the above four specifications: 100% made in Switzerland; this rule only applies to the watch head and does not include the strap and buckle. Although any source of materials in the meter header can come from all directions, the processing of materials must be implemented locally in Switzerland; and the tasks of assembly and fine processing must of course be completed in Switzerland. In addition, if certain procedures cannot be completed in Switzerland and processed elsewhere, the Fleurier Quality Foundation is notified in advance.

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