Return To Jane, Taste To True

the man,
Be courageous
Climb to the top
We also need wisdom that can “stop”
Stopping, sitting forgetful

The heart has the Tigers, fine sniffing the rose
Huo Jianhua, the true, the pure heart
Taste the poetic life of Fei Lengcui
The fragrance of white truffle
Qin a rich morning
The strength of espresso
A quiet afternoon
The aroma of grape wine
Blend with the afterglow of the setting sun

When the ascension is bland
Complex and simple
Heavy to thin
The true meaning here is clear in my heart
Just like the Luminor Due watch worn by Huo Jianhua
Simple and slim
But it contains only the refined connotation

 The new Luminor Due three-day power reserve automatic red gold watch (PAM00675) is the first work in the Luminor Due series. With its exquisite movement structure and design ingenuity, it creates a slim case-its thickness is better than Luminor 1950. The model is reduced by about 40% (10.7 mm). At the same time, the sturdiness, strength and functionality of the watch are undiminished, and the unique style is even more evident.

 The watch has Panerai’s iconic crown bridge protection device, which can be recognized at a glance. The case is made of red gold, which makes it more luxurious when entering and exiting formal occasions. The design of the sandwich sandwich dial reflects the minimalist Panerai style: the important hour position is a number, the bar mark corresponds to the hour, and the auxiliary small second dial is set at 9 o’clock.

 Through the large sapphire crystal window on the back of the case, the details of the P.4000 / 10 movement are clearly visible. This movement is a precious and charming skeleton version of the P.4000 series, and it is also the thinnest automatic movement developed by Panerai Watch Factory.
 The bridge is decorated with a round frosted finish and gold-plated engraving. After hollowing out, it can see most of the structure of the movement. The most unique feature of this movement is the eccentric miniature oscillating weight that can be rotated in both directions. The 22K gold oscillating weight is decorated with Paris studs. It continuously supplies energy to two barrels, which can accumulate. Three-day power reserve.
 The balance wheel of the movement is double-supported, which is more stable and stronger than the single cantilever balance plate. The watch is also equipped with a special device that can stop the balance wheel while pulling out the winding crown to achieve time synchronization.
 The Luminor Due three-day power reserve automatic watch with a black alligator leather strap shows its deep temperament. Water-resistant to 3 bar (about 30 meters).

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Hermès Heure H Series Launched A New Work, Free Choice Of Two Materials

The Heure H series watch, born in 1996 under the promotion of designer Philippe Mouquet, is a long-lasting mark of Hermes. Nowadays, its meaning has already surpassed the wristwatch and become a symbol. It has kept the vitality, vitality and freshness through time. It all comes from a unique flash of light: capturing time with a single letter. This concept is profound and interesting, and aims to frame the passing time tightly.

   The Hermes fashion show conceived a double-circle strap, condensing the brand’s exquisite leather craftsmanship, which perfectly fits the watch case, while emphasizing the watch’s unique graphic shape. The classic polished design of the alphabet ears of the case, combined with the H-shaped geometric pattern made of micro-perforation on the second band, shows the ingenuity that reflects each other. In order to create a perspective effect, the craftsman also sandwiched a thin piece of cement gray ultra-thin leather between the two layers of leather constituting the strap.

   There are two versions of the Heure H watch case carefully created by Hermès watchmakers. The first is made of stainless steel with an apricot or cinnabar red strap. The second model is plated in rose gold with a black or elephant grey strap. The white lacquered dial is embellished with four Arabic numerals and metal hands, forming a pleasing contrast with the color of the strap. The work perfectly matches Hermes’ rigorous aesthetic style and technical standards, highlighting the superb craftsmanship of professional watchmaking.

Rose gold-plated version

Stainless steel version

Technical specifications
Designed by Philippe Mouquet (1996) in square, 26 x 26 mm or 21 x 21 mm, 316L stainless steel or rose gold-plated case with anti-glare sapphire crystal
Stainless steel version
White lacquered dial, rhodium-plated Arabic numerals, rhodium-plated hands
Rose gold-plated version
White lacquered dial, 4N gold-plated Arabic numerals, 4N gold-plated hands
Swiss made quartz movement
Hour and minute display
Stainless steel version
Apricot Swift Calfskin Strap
Vermilion Red Swift Calfskin Strap
Rose gold-plated version
Elephant Grey Swift Calfskin Strap
Black Barenia Calfskin Strap
Stainless steel version
316L stainless steel pin buckle, 17 mm
Rose gold plated
316L stainless steel rose gold plated pin buckle, 17mm

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