International Superstar David. Beckham Joins Hands With Tudor To Become The Brand’s Global Spokesperson

He is a huge fan on the field, talented and famous in sports. He not only conquered the stadium, but also a business elite, philanthropist and global fashion icon. He continued to make breakthroughs without fear, just like the Tudor watch, born to dare.

Tudor watch, born to dare

In 2017, Tudor launched a new brand declaration-Born to Dare. It inherits the brand’s rich tradition and presents its current values. It pays tribute to every fearless brave, and accompanies them on land, glaciers, air and It has made remarkable achievements in the four major underwater areas; at the same time, it inherits Hans, the founder of Tudor. The watchmaking philosophy of Hans Wilsdorf, even in the most demanding environments, Tudor watches still perform well and are worn by every brave. This declaration is a testament to Tudor’s unique style. It has repeatedly set a trend in the watchmaking industry and is a well-deserved leader.

As stated in the brand declaration, Tudor’s ‘born to dare to act’ spirit has set off a global wave, and has received the support of countless ‘dare to do’ people. Among them, David, an international superstar who has made outstanding achievements with his fearless spirit. Beckham is one of the best interpreters of ‘born to dare’. Tudor watches warmly welcomed him to join, and is full of confidence in this cooperation.

‘We are loyal to the classics, but uneasy about the status quo. We retain the essence of tradition, adhering to superior watchmaking technology, and possessing extraordinary product designs. However, we continue to make breakthroughs and strive for innovation. We are born with a mission and undergo severe tests. A watch designed by the brave and innovating brave. Tudor watch # 天生 敢 为 # ”

Always drunk

David. Beckham is not only remarkable in many aspects, but also very particular about fine jewelry. He often said: ‘British men especially like chic suits and smart watches, which complement each other.’ He has long loved watches, owning several Rolex watches, and using this to get to know Tudor. ‘I was deeply attracted by the details of the Tudor watch, so that I learned the history of the brand, and all kinds of wonderful stories about adventures, diving pioneers, expeditions, etc., instantly fascinated me.’

David. Beckham wears Tudor’s classic and elegant Glamour Date + Day gold and steel watch, and the retro-style Black Bay S & G diving watch.


David. Beckham was ambitious from an early age. Whenever asked about his ideals, he insisted on answering the ‘football player’. This young belief drove him to become the most loved and successful player in the history of football. He has joined three large football clubs and played 115 times for the English football team, including 59 times as captain. He has made brilliant achievements in the history of modern football: six times won the Premier League title, two Major League Soccer trophies, and the Spanish Football League and the Champions League.

Although he is not the player who scores the most or the fastest, the style of play is unique, precise and engaging. His passing is perfect, his ejection is flexible, and his skill is precise. The phrase ‘Bend it like Beckham’ sums up his dribbling skills. With the fearless spirit of moving forward, David. Beckham successfully realized his childhood dream.

Promote yourself

David. Beckham is one of the hardest-working players in football history. He never takes success for granted, even if injured or as a loan player, he always trains harder than most players. As an athlete, he improves himself every game.

Even after retiring from his professional career, he continues to inspire the public. Its philanthropic activities focus on the protection and welfare of children worldwide. He has been a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF for a long time, and is committed to combating malaria. He has devoted countless energy and time to local children in Africa, working hard to improve children’s health and promote education.

Keep breaking

In addition to charity and football, David. Beckham continues to break through, and his achievements have surpassed the status of legendary players. After retiring, he even relied on his ambitious ambitions to establish himself as a global fashion icon. His influence on popular culture is not limited to the field. He is also a model and actor, with numerous fans around the world.

Tudor watch

Tudor is a high-end Swiss watch brand. The mechanical watches produced are exquisite and elegant, precise and reliable, and have excellent quality. They are excellent value for money. The origins of Tudor can be traced back to 1926, the founder of Rolex Hans. ‘The Tudor’ trademark is registered in Hans Wilsdorf. In 1946, he founded MontresTudor SA, the watch produced by Rolex respected the quality concept, but the price is more acceptable. Since its inception, Tudor has been the best choice for adventure bravery in the four major areas of land, glaciers, air and underwater. Today, Tudor’s classic watches include the Black Bay, Pelagos, Glamour and Style. Since 2015, the brand has used Tudor to manufacture mechanical movements.

Tudor watches were born to declare—
Extended version

Product design philosophy
‘We are loyal to the classics, but uneasy about the status quo.’

Tudor draws inspiration from its rich traditions, and combines advanced technology and original ideas, with its watchmaking philosophy, it is determined to exceed the standard. Hans, founder of Rolex. Founded by Wilsdorf, Tudor was born with a mission to explore new areas and provide a watch that ‘allows dealers to sell for less than Rolex, but is as trustworthy as Rolex.’

Today, Tudor watches remain true to principles and adhere to standards of excellence. The brand reinterprets a long and rich history, and uses a unique design to boldly fuse classic and modern elements to create a unique watch.

Tudor watch, born to dare.

2. Product Features

‘We retain the essence of tradition, adhering to superior watchmaking technology and extraordinary product design. But we continue to make breakthroughs and strive for innovation.’

Tudor’s reinterpretation of the classics continues to attract attention for more than half a century. Tudor has no fear of breaking the rules. The new watch incorporates the 21st century’s new craftsmanship into the traditional essence; it is more fearless to push the limits, choose special materials, try various combinations, and draw different inspiration.

Tudor voted to relive the history of diving watches, draw inspiration from classics, and draw on modern elements. Tudor Black Bay series inherits many classic watches from Tudor watches directly. The eye-catching large crown and simple and elegant lines are derived from the 1958 Oyster Prince Submariner (model 7924) introduced by Tudor. The unique and angular ‘Snowflake’ pointer also borrows from the Tudor Submariner that the French Navy chose to wear in the 1970s. Classic design adds contemporary style to the new century.
The Black Bay Bronze case is cast from a marine aluminum bronze alloy and exudes a golden hue, ensuring durability in a marine environment. This alloy will develop a unique luster according to the wearer’s habits. In addition, this watch also pays tribute to the cooperation between Tudor and the French Navy.

In addition to the excellent design, the performance of the Tudor is also excellent. After five years of research and development, its R & D team equipped some models of the Biwan series with high-performance movements made by the brand. These watches have a power reserve of up to 70 hours, are ergonomic, and are accredited by independent agencies. Tudor’s standard is to continuously develop higher standards.

Tudor watches were born to raise the bar.

Watch world

‘Born with a mission, it has gone through a severe test.’

Tudor is designed for aggressive explorers. Whether attending a dinner party or challenging a harsh environment, Tudor watches work as expected in all situations.

Over the years, Tudor has been walking with the fearless, accompanying the wearer across the rugged Alps, accompanied by the British North Greenland expedition to explore the ice and snow, accompanied by the US Air Force airborne rescue team to perform aerial operations, and accompanied the French Navy frogman to explore the sea floor, all the time Test and prove yourself together in the challenge. Tudor watches live up to expectations, remain accurate and reliable, and have been baptized over time.

Today, from functional watches made solely for specific purposes to classic elegant dress watches, Tudor watches are built on a trustworthy spirit, and each watch is rigorously tested to ensure accuracy, reliability, and water resistance And rugged, far exceeding industry standards.

Tudor watches are born to be better.

4. Tudor lovers

‘A watch designed for brave men who are daring to be aggressive, fearless and constantly innovating. Tudor watches are born to do it.’

Whether past or present, the wearers of Tudor watches are ambitious, never stick to the rules, and dare to chase their dreams. Just like the Tudor brand, it steadfastly learns from the past and inspires what it thinks and does today.

The wearers of Tudor watches explore new experiences and expand the grand world. They know how to appreciate craftsmanship and understand the ins and outs of things. They are rigorous, meticulous, insist on using superior tools, and take pride in knowing what is ingenious.

The wearers of Tudor are full of curiosity and bravery, struggling to move forward with a passion for adventure and a spirit of adventure.

They are born to dare.

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