Unique Treasure Br-x1 Skeleton Tourbillon Sapphire Sapphire Skeleton Flying Tourbillon Watch

In 2016, Bell & Ross designed the BR-X1 CHRONOGRAPH TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE chronograph, which opened a new chapter in history. This is the brand’s first completely transparent watch. It has caused a huge sensation with the prestigious complicated watch, the outstanding technical performance and the iconic design ‘password’.

Three special watches, two available online only
   Today, this Zhuoqun BR-X1 watch has a new skeleton version, which will be unveiled at Baselworld. It will add Bell & Ross’s BR-X1 series with its bold and creative features. masterpiece. Among a total of six new special watches, three representative watches that combine transparency and color characteristics will be exhibited at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show, while also innovating features-sales methods: two of them It will only be sold online. This is a true milestone in the field of ‘high-end watches’, which once again proves the strength of Bell & Ross in e-commerce and the entire digital field.

Extremely transparent
   In 2016, the BR-X1 CHRONOGRAPH TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE chronograph presents magic wonders to the world with its amazing transparency: the chronograph movement is equipped with a flying tourbillon that looks like a weightless suspension. Last year, Bell & Ross pushed the boundaries further: it decided to develop a completely skeletonized tourbillon. The transparent nature of the sapphire case contrasts with the ‘lace’ effect of the hollow bridge, and the eccentric dial that can show everything-the mechanical core of the watch is frank and honest.

Color transparency
   Today, Bell & Ross has set itself a new challenge: adding color to the heritage of extreme transparency. To this end, many monochromatic movements have been created to meet the strict requirements of collectors with unique vision. The main splint, the bridge, the dial, the hands and the tourbillon frame are all in the same color, so each special model is equipped with a customized personality.

   The first of the three special models is black-this is also the representative color of the Bell & Ross brand since its creation, inspired by aircraft instruments. Black contrasts with the transparent sapphire case and translucent bracelet. The ruby ​​in the tourbillon frame has become the only luxurious and bright breath in this pure and solemn ‘Park’ elegant ‘landscape’.

   The second model expresses the elegance and dignity of a precious metal material. All visible metal parts of the movement are made of pure rose gold, like a gem wrapped in a glass box.

   The third BR-X1 SKELETON TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE watch pays tribute to the most cherished watchmaking tradition-the movement reflects the blue tone of retro timepiece hands. This is a deep blue with the transparency of the case and bracelet-adding a modern touch to the watch.
Pioneer in e-commerce and digital
   For the first time, Bell & Ross has provided contemporary collectors with a rare opportunity to purchase two special “high-end timepieces”. The black BR-X1 SKELETON TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE watch will be available only at Bell & Ross online stores.

   The blue model will be available on Mr. Porter’s website from March 21; the website is mainly engaged in high-end men’s brands, and its scope is unparalleled, which is why it is well-known; the website has been linked with Bell & Ross Bell & Ross cooperates for one year. Along with the sales concept, there is also a special special service: customers who buy watches also have the opportunity to visit the birthplace of these two special models-Bell & Ross Swiss Watch Factory, and Meet the designers.

   This unique program aims to strengthen Bell & Ross’s connection with e-commerce and digital. As the first watchmaking brand that founded the website as early as 1999, Bell & Ross opened the European online store in 2008, and once again became a pioneer. Then it opened the American online store the following year. There are as many as 300 models in the electronic product catalog.

   E-commerce has thus become a new sales trend and an effective way to get closer to brand customers and loyal fans. In 2009, with the creation of an official forum and partnerships with various fan forums, this strong group spirit was further enhanced.

   Last year, the Bell & Ross website was completely redesigned to enhance its ergonomic design and user experience, enabling brand advocates to share pictures directly using the UGC (User Generated Content) method. This new website has reached out to more than 20 countries (Europe, the United States, Australia, and now Asia), and is committed to fostering unusual and personalized relationships.

   In March of this year, Bell & Ross will launch two special ‘high-end watch’ works for online sales only, thus starting a new phase of its digital marketing. Exquisite and transparent, reaching the peak, regardless of timepieces or sales methods …

   The story of the BR-X1 SKELETON TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE series is continuing. Watches with other colors will shine in the almost invisible transparent case, which fully demonstrates Bell & Ross’s familiarity with sapphire. Make the most of light and heat as watchmaking materials.
BR-X1 Sapphire Hollow Flying Tourbillon
Movement: Movement number BR-CAL.288. Wind the tourbillon manually. 20 gems, 21,600 vibrations / hour, 100-hour power reserve.
Function: hour and minute hands. Flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock.
Case: 45 mm in diameter. Sapphire case.
Dial: skeleton at 12 o’clock. Filled with Superluminova® luminous applique hour markers. Metal hollow hour and minute hands filled with Superluminova®.
Mirror: Sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating.
Waterproof performance:-
Strap: translucent rubber strap.
Buckle: pin buckle. Satin-finished stainless steel.

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Extremely Luxurious Omega Coaxial Hollow Platinum Limited Edition Watch

OMEGA’s latest Hour Vision coaxial cut-out platinum limited edition watch is released. Every detail is perfect. The transparent sapphire case body on the side of the watch drives this extraordinary model. The watch’s unique Omega coaxial 8403 movement is clearly visible. The movement is equipped with a three-layer coaxial escapement device and has a time zone function. The hour hand can be adjusted independently without stopping the time, which is very suitable for travellers. Needed. Ultimate luxury Omega coaxial cutout platinum limited edition watch
The ØOMEGA coaxial hollow platinum limited edition watch has a diameter of 41 mm and is hand-crafted from 950 platinum. The 360-degree transparent sapphire case body is embedded in it with a tight fit. Through the transparent sapphire case body on the side of the watch, the unique Omega coaxial 8403 movement driving this extraordinary watch is clearly visible.
The eye-catching sapphire dial features a matte-finished blackened grooved hour ring and is engraved with the words ‘Limited Edition’. The polished hour scale is made of 18K white gold.
Ultimate luxury Omega coaxial cutout platinum limited edition watch
The movement is equipped with a three-layer coaxial escapement device and has a time zone function. The hour hand can be adjusted independently without stopping the time, which is very suitable for travellers. The screws of the Omega Coaxial Movement 8403 are polished, and the 18K gold is automatically embossed with a sapphire bottom plate. The bottom plate is engraved with the Omega logo, the English name of the movement and the limited number (00/88).
米 Omega coaxial hollow platinum limited edition watch discards unnecessary materials on the bottom plate and bridge to present a unique hollow visual effect, matte black leather strap, with polished 950 platinum buckle. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters. Only 88 pieces are on sale.

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