This Moment Reappears The Modern Retro Style. Tissot Watch Shuttles The 165th Anniversary In The Wrist.

The shadows of the years are getting thicker and thicker day after day after the sunshine chase, leaving rich and deep marks. Since its founding in 1853, from the birth of the first pocket watch to the current smart touchscreen watch, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot has concentrated the essence of different eras. It is not only the silhouette of the century-old history rushing through the time track, but also the side The mirror reflects the soul of the brand. When modern modern aesthetics and vintage elegance are combined, Tissot watches subtly blend the rich sense of the times into a sophisticated watch, condensing 165 years of history into precise timepieces, and creating the legendary prince classic when the brand was founded The series, the nostalgic classic series that was the pioneer in the watch revolution in 1936, the avant-garde avant-garde version in 1948, and the Iting series watch that reproduced the style of the 1960s, let the deep craftsmanship and avant-garde fashion Blend with each other and feel the rich fragrance of years.
Eternal Legend Engraving History
   Years cobbled together the outlines of memories, spreading freely in the light and shadow of the annual rings, looking back at the past, the Tissot watch reappears the classic with a replica watch, and stands alone in the quiet beauty of the heart. The prince classic centennial watch has shared a difficult journey from Russia to Leloc in Switzerland, which is undoubtedly the most representative classic reproduction of the brand. In 1916, a uniquely designed watch was exported to Russia and returned to the Tissot headquarters in Switzerland in August 1917, one year later. However, as the import of gold watches was limited to the outbreak of the October Revolution, Tissot could not return the repaired watches. Inspired by this story, this series of watches has been continued in order to commemorate this unfortunate trip that took place more than 100 years ago, and also to deeply impress the elegance of this watch into the pages of history.

Figure 1: Tissot Classic Centennial Watch

   The watch was inspired by a prototype sold in Russia in 1916. The whole shows a strong Art Nouveau style. The curved case designed to fit the arc of the wrist is quite unique. The rectangular case is matched with unique lines and digital time scales of different sizes. The dial adds a lot of modernity. The hands follow the original shape, and the fine texture of the crown represents a century of common elegance, all of which are embellished with the retro Tissot logo as the center, showing extraordinary beauty. It is worth mentioning that this series of watches has many styles, not only a deep black strap, but also a smooth vintage dark brown leather strap, its delicate and smooth touch, adding a touch of bright color to the wrist. The case is available in gold, silver, and rose gold as a choice, with a retro touch.

Figure 2-6: Tissot Classic Centennial Watch

Classic unforgettable reappears yesterday
   The walking of time creates the style of each era. Picking up a classic on the long river of Tissot watch history, through the story it carries, is enough to meditate on the glory of that era. Tissot nostalgia classic series 1936 replica watch is a reinterpretation of the classic Tissot watch, bringing the world once again to appreciate the charm of the 1930s. The watch design inspiration can be traced back to the watch revolution in the 1930s, when watches were gradually replacing pocket watches and began to dominate the market. After the tragic unprecedented World War I, people began to abandon pocket watches in favor of practicality in favor of wearing watches. The watchmaker began to weld arch buckles on the sides of the pocket watch case to attach the strap from the back to create a watch that can be worn on the wrist. The prototype of this classic watch is It is made in the spirit of innovation.

Figure 7: Tissot Nostalgia Classic 1936 Reproduction Edition

   The dial of the Tissot nostalgic classic 1936 replica watch is dominated by white and complemented by gray; the Breguet hands slide on the Arabic numerals, giving endless ancient charm; the spiral crown at three o’clock and six The small dial with track-type hour markers at the o’clock position adds a touch of inspiration to this retro charm. In the design of the strap, the leather strap carefully sewn with dense milky white stitching has a detachable structure; the watch body is flipped over, and the stainless steel back cover can be used to engrav personalized text and decoration. The back cover of the watch with the official bottom design allows you to watch the beautiful movement of the movement with just a light start. The arched lugs on the sides of the case are inspired by the welded lugs of the early watches, and they show the retro atmosphere of the pocket watch and watch. Every design element used is derived from the traditional watchmaking process and design adopted by the prototype model, and it pays tribute to the classics and gives it its unique personality charm, which perfectly restores the original appearance of the watch in this special period. It is worth reading carefully.

Figure 8-11: Tissot nostalgic classic 1936 replica watch

   徜徉 In the long history of the brand, there is a gem that emits a charming light, which attracts people to stop and play. In 1948, Tissot launched a watch that became a classic, which has now become one of the treasured collections of the brand museum. At that time, Tissot produced many men’s chronographs, mainly for ‘engineers, technicians, doctors, and athletes’ who needed reliable and precise instruments. Nowadays, the nostalgic classic series’s reproduction of this watch adheres to the consistent precision and exquisiteness of Tissot watches and is loved by many watch lovers. In 2017, the nostalgic classic 1948 engraved chronograph won the WatchOfTheYear2017 ‘Public Award’-the most popular watch by its public for its retro classic appearance and precise timing performance.

Figure 12-13: Tissot prototype chronograph produced in 1948

Figure 14: Tissot nostalgic classic 1948 replica watch won the WatchOfTheYear2017 ‘Public Award’

   The 1948 replica of the classic nostalgic series uses a mechanical movement to ensure that the outstanding features of the prototype watch are intact and can be seen through the carefully designed back cover. Original details such as the three timers on the dial further underline the precise movement of the watch. Other features such as double buttons, minute scales, decorative button details and special shaped lugs and willow-shaped hands are reminiscent of the watch’s design prototype, with a vintage atmosphere unique to the 20th century. The Roman numerals at 12 o’clock and the practical date display between 4 and 5 o’clock add a contemporary touch to the watch, giving birth to an amazing mix of fashion. This series also has a choice of exquisite black or brown leather strap or fashionable Milanese strap, which will bring its charm back to the world.

Figure 15-17: Tissot nostalgic classic 1948 replica watch

Beautiful and elegant
   Since its establishment, Tissot watches have always affirmed and praised women’s contribution to the times, and their self-breakthroughs have brought a momentary and sublime spiritual sublimation in time. Tissot watches have an inextricable relationship with many women. For them, watches are not only accessories or timepiece tools, but also a clear banner that announces women’s continuous progress towards beauty and freedom. The years have proved their infinite charm, they have added a rich fragrance to the history of the brand, and the track of time has formed a beautiful scene. In the gap of each time, Tissot celebrates the femininity with the cohesion of traditional timepieces based on tradition.
   The Tissot Iting women’s watch is inspired by a ladies’ gold watch introduced in the 1960s. This reprinted watch uses a unique pillow case design to showcase the original watch’s true colors and bring the grace and luxury of women in the 1960s. Incorporating the elegant and capable characteristics of modern women, creating a unique modern style. The dial is set with natural Weselton diamonds, and the case matches the case seamlessly, emitting a jewel-like light, making the watch like a beautiful bracelet.

Figure 18: Tissot Iting ladies watch

   The Tissot Yiting series carries the brand’s century-old watchmaking craftsmanship and richness. One watch contains a thousand words. This series is designed with a variety of options, ranging from stainless steel or rose gold PVD coated cases with white, black or red leather straps to all-steel bracelet styles with natural Westelton diamonds on the surface. Reflect the unique heritage and legendary color of the century.

Figure 19-24: Tissot Iting ladies watch

   In 165, the time rushed, Tissot watches remained unchanged at the beginning, and the concept of ‘innovation originates from tradition’ runs through time, leaving intriguing classics. Chenxiang is pervasive. As the marks of the years become stronger, in the future, Tissot watches will still adhere to the original intention and infiltrate the spirit of craftsmen into each timepiece of amazing time.

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