Monte Carlo Flower Face Cat Tudor Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue

In addition to the strong growth of self-made movements in recent years, another obvious trend is that replica watches are more and more popular with watch fans, so major brands of watch circles have also launched comprehensive The transplant of the original commemorative watch, in fact, whether from the perspective of consumers or the perspective of the brand to see the enthusiasm of the engraving trend, the result is a win-win situation.

The vivid contrasting design of today’s watch altar has appeared as early as Ref. 7169/0 introduced by TUDOR in 1973. Today, the blue eyed chronograph dial with orange hands is equipped with the precious Valjoux 234 hand-wound movement. A classic in the hearts of watch fans

On the one hand, from the perspective of the brand’s sales strategy, the introduction of replicas is undoubtedly the insurance but has the greatest gains. On the other hand, watch fans who are welcoming replica models on the market are eager to increase the value of the original models. The high price of original antique watches has increased, and the price is more than ten times higher than the original price launched by the husband. At this moment, the brand has launched a new replica. Compared with this model, not only is it much more reasonable, the original classic design can also be found almost from the new one by one. This is a big gospel for watch fans who truly love the original classic elements. This is also the TUDOR Heritage Chrono Blue It is a portrait of the mood of watch fans.

The crown of Ref. 7169/0 is the five-claw crown imprint of Rolex. The twin relationship between TUDOR and Rolex can be seen from the early models.

Heritage Chrono Blue is a replica of Ref.7169 / 0 from the Monte Carlo series. Nowadays, wanting to own a Ref.7169 / 0 in the market is already a luxury. Compared with the original version, it now starts at the auction at a starting price of US $ 16,000 and appreciates. More than 20 times, according to watch experts, this was because the function of the chronograph was not understood by the world at that time, so the value of the watch has skyrocketed, making people who want to collect the original watch discouraged.

The basic movement of the Valjoux 234 hand-wound movement is Valjoux 72, which uses ordinary flat-spring hairsprings. The production quantity is not large. Not only is it rare at auctions, but the auction prices have increased year by year. Most of it is treasured by watch collectors.

Monte Carlo eye-catching colors
This model is one of the masterpieces of digital reproduction after TUDOR launched the Heritage chronograph in Ref.7031 / 0 and Ref.7032 / 0 in the 1970s. The trend is mainly to transplant the chronographs of its Montecarlo series. Looking back at the history of the entire Monte Carlo series, the production period is from about 1970 to 1989, and it is divided into 3 generations. The first generation is Ref.7031 / 0, Ref.7032 / 0, the second generation has Ref.7149 / 0, Ref.7159 / 0 and Ref.7169 / 0, and the third generation is Ref.9420 / 0, Ref.9421 / 0, Ref. 9430/02, etc., are mainly characterized by eye-catching faceplate composition. Due to the bright colors with two chronograph dials at 3 and 9 o’clock, the binocular chronograph dial is like a pair of eyeballs, and the date at 6 o’clock The window with a magnifying glass design looks like a pair of mouths. The green face plate is like the color of a cat’s body. When reading, it looks like a cat with rich expressions. Therefore, it is nicknamed ‘flower face cat’ by many watch fans. The first generation of gray, the second generation of blue and gray, and the third generation of blue, gray, and black are consistent bright colors, although Monte Carlo’s production period is only Short 20 years, but strong color impact has left a deep footprint in the hearts of fans table.

The beautiful watch body comes from the delicate polishing of the hands. TUDOR’s exquisite watch art is amazing. From different angles of the watch body, you can enjoy the multi-level polishing process.

High C / P value
This 2013 TUDOR re-enactment was inspired by the second generation of Ref. 7169/0. The eye-catching bright blue of the bezel and binocular chronograph dial, and the orange chronograph second hand embellishment, TUDOR at Rolex Under the strong color army (black, green, red, blue) transit, the blue-faced orange hand chronograph produced by it, plus the new model based on the 2892 automatic winding movement, makes TUDOR in the same level of movement It performed well in the competition. The trinity of classic elements, eye-catching blue and orange, and reliable movement made the new collection more valuable.

Ref.7169 / 0

Bright orange on the chronograph dial, minute scale and chronograph seconds hand, do not put a touch of color, people’s eyes shine! The strong color aesthetic has become one of the characteristics of Monte Carlo.

Ref.7032 / 0

This model is one of the prototypes of the Heritage chronograph. It uses a Valjoux 234 hand-wound movement, a gray-black-eye orange needle design, and the color contrast aesthetics of the Monte Carlo series.
Rebuilding brand DNA
In 1973, TUDOR launched Ref.7169 / 0, its eye-catching bright faceplate is equipped with the rare Valjoux 234 hand-wound movement; in 2013, TUDOR transplanted its classic faceplate, under the design of the original model Infused with new elements, as small as the crown engraving and as large as the diameter of the table, all the details show that TUDOR wants to go out of the pre-Rolex style, rebuild the classic design of the brand, and make a chronograph with the taste of TUDOR. This can be seen at a glance from the logo on the crown and the textured strap used in recent years.
The clear Rolex five-finger crown on the original crown is no longer seen on the reissue. Of course, TUDOR uses a shield symbol that symbolizes perseverance and reliability. It is treated with blue lines and the most prominent blue of the watch. In response, in addition, the use of textured straps is a remarkable design created by TUDOR in recent years in order to shape the brand image. It is reported that in order to make a perfect textured strap, TUDOR has specifically sought a company with a long history, Cooperating with the workshop that advertises hand-made, the original design engraved by Heritage Chrono Blue is incorporated into the novel TUDOR gene to rebuild the king’s new style.

Heritage Chrono Blue

Stainless steel material / 2892 automatic movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal / waterproof 150 meters / table diameter 42mm / reference price: about 32,000 RMB
Robust and reliable movement
Heritage Chrono Blue is equipped with an ETA 2892 self-winding movement. In fact, the 2892 prototype movement appeared approximately in 1962. It was first adopted by Eterna under the number Cal.1466U. In 1976, ETA was improved to Cal.2892, which has a central second hand, date display and can be quickly adjusted. The ETA 2892 automatic winding movement changed the original vibration frequency from 18,000vph to 21,600vph, and finally fixed it at the current 28,800vph. Cal.2892 has been launched for more than 30 years. At present, the brands that have used this movement on the market are hard to count. It has a very high market share and is the most commonly used basic movement of many brands. Although it seems to use the same level of movement with other brands, there will still be significant differences with the polishing skills and adjustments of different brands. After the adjustment of TUDOR, the same level of ETA movements are more stable than ordinary brands. The polishing process is also very beautiful, and it can be said to be a reliable movement that does not matter.
The Heritage Chrono Blue has been adjusted from 40mm to 42mm in diameter. The pit pattern on the crown is more refined than the original stripe design. The bezel introduced in the original model in 1973 has Tachymeter performance to measure average speed. The enhanced chronograph function is displayed, and the double-sided rotating bezel increases the convenience of hands-on, and is equipped with triple waterproof performance, which adds to the practical performance of the watch itself, and the date window at 6 o’clock cancels the original model. Enlarge the design and add orange, gray, and blue textured straps that correspond to the color of the faceplate to add a young look to the watch. It is believed that it can expand the market and attract many young players to join the collection of TUDOR.

Equipped with a reliable ETA 7734 self-winding movement, the chronograph dial continues the style of the 1970s, and appears as a 45-minute chronograph dial. It is a 2010 TUDOR replica from Ref.7031 / 0 and Ref.7032 / 0.

Feature 1 Classic Blue-Eyed Gray Pin

Since the launch of Ref.7169 / 0, the Monte Carlo collection has launched a number of different styles, the most noticeable of which are blue, gray and orange. Although this series has a life span of only 20 years, its rareness and historical value make it not only popular among collectors today, but its value is rising steadily. This chronograph embodies the holiday style of the 1970s, and at the same time exudes a warm Mediterranean scenery. The classic blue-eyed gray-faced orange needles and the date window with 6 o’clock zoom-out display, in many details of the watch, you can appreciate its youthful design orientation.

Feature 2: Robust and reliable performance

Heritage Chrono Blue is 150 meters deep and about 500 feet deep. It is equipped with a 42mm stainless steel body with an enlarged 2mm diameter, a highly practical two-way rotating outer ring, and a blue aluminum bezel with electroplating treatment. Under the sapphire crystal, it is equipped with the ETA 2892 automatic winding movement, which has a power reserve of 42 hours and a frequency of 28,800 vibrations. Its stable and reliable performance makes it the basic movement of many brands. The new unique crown The surface of the handle is rolled and chrome-plated, and the pit pattern is used to increase the friction. Finally, it is decorated with the blue lacquered shield symbol of TUDOR, which is quite unique.

Feature three: hand-textured strap

Heritage Chrono Blue comes with two straps: one is a discount stainless steel strap and the other is a textured weave strap. The textured strap is made with the assistance of a long-established traditional textile workshop. Its tone and the iconic color of the surface subtly echo to ensure comfortable wearing. The blue, gray, and orange colors used for the strap are exactly the same as the classic Ref. 7169/0 faceplate introduced in 1973. At present, the blue-based models of the watch altar are very popular and trendy new colors Coupled with the new interpretation design of the watch, I believe that the bright colors of blue, gray and orange can call for the support of a large number of young watch fans.

Feature 4 Excellent luminous reading performance

Heritage Chrono Blue draws unique designs from the classic Ref. 7169/0, but there are many new ideas for redesign. The dial is set with two metal bevelled three-dimensional hour markers, filled with SuperLuminova fluorescent material between the two corners, and two chronograph dials are set in two blue trapezoidal patterns, one is a small 3 o’clock second dial, The other is the famous 45-minute chronograph dial of the TUDOR classic watch from the 1970s, set at 9 o’clock, and SuperLuminova fluorescent materials are also filled on the stick hour and minute hands to ensure that the display is clear and easy to read.

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Audemars Piguet Ultrathin Watch

Audemars Piguet Ultraslim Watch
UdeAudemars Piguet JULES AUDEMARS Slim Watch
White gold case, 41 mm diameter, 6.7 mm thick, cal. 2120 self-winding ultra-thin movement, silver dial with rose gold indexes
Keywords: complex creativity, ultra-thin comfort, Chinese market models, GMT, entry-level version 2.0, soft landing of high-tech materials, appearance first, three questions, elliptical movement
Music effect: March
Product style: stylish appearance, excellent quality, continuous innovation based on tradition
Featured series: Royal Oak and Jules Audemars
Number of new products: about 20 models (10 major models plus various new materials and precious metals)
Recommended models: Jules Audemars series small three-hand watch, Royal Oak offshore Arnold heritage watch
Comment: Only the best products, this is the most impressive impression of Audemars Piguet. Audemars Piguet’s global momentum last year was good. ‘Europe is stable, the United States is optimistic, Asia has ushered in iconic growth, and the Middle East has great potential.’ In this context, Audemars Piguet introduced 10 products in 3 series this year.
At the top of the pyramid is the Millennium series of oval-shaped movements, with tourbillons, three questions, and new escapement coming out. In the middle is the Royal Oak series, with a variety of high-tech materials coming in. Various craftsmanship takes care of, but it is never blind. It is the old love of Jules Audemars, ultra-thin, moon phase week calendar, dual time, manual, automatic winding, 5 basic styles constitute a solid base.

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Bucherlet’s New Manero Bigdate Power Watch

With the Manero BigDate Power watch, Carl F. Bucherer successfully created new design features within the typical design frame of the Manero watch family. Bucherer’s new Manero BigDate Power watch
Silver dial, Princess Dauphine hands (this is the first time used for Manero watches) and ruler combined, make Manero BigDate Power watch timeless and elegant. The round case with a diameter of 40 mm in stainless steel or 18 K rose gold emphasizes the classic look of the watch. The 18K rose gold bracelet or Louisiana alligator leather strap is still used, with soft chamfering, which makes the entire case look very harmonious.
Manero BigDate Power watch is equipped with CFB 1964 automatic movement, which has two major functions. This three-hand watch has a complete power reserve indicator at 6 o’clock, the scale extends in a gentle curve between 5 and 8 o’clock, and a small hand moves in this area to provide information about the remaining energy storage Information. In addition, there is a large date display frame at 12 o’clock.

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