Hublot Shanghai Store Unveiled And Announces Charity Auction With Manchester United

The 44th global store of Hublot Hublot, a Swiss top watch brand owned by LVMH, a world-renowned luxury goods group, was unveiled on July 24th at 1079 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai. The design of the entire store adhering to the distinguished black unique to the Hublot brand, carefully crafted by Swiss designers, is full of low-key luxury high-tech elements. HUBLOT cuts the ribbon in its new Shanghai store, from left: Mr. Loic Biver, brand director of Hublot China, Mr. Bryan Robson, ambassador of Manchester United club, coach Sir Alex Ferguson ( Sir Alex Ferguson) etc.
     Sir Alex Ferguson, the coach of Manchester United, a world famous football club, and Loic Biver, the brand director of Hublot China, hosted the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony. At the same time, both parties announced that Hublot and Manchester United will jointly present a grand catwalk show and charity auction for Chinese audiences on July 26.
     Hublot Nanjing West Road store honors Shanghai’s most prosperous luxury luxury business district, 1079 Nanjing West Road. The design of the entire store adhering to the distinguished black unique to the Hublot brand, carefully crafted by Swiss designers, is full of low-key luxury high-tech elements. Consistent with other Hublot boutiques located in the world’s top luxury shopping districts-Paris Vendome Plaza, Los Angeles Bellevue Hills, Ginza Japan, Central Hong Kong, and WAFI Dubai Dubai, Nanjing West Road boutiques will be luxurious, innovative and The concept of fusion is cleverly combined. The fusion of unique materials is the most prominent logo of Hublot, and it also plays a decisive role in the design of the specialty store. The black marble floor with leather furniture, glass and alloy counters and high-tech details complement each other, giving the entire Swiss-style store a more modern feel. In addition, Hublot’s senior professional staff will bring customers an exclusive experience.
Sir Ferguson and Mr. Brian Robson visit Hublot’s new Shanghai store
     As the first luxury watch brand to cooperate with football, Hublot and Manchester United forged a deep friendship in 2008 and became Manchester United’s ‘Official Timer’ and ‘Official Watch’. Over the past four years, the two parties have actively cooperated in the fields of watch design, brand promotion, charity, and launched a limited edition Red Magic series of watches. Outstanding representatives of the Swiss watchmaking industry and legendary giants in the history of football share common values: continuous pursuit and infinite enthusiasm for their own business, and dedication and care revealed from the details at all times.
Sir Alex Ferguson presents Hublot Big Bang Red Devils watch
     Sir Ferguson said at the ribbon-cutting ceremony: ‘On behalf of Manchester United, I congratulate Hublot on another milestone in the development of China, and look forward to the charitable initiative we will jointly build in Shanghai. By then, Hublot and Manchester United will once again work together for the children of the United Nations. The Foundation is working hard to raise money. ‘
     Louis Beaver, Brand Director of Hublot China, said: ‘Manchester United’s red spirit has inspired our desire and pursuit of peak achievements, and Hublot’s innovative spirit has injected infinite vitality and inspiration into our cooperation. We look forward to working with Manchester United join hands to create more legends for the world. Today, I would like to thank Sir Ferguson for attending with us to witness another milestone of Hublot in China and kick off the upcoming Hublot-Manchester Charity Fashion Show. Wait and see. ‘
Hublot Nanjing West Road Store
     On July 26th, Hublot will join hands with Manchester United stars in Shanghai. With the theme of ‘integrated art,’ Hublot will passionately contribute to the legend of a heroic showdown on the runway, and will be auctioned on the spot. UNICEF Raise money to benefit children.
     Hublot currently has 5 stores and 5 counters in Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Wuhan and other places. It will soon open stores in Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xiamen and other places, and plans to expand in the Chinese market within three years. To 15 companies, pushing Hublot’s development in China to a new peak.

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Sotheby’s Will Hold The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Special Auction On July 19

Sotheby’s is very happy to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first human landing on the moon, and has carefully planned the special auction of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. The auction, entitled ‘Omega Speedmaster: Round the Moon, Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing’, will be held in New York on July 19, 2019. The Omega Speedmaster is one of the most iconic sports watches in history and the first choice of astronauts for more than 50 years.

Omega Speedmaster Ref. 2915-1, belt (left) and steel (right)

   Highlights of this auction include two Ref.2915-1 watches and a prototype AlaskaIII Ref.145.022 watch. Ref.2915 is the first Speedmaster model ever. Its dial layout, metal bezel engraved with a tachymeter scale, the famous Caliber321 movement, a crown without protection, an Omega inlaid logo, and a large ‘wide arrow’ The hour hand is a distinctive feature that distinguishes it from the latecomers. Among them, the belt model is valued at 100,000 to 200,000 US dollars, and the steel belt model is valued at 150,000 to 250,000 yuan. The Alaska III was made for NASA’s Space Shuttle Project in 1978. The watch is equipped with an anti-glare sapphire crystal and a clear, easy-to-read black dial.

Omega AlaskaIII Ref.145.022 prototype watch

   In addition, this auction also brings together many carefully selected Speedmaster timepieces, all of which have been reviewed by Omega. For decades, Speedmaster watches have become a symbol of high quality and reliability, making it the only designated timepiece suitable for wearing on the moon. Fifty years ago, the Apollo 11 moon landing program was epoch-making. This Omega auction was not only a great way to commemorate, but also a tribute to the watch that helped NASA successfully complete its mission. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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Dazzling Three Blancpain Women’s Watches Guangcai

BLANCPAIN recommends three women watches with totally different craftsmanship in the name of women’s beauty, dedicated to women with diverse and unique attitudes. The orbital inlay method of the Meteor Rain Tourbillon dances the beauty of the diamond curve, and the large date tourbillon shows the top mechanical watch technology.
   Limited edition of 14
Valentin uses mother-of-pearl hierarchical sculpting and color gradation to bring the rose’s flamboyant life to life, perfectly showing the delicate and exquisite arts and crafts. Won the Best Women’s Watch at the 2014 Geneva Watch Awards. The use of a gradual double-circle diamond inlaid bezel and a diamond curve and spiral engraving on the dial, such as a feminine figure, fully demonstrates innovative and elegant design techniques.

   Combining jewellery watches with top sophisticated watch technology, Blancpain has been committed to breakthrough innovations for women’s watches. In this meteor shower watch, the spiraling spiral of diamonds uses Blancpain’s patented orbital concealed inlay method, allowing the diamond to be inlaid under the dial and supported by a round polished micro-ball under the diamond. Brilliant diamonds are embedded into the tiny holes as small as 0.01 mm from the back of the dial. With the claw-free setting technology, the dial and diamond are integrated into one, so that beauty and luxury are perfectly displayed.
   The Meteor is equipped with a 6925 self-winding movement, consisting of 307 parts. The dial is centered on the flying tourbillon at twelve o’clock, and it spins out like a whirlwind, like a rare sky. The meteor shower, the large date window at six o’clock corresponds to the flying tourbillon flying in the sky at twelve o’clock, and the hours and minutes are displayed. The sapphire crystal back case can carefully taste the extremely delicate carving of every small part. Whether it is hand-polished, sanded and chamfered, the Geneva corrugated decoration, the unique hollowed-out automatic disk, shows the extraordinary craftsmanship of Blancpain watchmaking masters.
   The meteor shower dial is set with a total of 194 diamonds weighing 0.73 carats, and the lugs and bezel are also set with 166 diamonds weighing about 1.34 carats. Sharp and sharp 38mm
18K white gold case with self-winding 7-day power reserve, water-resistant to 100 meters, sapphire case back, alligator strap, and Alzavel calf leather lining.

   Limited to 14 St.
The Valentin watch is crafted with the master of mother-of-pearl carving, the dial is made of white mother-of-pearl, and a pink rose is inlaid in the center with extremely sophisticated sculpting techniques. This delicate and vivid rose is first carved out of each petal on white mother-of-pearl, and then the entire relief rose pattern is cut and cut. After multiple dyeing treatments, the rich layering of the flower is completely colored, which looks lifelike. Create feminine femininity.
   This watch is equipped with a 2653C movement and a white gold case with a diameter of 36.6mm. It is self-winding and has a 72-hour power reserve. It is decorated with 121 double-turn white diamonds on the bezel and conical cut diamonds on the lugs and watches. Crown and dial with BLANCPAIN
Women’s classic eccentric hour hand, so that this bright rose can be fully displayed in front of the world, the case back is also decorated with a pink shell carved automatic plate and a white ostrich leather strap.

   Incorporating the two functions of retrograde and eccentricity, which are considered to be exclusive to men, into the exquisite jewellery watch, the watch is no longer just a women’s jewelry decoration accessory, and its practicality has also been greatly improved. The bezel gradually double-circle diamond inlaid, the mother-of-pearl dial elegantly draws a diamond dividing line like a female S curve, the vortex carving of eccentric hands and diamonds of different sizes are scattered on the dial, and the overall design is omnipresent Perfectly integrated to the extreme and also the feminine feminine lines.
   Equipped with 2663SR movement, 72-hour power reserve, diamond-set mother-of-pearl dial (approximately 0.153 carats), bezel-graded double ring diamond setting (approximately 1.000 carats), and crown set with 1 cone diamond (approximately 0.090 carats) . A 36.8mm diameter 18K red or white gold model with a self-winding power reserve of 72 hours, a water resistance of 30 meters, a sapphire caseback and a white ostrich leather strap.

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