Limited To Eight Beijing Spot Jacques De Loire 18k Gold Carved Bird Watches

Recently, the editors of Watch House learned about the sales of relevant watches from the Beijing Hendry Group Co., Ltd. and the Glashütte Store in Shuangan Mall. Today I introduce to you a limited edition of eight 18K gold bird black dial watches, which are in stock in the store. Now let’s get to know this watch together. The official model of this watch is: J005023570.


The hometown of Mr. Pierre Jaquedro, the founder of Jacques Dro, is in the Jura valley in Switzerland. Time and nature blend harmoniously, which makes the watchmaker fascinated with the scenery of his hometown and birds in the valley . In the 18th century, the Jacques Droe family can be regarded as the leader in the field of luxury watch decoration. Jacques Droe is famous for its pocket watch case, bottle decoration, snuff box and even the surface of the bird cage. Fine filigree enamel or enamel painting. To this day, Jacques D’Oro has taken this unique handicraft as a precious historical heritage and launched two watches with white mother-of-pearl dial and black onyx dial, both set with 18K gold carved birds.


The antique gold is carved with simple geometric lines and embossed bird pictographs. The pictographs are derived from ancient traditions, and Jacques Droil gave this artistic masterpiece to the PetiteHeureMinuteRelief watch. The eccentric hour and minute dials provide more creative space: the birds are fed on the black onyx dial, and the contrasting colors are eye-catching, making the hand-made bird-embossed relief patterns come to life.


The two 18K gold birds on the black onyx dial of the watch are portrayed vividly, which is precisely the excellent decorative arts created by Jacques Delo by virtue of the carefully preserved tradition of excellent manual craftsmanship.


The watch is equipped with the automatic movement of Jacques de Roche 2653, which uses a dual barrel design. The winding can provide a power reserve of 68 hours, and its classic clover decoration can be seen on the movement’s plywood.

In-store public price: ¥ 493500 (collected in October 2013)

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Watch Series: LesAteliersD’art
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K red gold
Strap Material: Belt Satin
Case diameter: 41 mm
Watch details: jaquetdroz / 23959 /

Please consult your dealer for more details:

Availability: Yes
Distributor Name: Hengdeli Shengshi Watch Store Beijing Shuang’an
Dealer address: Jacques de Lo Showcase, No. 38, North Third Ring Road West, Beijing
Dealer Phone: +861062138820
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[Note]: The pictures in the article are real pictures taken by the editor at the ‘front line of the market’, so if necessary, please contact the dealer in advance. (Picture / text watch home Chen Zhongyun)

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Introduction Of Cartier D ‘art Series Watches

6 new Cartier d’Art series products launched by Cartier this year, once again show the unique insights of this jewellery family on timepieces. This series of watches use gems, enamels, reliefs and fine wood inlays and other crafts, beautiful. Quoting Cartier’s original words, ‘Time is no longer the protagonist, and craftsmanship is essential: openwork carving; gold-lined enamel; gem-inlaid mosaic pattern; layered enamel; precious wood inlay’ & hellip; The master of craftsman’s deft hands creates beautiful poems, which make people feel refreshed. & rdquo;

Rotonde de Cartier watch in white gold
‘The blue enamel pattern based on blue is soft and delicate, with clear gradients and layered layers, showing the beautiful scenery of the night sky and reflecting the sky. & rdquo;

Through the gradient color, the effect of light and darkness is reflected, so that the colors of the sky and clouds in the pattern appear clear and bright at any time and place, glittering with stars dotted with silver foil. Then observe the white polar bear’s back, head and feet under the ice in turn. The arrangement of gradient colors gives the pattern a sense of layering, creating a unique light and shadow effect. Until the last moment, the master craftsman still needs to concentrate, because a few mistakes will cause the previous work to be abandoned. For example, the enamel coating is too thick, the baking time is too long, or the external pressure is too much. Craftsmanship.
Rotonde de Cartier rose gold watch
‘With a delicate mosaic setting process, the onyx, carnelian, coral, agate, jasper and mother-of-pearl are inlaid into a turtle pattern. & rdquo;

First, pick the gems. There are many types of gemstones, including onyx, tiger’s eye, eagle eye, yellow petite, carnelian, yellow jasper, palm jasper, Kalahari jasper, yellow agate, mossy agate, coral and mother-of-pearl. Subsequently, the gem setting technician polished and cut the warm-toned natural stones selected into small squares with a side length of 0.75 mm and a thickness of 0.4 mm. Then, the gem squares are set one by one in a predetermined order. The entire turtle pattern is inlaid with 1,167 gems. All gems are pasted on the dial and then consolidated to ensure a uniform and smooth surface. Gem setting alone requires more than 60 man-hours.
Rotonde de Cartier white gold jumping watch
& ldquo; The warm-toned natural woods such as mother of Liu, red maple, walnut, or poplar are used to create the three-dimensional effect of brown bear fur with the delicate and delicate wood inlaying process. & rdquo;

To inlay bear fur, ten different natural woods from Europe are used, such as: holly, chestnut, poplar, willow, silver or red maple, walnut or Burr walnut, patterned maple, and Alin Mountain and other wood. The 38 pieces of wood that make up the dial are cut into tiny tows, some of which need to be darkened in order to create a three-dimensional effect with different shades. Next, you will stick these pieces of wood on the dial one by one.
Tortue XL yellow gold watch
‘With relief art and enamel crafts, using gold, black, and light brown, delicately and vividly depict the cheetah’s vivid and realistic look, eyes are deep and lifelike. & rdquo;

It takes more than 60 hours to carve and assemble the relief decoration, and it takes 25 hours to complete the enamel decoration of the big fire. The most tested skill is the technique that highlights the three-dimensional sense of the cheetah’s beard. The craftsman first carved the inner wall with a pointed chisel, and then polished each part with resin. The master craftsman alternately uses seven colors of black, purple, gray, milky white, bright white, brownish yellow, yellow green, etc., combining freehand and delicate techniques to create a cheetah with beautiful lines and wild atmosphere. The most tested skill is the technique that highlights the three-dimensional sense of the cheetah’s beard. The craftsman first carved the inner wall with a pointed chisel, and then polished each part with resin.
Ballon bleu de Cartier large white gold watch
‘The fur monkey is vividly and vividly paved with cognac yellow diamonds, with different shades of enamel green leaves, suitable for light and shade, forming a bold but unique pattern. & rdquo;

The key to the process of filling enamel lies in the processing of its grooves, which is indeed a test for the skills of master craftsmanship in pattern reproduction and engraving. To make a dial decorated with enamel paint, you need to place the dial in a high-temperature kiln at about 800 degrees Celsius for high-temperature baking, and repeat it several times; and the painting techniques must be accurate and infallible. This magical manufacturing process takes 36 hours to make the lines on the enamel surface bright in color and full of three-dimensionality.
Santos 100 medium white gold watch with hummingbird motif
‘With pink and blue mother-of-pearl inlays, and colorful enamel painting, winged hummingbirds are created, as if lingering on a flower composed of pink sapphires. & rdquo;

This feminine piece of art is decorated with ten mother-of-pearl panels, nine colors of enamel, and twenty pink sapphires. The pattern on the watch breaks through the limitations of the dial and extends to the bezel and case. The patterns are colorful, coordinated, and dazzling under the light.

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