Glashuti’s Original Eccentric Moon Phase Watch Is Romantically Presented In The Time Crisscross. Under The Witness Of The Moon String, Deep Love

Floating and sinking in life, we walked through thousands of mountains and rivers to be lucky enough to meet someone alone, and harvest romantic and beautiful love. Love is the dream of every woman, making people forget themselves, and only the other side in their eyes. You can’t tell the beauty and ugliness of others, but this unique he / she must be the most beautiful personification. Every person has their own personality, so each relationship is unique. Glashütte Original selects eccentric moon phase watches with different styles for Valentine’s Day. The classics condensed with the classic essence of 100 years of originality write the eternity of love. On this special day, ‘Sections’ affection makes love deeper and affection more than gold Firm.
Time is light, love is so beautiful
   It is a kind of life wisdom to make time clear and lively, neither intense nor publicity. Glashütte Original is the first choice of two PanoMaticLuna eccentric moon phase ladies watches for Valentine’s Day, with a subtle yet romantic blue and elegant and subtle rose pink hue.

   The light blue tone releases the quiet power, as if a glimpse of the crowd in the crowd, indifferently agitation, people can not forget for a long time. By brushing the blue tone on the back of the mother-of-pearl plate and translucent it to the front, you can get a unique quiet blue with the mother-of-pearl’s shiny reflective texture; and the ‘heart-sucking’ powder is an original and romantic gift of Glashütte China. Women in love need it in particular, becoming a unique and elegant woman.

   In addition to the tender feelings, such ‘heart-sucking’ powder in the interpretation of the artist Cui Yiwen, also shows the unique connotation attributes of mature women, expresses an elegant spirit that has been experienced by life, and takes her as if entering a richer one. Life experience. Two eccentric moon phase ladies watches-the versatile attributes of quiet blue and rose pink also allow you to easily match the fashion sense, which one do you prefer?
   The entire dial creation process of the Eccentric Moon Phase Ladies Watch has more than 40 processes. The iconic eccentric dial conforms to the golden section aesthetic law, bringing unique aesthetic taste. Glashütte’s original classic large calendar design is simple and easy to read at the same time. The three-dimensional embossed moon phase display disc is polished by diamonds to collect the moon phase changes. The high-quality jewelry crafts are set with diamonds on the hour markers and bezels. Clear and bright, she is attractive and wears no matter whether it is still blue or rose pink, she will definitely become the most noticeable one among the crowd. The watch is equipped with the brand’s self-made 90-12 self-winding movement, double gooseneck fine-tuning mechanism, skeletonized automatic tourbillon, pearl pattern decoration and other exquisite craftsmanship, which perfectly show the eccentric moon phase ladies watch.
Since then, there is one more you in the dimension of time

   Everyone walks on their own time dimension. Only one special person can meet with you and stay in your life. Born in a ‘pair’ to witness the long flow of love, Glashütte’s original selection of these two lovers’ watches, different color combinations fit their separate souls. The men’s elegant red gold case is paired with a low-key matte black dial. The female dial is made of Tahiti mother-of-pearl, such as beautiful clouds floating on the mysterious mother-of-pearl dial, changing and elegant. The 83 gorgeous diamonds are set with fine jewellery craftsmanship on the hour-markers and bezels.
   The contour curve of the large calendar for men and women has also been carefully designed. One corner point is clearly masculine, and a soft roundness highlights charming elegance. The embossed moon phase disk at 2 o’clock conveys a highly artistic style. The eccentric design of the dial presents the ultimate harmonious aesthetic taste of the golden section, and it is more a reflection of the romantic atmosphere of Valentine’s Day, and they become each other’s favorite eccentric love.

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