Enjoy The Joy Of Fish And Water, Its Joy Also Melts

Checking the information on the Internet, I stumbled upon that someone published an article a few years ago, introducing some watches with fish as the pattern, I feel really beautiful. However, since the article was published in August 2016, a full three years have passed. During this period, many brands have launched many fish-related watches. I would like to share my collection with you. These beautiful timepieces that make people rejoice. It has nothing to do with technology, pure appreciation. The new chapter first admire some of the new Hermes Arceau Grands Fonds limited silk scarf tropical fish pattern watch released in recent years. The white gold case diameter is 41 mm. Relying on the micro-mosaic glass mosaic technique, many colored glass are manually inlaid on the surface of the plate to form a colorful tropical fish pattern. The motif comes from the brand’s Grands Fonds square, created in 1992 by French artist Annie Faivre. Automatic winding, 50-hour power reserve, limited edition of 6. Jacques de Rouge gold carp hour and minute dial watch red gold case diameter 41 mm. The white gold dial is decorated with enamel. The lower part of the enamel is decorated with 3 embossed koi swimming in the blue water waves. There is a hand-carved red nasturtium on the lower left side of the dial. Automatic winding, power reserve 68 hours, limited edition 28 pieces. Jacques Droe micro-painted Koi hour minute dial watch and China’s Jacques Dro, which has deep roots in China, have many works with Chinese elements. The red gold case is 39 mm in diameter. On the black large fire enamel dial, there are 3 tailed koi patrolling in the lotus pond. The pebbles at the bottom of the pond are clearly visible. Automatic winding, power reserve 68 hours, limited edition 28 pieces. A tail of Koi in the Jakodro Magic Lotus Koi Wren watch revolves around the disk repeatedly, every 30 seconds, in addition to the tail swinging left and right, it will also move up and down. There are 4 lotuses in the pond created by mother-of-pearl, which represent spring, summer, autumn and winter. One of them is a lotus that rotates with the surface of the disk. The color of the heart changes every time it turns out from the hour or minute plate or under the lotus leaf. The dragonfly is a power reserve indicator. When it falls on the lotus leaf, it means it is time to wind the watch. With a diameter of 43 mm, it is available in red or white gold, each limited to 28 pieces. The Bowei Amadeo Fleurier series Koi watch also has a close relationship with China, and this year also brought the favorite theme of the Chinese people-Koi. A total of six koi carps swim in the lotus pond on the dial of the glazed fire enamel. The breeze blows, but it is sparkling, and it is peaceful and rich. The white gold case is 39 mm in diameter, the bezel is set with diamonds, and the crown and strap bolts are set with convex-cut sapphires. Easily switch between watches, pocket watches, and clocks without tools. The Bucherer Plavich dive watch is a special version of the black devil fish, also known as a manta ray or blanket owl. For many years, Bucherer has cooperated with the ‘Devil’s Fish Foundation’ to donate part of the sales proceeds of watches to the research and protection of this giant fish. The titanium case has a diameter of 44.6 millimeters and is treated with a diamond-like carbon coating to give it a deep black color. It is equipped with a titanium / ceramic bezel and is water-resistant to 500 meters. Automatic winding, power reserve of 38 hours, certified by the Swiss official observatory. For the 8th Only Watch auction, to be held on November 9, 2019, Bucherer Plavi’s Only Watch 2019 Special Edition. Therapeutic research contributes to the disease, and the winner of the auction can also get a luxurious trip to Lucerne, Switzerland, the birthplace of Bucherer. The watch parameters are the same as the previous watch, except that the case is changed to white gold, the dial is decorated with 8 silhouettes of devil fishes, and the color is blue that represents hope. A set of 10 Manara mermaid watches in Athens gold, from the handwriting of Italian famous erotic comic artist Miro Manaha. Ten paintings run through a theme, but at the same time are independent of each other, depicting a picture of human women and mermaids intertwined on the sea floor. This is the real ‘fish and water joy’. The fragrance is charming but not vulgar. The case is made of stainless steel or rose gold, with a diameter of 40 mm. Each type is made of 10 sets, with a total limit of 200 pieces. Patek Philippe’s rare craft series watches are the guardians of the traditional crafts in Geneva. Every year, Patek Philippe will present many rare craft timepieces at the Basel Watch Fair. There are watches, pocket watches, and dome clocks. Decorative craftsmanship flourishes. They are all available in limited quantities and some are unique. Last year, the series launched two tropical fish watches made of glazed filigree enamel, one in white gold and one in rose gold. The old story is not enough? Then look back at the old model Blancpain classic cavity cocklethorn watch released 3 years ago, rose gold case diameter 45 mm. Blancpain, who cares about the ocean, has been dedicated to sponsoring the research and protection of the ancient but endangered species of coelacanth. Since 2102, it has sponsored Lauren, a marine biologist and a famous underwater photographer five times. A research project on the Coelacanth Expedition Research in Ballesta. This watch uses the gold carving process to reproduce this living fossil on the titanium surface. The Bulgari Il Giardini Marino Di Bvlgari watch in rose gold has a diameter of 37 mm. The blue dial is filled with enamel, and the tropical fish pattern is collaged with turquoise, coral and mother-of-pearl. The dial is set with brilliant-cut diamonds and the crown is set with a convex red tourmaline. At 6 o’clock, it is equipped with a floating tourbillon with automatic winding and a power reserve of 64 hours. Chopard Happy Fish watch rose gold case diameter 36 mm, bezel set with 3 different sizes of diamonds, snowflake-like sapphire dial, swimming fish carved with mother-of-pearl, gold-plated fish, red fish-eye Jade, there are 7 iconic active diamonds, limited to 25. Chopard Happy Fish watch The dial of another Happy Fish watch is made of turquoise mother-of-pearl, slightly turquoise. The fish in the center of the dial is low-key and secretive during the day, and gradually glows at night to reveal its figure. Five swirling diamonds can fluoresce in the dark and dance with a rose gold fish in the underwater world. Stainless steel case with rose gold bezel, 36 mm diameter. Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Polar Landscape watch in 38mm white gold case with diamonds set on the dial, a mother whale on the dial with a baby whale swimming and playing. A set of four watches depicts four kinds of polar animals-whales, polar bears, penguins, and seals, all of which show the interaction between the mother and the cub. This watch won the Best Jewellery Watch Award at the 2011 Geneva Watchmaking Awards (GPHG). Cartier Master Craft Series Translucent Hollow Enamel Fish Decoration Watch 42 mm in white gold. Cartier’s master craftsmanship series is always amazing. This watch launched in 2013 uses translucent hollow enamel technology to create a scene of a smart fish swimming among corals on the sea floor, with bright colors of fish. Corals drift with the water, very vivid. Bezel set with diamonds, limited to 30 pieces. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon Carp watch in white gold is 42 mm in diameter. The case, bezel, lugs and crown are all set with baguette-cut diamonds. A red, black and two-tailed koi swim in a blue pond with micro-painted enamel. There are lotus flowers made of diamonds in the pond. Willow leaves swaying on the pond, an oriental Zen meditation. At 6 o’clock, there is a floating tourbillon, so that the water of the entire pond also flows around as if swirling. Vacheron Constantin Art Master Series La Symbolique des Laques-Carp and Waterfall Watch in white gold with a diameter of 40 mm, a set of 3 pieces, each with the theme of 3 types of water animals representing good luck in the Japanese culture-turtle, frog carp. The naki-e craft used on the plate is in cooperation with Zohiko from Kyoto. Established in 1661, it is a long-established Japanese traditional lacquerware brand. The two-tailed carp on the surface of the river flowed up against the rapid waterfall, which has the beautiful meaning of the carp leaping through the dragon gate. Vacheron Constantin’s Les Univers Infinis-Fish watch white gold case 40 mm. It is also a set of 3 motifs from paintings by Dutch painter and sculptor Maurits Cornelis Escher, which are fish, white pigeon and starfish. These geometric patterns are designed symmetrically and there is no gap between them. The surface of the plate is matched with shades of blue and gray to create a scene of fish swimming together, and the process uses machine-engraved carving and filigree enamel. Limited to 20 pieces, certified by the Seal of Geneva. The last watch of Jacques Dro micro-painted Koi hour and minute dial watch is still back to Jacques Dro who loves Chinese culture, and the theme is Koi. Ivory-colored bright fire enamel dial with 4 tails of carp micro-painted, swimming freely in the lotus pond, reminiscent of the ancient Han Dynasty Yuefu poem ‘Jiangnan’: ‘Jiangnan can pick lotus, lotus leaf Hetian Tian, ​​fish play lotus leaf .Fish play lotus leaves east, fish play lotus leaves west, fish play lotus leaves south, fish play lotus leaves north. ‘Red gold case 39 mm, automatic winding, 68 hours power reserve, limited to 28 pieces. This article contains a large number of original pictures, some of which are from the brand or the Internet. Anyone may not use them without permission. Please contact us for permission to reprint.

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