Langue Watch Authenticity Judgment Method

  Generally, the most easily exposed fake Lange watch is the LOGO, especially the LOGO on the surface. You can watch the workmanship carefully with 4x eyepieces. If it is a metal LOGO, the true watch is generally as bright as new, and the edges of the fake watch LOGO are rough, and there are some irregularities. There are shades, you can see more clearly with 8x eyepieces. (Usually LONGINES, Hundreds, OMEGA, ROLEX and other watches are copied more)

Two. Table mirror
  Lange watches generally use sapphire crystals. With the advancement of technology, fake watches have begun to follow suit.
Sapphire mirrors for fake watches are generally easy to see, because fake watches will not be coated with anti-reflection layers on the mirrors, let alone double-layer coatings, so they reflect badly under light. It only needs to be irradiated with ultraviolet light, and the reflection is extremely serious; since the real watch has an anti-reflection coating, there is not much reflection under strong light, and it has purple or blue glare.
3. Put your head
  In general, the handle of a fake Lange watch is the easiest to reveal. The handle of the fake watch will use the same process. The polished and plated parts are not uniform. Whether it is plated or gold-plated, there are always differences in shades. If you look closely, you can also see the exposed part. If the case that is relatively real is not easy to detect, you can carefully observe the head part. In addition, the handles of many famous watches have their own specifications, and fake watches are almost the same. This can be easily seen by just looking at the appearance of the real watch.
4. Back cover
  The back cover of the fake Lange watch is not made according to the preparation of the famous watch. For example, the original screw cap is made into a gland. Friends who are interested may wish to pay attention to it. Some watch back covers are octagonal or several screw back covers. In order to save costs, fake watches will make unremarkable screw cap-shaped glands.
V. literally
  Literally you can easily find handwritten traces with an 8x eyepiece.
6. Numbering
  The Lange watch factory has its own fixed numbering rules, and has its own serial number. According to this number, you can find the specifications of the watch, even the date of manufacture and the place of sale, while the fake watch only uses a number, and even Since there is no number, it is easy to distinguish.
  The numbers of some true watches appear in different places on the watch, but the fake ones only appear on the back cover of the watch.
Seven. Bracelet
  The workmanship of the bracelet can clearly see that the traces of handwork must be imitation watches. Although some fake butterfly straps of butterfly buckles are relatively delicate, they have rough and unpolished details at the corners of the activities. You can find them by carefully flaw.
Eighth hand
  Observe the fake Lange hands carefully with eyepieces, you can find tiny traces, which are the tweezers marks left during installation, the real watch will not see similar traces at all.
  The shape of the hand is obviously different from the real watch. Even if I have seen the real J watch, the second hand can see the problem. The fake second watch is rough and short. This is the biggest problem. The real watch is general. The second hand is longer than or equal to the length of the minute hand.
Nine. Movement
  Sound: Except for fake watches such as the Swiss movements, such as 2824, 2836, the other movements have a frequency of 21600. You only need to pick it up in your ear to hear it, almost all of which are slower ticking sounds. The watches are all above 28800 frequency, but many real watches also have slow swings, so this is just one of them.
  Grinding: There is no need to talk about it. Generally, fake watches are not polished. But now there are many fake movements on the market that are polished, but the roughness of processing can be easily found with an eyepiece.
  Structure: (Each watch movement has its own different structure, instead of ETA’s 2824 can be imitated)
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Modern Personality Petite Promesse Watch Appreciation

In 2016, Baume & Mercier brought new masterpieces for urban fashion women, exquisite and small appearance, coupled with beautiful and natural line design, matched with sparkling diamond inlay, recording the elegant moment of life. The Petite Promesse watch comes in three styles in total. This bright blue strap watch, the official model 10288, uses a transparent hue, which is brighter than midnight blue and deeper than sky blue. Wrist accessories are so modern and fashionable.

    The diameter of the watch is only 22 millimeters, which is exactly the size of a classic women’s watch that has just become popular in the first half of the last century and accompanied by the Art Deco trend. The bezel of the Baume & Mercier Petite Promesse watch is set with brilliant diamonds, and the round case is subtly matched with the oval bezel, which elegantly continues the free-spirited retro style of the 1970s. In particular, the double-circle leather strap adds a touch of style to fashion.

    For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

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Tissot Tianlang/Tian Si Series Watch Introduction

One rotation of the earth is one day, and one revolution is one year. From the most primitive sundial to the most modern watch, one revolution is taken as a time unit. So the traditional idea is that if time has a shape, it must be round. Nowadays, fashion and trends change rapidly, and the aesthetics of fashion keeps pace with the times. The century-old Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot, with the new Tianlang & middot; Tiansi series, expresses its blessings to couples who keep pace with the times and continuously pursue fashionable taste. This pair of watches breaks the traditional circular tradition in dial design, adopts the bold square dial appearance, the lines are simple and elegant, and the outline is tough and clear. Unique lines, symmetrical dials, polished steel, follow the fashion trend without being constrained. Adding a square outline to time allows the watch to have a concise and minimalist style, while at the same time, the Tissot Tianlang & middot; Tiansi series pair of watches, a unique way to interpret themselves, praise the steadfastness of love.

Tissot Tianlang / Tiansi Series Pair Watch Belt
Square like a window, a window of fashionable taste that keeps pace with the times
 Fashion and trends change rapidly, and the aesthetics of fashion also keeps pace with the times. The new Tissot Tianlang & middot; square pair watch follows the fashion trend and breaks through the traditional circular dial design. Selecting the square as the contour of the dial on the geometric pattern is an excellent embodiment of the square geometric aesthetics. Square, simple and tough, gives people unlimited imagination. Tissot’s new design is intended to give time a shape, making time no longer difficult to grasp and ponder, and square is definitely the best choice for this shape. The square dial is like a window, and Tissot opens the window for you to keep up-to-date with fashionable taste.

Tissot Tianlang / Tiansi Series Pair Watch
Keep in mind the time of steadfast love
 The time hand is constantly rotating in the square outline with edges, and life is limited in the endless tunnel of time and space. The metaphor of boundlessness and boundlessness has given Tissot a new Tiansi watch with endless meaning. The launch of the Tissot Tianlang & middot; Tian Si series of square couples, expresses the blessing of Tissot for couples who are pursuing fashionable taste. Men’s watches and women’s watches are named Tianlang and Tiansi, respectively, which are in line with the personality characteristics of men and women. The design of the watch means ‘I’ to meet another ‘I’, and the square, tough outline implies a firm commitment to each other after two independent personalities meet. Life has its limits and love has its limits. You can see everything in time and space through the square window of time. Even though the dog is white, the loyalty to love is always the same.

Tissot Tianlang / Tiansi Series Pair Watch
Technical Parameters:
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case
-Water-resistant to 100 meters (10 atmospheres)
-316L stainless steel strap with push-button butterfly buckle / leather strap with butterfly buckle
Suggested retail price:
His Tianlang: RMB 4,600 ~ 5,000
Her Tiansi: RMB 2,950 ~ 3,400
Tissot-& ldquo; Time, take your control & rdquo;

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