There Is A Wild And Suffocating Tattoo.

Speaking of tattoos, I don’t know how everyone understands it. The editor first learned that tattoos / tattoos are in the culture of totems. People in foreign countries regard tattoos as an art. Its origins in China can also be traced back to the “mob punishment” of ancient criminal law. It is not to be investigated whether tattoos are a cultural heritage or a way of self-protection or beautification. Today, tattoos are very common in people’s lives. Maybe in your eyes, this exaggerated, wild pattern, and the way of hurting the body is a maverick non-mainstream; maybe, in your eyes, the classic patterns and letters symbolize a spirit, culture or heritage … Below, let’s talk about these craft activities in life, the demanding exquisite, perfect, ‘self-abuse’ behavior!

  Wild, exciting, mysterious, sexy? Tattoos, also called tattoos, are called nirvana in ancient Chinese. They use colored needles to pierce the bottom of the skin and create patterns or words on the skin. I don’t know when it started, tattoos have quietly attracted the attention of so many people, whether it is celebrities or the public who like tattoos. There are two types of tattoos. One is tattoos on the body, such as eagles, snakes, skulls, missions, and other memorable letters or words. However, it is difficult to remove them because they penetrate into the skin. This kind of tattoo is also the most common. It can be said that the patterns are diverse, colorful, and peculiar in style.
  Speaking of which, the image of many N-gangster bosses may have appeared in the minds of many little girls; there is also a method of painting on the human body, which can be washed away at any time. Friends who try tattoos for the first time can try this method. Recently, there is another kind of self-adhesive color painting, just stick it on your body.


  Men’s strong and powerful muscles are matched with wild patterns. How can such a style not be overpowered? David Beckham tattooed the names of the three sons-Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz on his back. But his most famous tattoo is the ‘guardian angel’ pattern on the back, symbolizing a free soul. People are not only obsessed with Beckham’s impressive achievements in sports, but also include his attitude towards life, his attitude towards life, and his personal charm.


  Many celebrities also use tattoos to commemorate something, or highlight their special preferences. Kobe bears the name of his wife Vanessa on his arms, and the American actress Angelina Jolie has a Bengal tiger pattern on her back. To commemorate his acquisition of Cambodian nationality, the back of Chinese star Yang Kun is embroidered with a Pegasus tattoo, and the sportsman Wu Yanzu also has a stylish tattoo … The tattoo can be described as a minor operation, which looks colorful and painful. Cost, so many people think that this is simply a kind of masochism. But the more you want to depict the fine pattern, the more you need to color the tattoo master’s needles. To complete a sashimi is like the joy of ‘crowning’ to the parties. However, we still have no conclusions on how to define tattoo advocacy or not.
  People are always eager to keep those beautiful things and memorable moments, whether it is tattoos or other decorative objects. As an indispensable weapon for men, watches are naturally indispensable for decoration. Although the watch’s pattern is not called tattoos, both are masterpieces of lean saving. Engraving patterns on the dial is even more time-consuming and energy-intensive than tattoos. The technology and craftsmanship condensed are even more breathtaking. This is definitely an extreme test for watchmakers. The demanding details are for them. It’s a test, it’s a torture! Next, we will study the technical activities in the watch together.

  The king’s temperament and bravery of the cheetah never disappeared in Cartier’s world, and new masterpieces are constantly created as the times change. This RONDELOUISCARTIER gold and silver craftsmanship masterpiece of gold and silver craftsmanship ‘pattern’ a pair of cheetahs looking up at each other on the dial, revealing high cold and elegant in the wild.

  Inlaying two cheetahs on a 42-mm-diameter dial is both a challenge and a masochist. Such delicate patterns are extremely demanding. The most striking feature of this watch is the filigree craftsmanship. For Cartier, the challenge is not only to apply this handicraft to the square inch space of the watch, but also to use precious jewelry materials such as gold, platinum and diamonds. Make it sublime to a higher artistic level. The filaments are twisted, rolled, entangled, cut into small loops, and then the pattern is made of gold and silver wire craftsmanship. All elements are fixed on the side instead of the bottom. The metal and silk lines are used to outline a lifelike cheetah shape. However born. The two cheetahs stared at each other in the night sky, conveying endless friendship, the emerald eyes became the finishing touch of the two cheetahs.

  For example, the dragon temperament in the animal family is naturally indispensable. In Piaget’s Dragon and Phoenix series watches, the most outstanding designers, watchmakers, goldsmiths, jewellery masters, sculptors and enamel painting masters embody the brand’s unique watchmaking technology. The Piaget Dragon-patterned watch series G0A36549 watches the dragon’s pattern on the dial, and carved a life-like dragon on the white dial. The posture of its teeth and claws allows the Buddha to soar in the sky. Beards, paws, including The scales on the body are all layered, but wonderful. The painter is more elegant and chic, showing the majestic look of the dragon. Equipped with Piaget 430P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement, power reserve is about 43 hours.

  If you think animals look too wild on the dial, what about the poetic scene? Speaking of feminine graphics and creative dials, how can I bypass Jacques Dro? At this year’s Basel Watch Fair, Jacques Dro has created a unique timepiece with a unique and innovative combination of engraving and enamel techniques. In such a busy, agitated, indifferent and cold steel-cement city, Jacques Rode brings a refreshing and leisurely nature from the nature to the world.

  Above the dial is an eccentric hour and minute display, which conveniently accommodates a beautiful pool of clear water into the 41 mm dial space. The enamel becomes clear and clear on the upper part of the dial. The gradient color and the sky and the bird’s engravings complement each other. Below For the clear lake, blooming lotus, and playful carp, it forms a wonderful landscape. Two lotus leaves hold a blooming three-dimensional mosaic lotus flower, which floats gracefully on the water surface, and the high-clean temperament of ‘sludge without staining’ is self-evident. Three lively carps swim in the water, and koi is of great significance in Asia, meaning rich and auspicious, fortitude, longevity and masculinity. It is worth mentioning that not only on the dial, but also the bottom of this watch is worth collecting and exploring. This watch not only presents the precision of the timepiece, but also a visual feast.

Summary: There are always some things in life that we dare not try, whether it is tattoos, skydiving, or bungee jumping, but we have the courage to appreciate and the courage to praise; there are always some beautiful things in life that are worth us to go. Appreciate, whether it is a unique tattoo, or a creative view on the wrist, and taste it carefully, you will find the differences. Sometimes you make your own way and behavior difficult, and you may get unexpected results. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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