2013 Sihh New Product Preview-cartier Regains Ancient Decoration Craftsmanship To Create D’ Art Explores Series Of High-end Watches

With a strong curiosity about the world and its miracles, this year Cartier has devoted great enthusiasm to a metal jewelry process that was born in the early stage of human civilization. In order to make this door with thousands of years of history, rare and almost lost ancient handicrafts reappear, the Cartier Cartier has been carefully adjusted and improved to finally make it more perfectly reinterpreted.

Rotonde de Cartier Cartier Cheetah Decorative Metal Dial Bead Crafts © Cartier

Crafted from metal bead craftsmanship, the Cartier d’ Art collection of high-end watches gives this ancient and precious handicraft dating back to the first half of the third millennium BC a new look. This extremely complicated and ingenious decoration craft reached its heyday in the first millennium of Etrurie civilization. Its masterpiece is world-famous decoration by ‘Etruscan granulation’ Ancient utensils.

Cartier artisan crafts metal bead dial cheetah decoration © Cartier

The process of metal beads is to heat the cut gold fine wires at high temperature until tiny beads are formed. The whole process seems to be sowing the seeds of gold. Then, place these gold beads one by one into the part to be decorated, and fuse with the gold base to create a three-dimensional relief pattern.

Rotonde de Cartier decorative watch, 42 mm, metal beads craftsmanship © Cartier

The result is so impressive: a glamorous, radiant cheetah head appears on the dial … Witnessing the ancient craftsmanship that has traveled for thousands of years, this cheetah seems to ignore the passage of time and carry this Cartier Cartier will keep the craft secret from now on.
Rotonde de Cartier Cartier cheetah decoration watch, 42 mm in diameter, metal beads craftsmanship, limited to 20 pieces.
Source: Cartier
Photography: Fabien Sarazin © Cartier 2012