The Most Beautiful Rose Gold Watch In Men’s Heart Feel The Shocking Masterpiece Under The Super Complicated Craftsmanship!

As early as 1941, Patek Philippe began to produce complex timepieces with perpetual calendar functions. After the gradual development of the brand, the timekeeping perpetual calendar has become one of the signature complex functions of the Patek Philippe brand. Its continuous improvement The movement craftsmanship and appearance design attracted the audience. In 2018, Patek Philippe exhibited this 5270 / 1R-001 rose gold case and bracelet super complicated function watch at the Basel Watch Fair. Once it debuted, it won wide attention. . Today, the House of Watches will share with you this beautiful masterpiece. (Watch model: 5270 / 1R-001)

Complex craftsmanship brings extraordinary enjoyment
  The dial layout of this watch continues the classic pattern of the Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, and adds a day and night display window and a leap year cycle display window. The design is simple and clever, and the rich dial display functions are well-organized and orderly without any clutter. , Showing Patek Philippe’s rigorous watchmaking process.

  The case made of 18K rose gold is exquisite and exquisite, with ultra-clear luster, smooth touch, creating an extraordinary visual experience. The diameter of the table is 41 mm and the thickness is 12.4 mm. The polished and polished beauty is worn on the man’s wrist Extraordinarily chic and outstanding.

  The crown and the square timing button are located on one side of the watch. The square button continues the classic design elements and has a first-class feel, which is convenient for adjusting the daily time. The top of the crown is engraved with the brand’s logo, showing the brand’s exclusive wrist aesthetics.

  The dial is designed in ebony black, with a sunburst pattern, so that under the light, it can change a variety of luster and dynamic movements. The quiet black dial is equipped with gold three-dimensional hour markers, and the chronograph hands are sandblasted. There is a clear line-of-sight scale near the outside of the dial, and the matte texture reflects the noble charm of men. The ebony black dial can ensure clear reading. The moon phase display and date display function are provided at 6 o’clock on the dial. The 30-minute counter is set at 3 o’clock, the small seconds dial is set at 9 o’clock, and the 12 o’clock position is set. There are week and month display windows.

Day and night display micro window

Leap year display micro window

  Between 7 and 8 o’clock on the dial, a small day and night display window is newly set up, which makes observation very clear and convenient. From 4 to 5 o’clock, there is a leap year display micro window, and the overall layout is more elegant and harmonious.

  The watch is paired with Patek Philippe’s unique gold ‘Goutte’ bracelet, which blends into the case and shines brilliantly on the wrist. With a folding clasp, the Patek Philippe Cross Star logo is engraved, showing the brand’s sincere watch in details.

  The bottom of the watch is designed with a transparent back. The movement of the movement can be observed through the transparent back. Patek Philippe confidently displays the beauty of the movement in front of everyone. It is equipped with a manual-winding movement CH 29-535 PS Q. It is continuously innovated and optimized on the basis of tradition. The power reserve can reach at least 55 hours and the maximum is about 65 hours.
  Summary: Patek Philippe’s super complicated craftsmanship has never disappointed everyone, and it has always held a passionate watchmaking attitude to present us a stunning masterpiece. For collectors, it is of high value. Friends who like it may wish to pay more attention Come on!

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Stylish You Still Lack Such An Accessory, The Baume & Mercier Petite Promesse Watch Will Be Available In September

Some people say that if you look at a woman’s shoes and bags, you can almost understand her taste. In fact, I want to say that wearing accessories is also very important. If perfumes and lipsticks are the essential items to set off a woman’s temperament, then jewelry and watches are luxurious things that exude a powerful atmosphere, and a stylish woman with a taste must not be missed, and there will be another world when paired properly. Among women’s watches, there are not a few brands that integrate jewellery and watches, but there are not many such brands that are fashionable, innovative, versatile, and affordable, and there are not many. Baume & Mercier Petite The Promesse watch is just such a model suitable for women who are looking for fashion and luxury. This new series was released on SIHH this year and officially launched this month in domestic counters.

 There is an elf in the heart of every woman. They love life, fashion, and the beauty and freshness of everything. They like to share all happy moments, just like the concept of ‘condensing precious moments’ conveyed by Baume & Mercier watches. With beauty in my heart.
 The Baume & Mercier Petite Promesse watch is elegant and unique. Its design is inspired by the bracelet watches of the 1920s. The modern aesthetic reveals some of the charm and elegance of antique watches. The watch uses a new high-quality watchmaking diamond-set bezel, a modern blue and orange calfskin double-circle strap, and a full-steel winding metal bracelet. It is a perfect fusion of fashionable luxury and extreme charm. , Can be described as just the right fashion accessories.

 This watch breaks the calm style of Baume & Mercier, showing the elegance of fashion and femininity of femininity. Even if it is worn with simple wear and without any rings or bracelets for decoration, it can also highlight the personal fashion temperament.

 The watch is 22 mm in diameter and is made of stainless steel. The bezel is set with brilliant diamonds. The round case is subtly matched with the oval bezel to achieve a balanced aesthetic.
 The effect of wearing a Baume & Mercier Petite Promesse watch:

Petite Promesse watch more information:
Refined size is feminine and feminine: 22 mm in diameter
Bezel set with brilliant diamonds: legendary gems sparkle.
The styling pattern is harmonious and perfect: the round case is ingeniously matched with the oval bezel, the watch lines are full of modern style, and elegantly continues the free and unrestrained retro style of the 1970s; the double-circle leather strap or stainless steel bracelet becomes an essential fashion element .
Three styles interpret the iconic styles: stainless steel, bright blue leather and vibrant orange leather. The three watches are distinctive and can be chosen at will. The white mother-of-pearl dial is simple and generous, set with two diamonds at 6 and 12 o’clock.
Petite Promesse watch listing information:
Time to market: September 2016
Reference price: Blue version RMB 18,400
 Orange RMB 24,300
 All steel version RMB 20,900
Summary: The Baume & Mercier Petite Promesse watch is an excellent choice for avant-garde fashion accessories. Whether in gorgeous spring and summer or indifferent autumn and winter, it always blooms extraordinary brilliance on the wrist.

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